Case studies at Sarmady


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A set of featured advertising campaigns planned and managed by Sarmady.

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Case studies at Sarmady

  1. 1. Some of the biggest brands in entertainment, finance, automotives, consumer technology and packaged goods have already taken advantage of Sarmady's advertising solutions
  2. 2. F a s t M o v i n g C o n s u m e r G o o d s
  3. 3. Client: Pepsi Co. Campaign period: July 20th - August 23rd, 2009 Objective: • Reach aspirational Egyptians below 30 years old and fulfill their dreams by asking them to register their wishes. Digital Media used: • WAP site developed; • WEB banners on (Arabic and English),,,,; • WAP banners on,, and; • Targeted SMS, MMS & PCM demographic fitting the profile (below 30). Results: • 12 Million PCMs delivered • 550K SMS delivered • 78K MMS delivered • 17 million impressions served. 128,000 clicks, CTR 0.77%; • Campaign helped Max to reach 7 million Egyptians ( PCM, SMS, MMS, Online & WAP) • More than 60,000 visits to the Pepsi MAX WAP site "Digital remains to be a great potential for brand engagement purposes and Sarmady made it very easy for us as Pepsi and especially for a promising brand like Max. We have launched a strong regional digital campaign for Pepsi Max and we wanted to have strong presence especially on Digital. Sarmady with their solid experience and efficient planning managed to generate the highest number of clicks and put Egypt as the best performing country." Amr Sharara Pepsi Max Brand Manager Pepsi MAX FMCG
  4. 4. Pepsi competition during CAN 2010 Fast Moving Consumer Goods Campaign Goals • Generate awareness about Pepsi competition • Drive traffic to the Pepsi section on Campaign Period • January 10th – January 31st, 2010 Tactics • On-line competition: o Users have to choose a popular Egyptian song and change the words in order to be a cheer for Egypt's national football team. The winner will be rewarded 20,000 EGP. • WEB Channel: o Banners on,,, Results • 70,000 unique visitors • 2,000 participants • 331 uploaded videos • 478 uploaded pictures
  5. 5. Birell Manhood Brand during ACN Fast Moving Consumer Goods Campaign Goals • Linking Birell to being a manhood brand • Drive traffic to Birell’s YouTube channel • Manifesting Birell’s support to the national team Campaign Duration • Jan 12th – Feb 4th 2010 Tactics • Clickable Takeover banners on both sides of Results •Click Through Rate: 0.52% (% of clicks from the total impressions served) • Total Views of the videos on the Birell YouTube channel: 100,474
  6. 6. Three Chefs Tuna Fast Moving Consumer Goods Campaign Goals •Create awareness about the newly launched "Three Chefs Tuna" •Engage users with the new launched brand through an online branded game Campaign Duration • 1 month • February 2010 Tactics •On-line game: oUsers have to fish 3 types of tuna fishes from a sea filled in with a lot of sea creations oThe 3 types of tuna fishes represent the 3 different types of "Three Chefs Tuna" oThe top 5 scores win an iPhone each •Channels:,,,, oGlobal Facebook Applications widely used by Egyptians Results •Over 10,000 people played the game •People visited the game site over 22,500 times
  7. 7. Chipsy Egypt – “Do Us a Flavor” Fast Moving Consumer Goods Campaign Goals •Create a dialogue between Chipsy and its target audience using digital media •Use consumers’ creative ideas to develop a new flavor for Chipsy •Strengthen Chipsy's presence in digital media Campaign Duration •Apr 1st - July 11th, 2010 Tactics Chipsy invited consumers to submit their ideas for a new Chipsy flavor by participating to the Do Us a Flavor campaign. They could also play the online game Design Your Pack in order to create a design for the new Chipsy pack illustrating the chosen flavor. The campaign had three stages: 1. Choosing the New Chipsy Flavor 2. Celebrities contributing in choosing the New Chipsy Flavor 3. Announcing the New Flavor "SHRIMPS" Consumers were directed to submit ideas through two channels: WEB - through an online community and Mobile - through Short Code SMS Online campaign •Website •Banners on •Social communities engagement: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube SMS campaign •Short code 4432 to which participants can send their suggestions for the flavors through SMS. Results • 840,000 flavor suggestions submitted by users • interactive game "Design Your Pack" with more than 26,000 designs submitted • 3 awards at Egypt Web Academy Awards 2010: Diamond Award for the Best Website in Egypt in 2010, Best Programming of a Website and Best Trade & Retail Website
  8. 8. M e d i a
  9. 9. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Media Client: UMP Campaign period: from 7th to 15th of July, 2009 Objectives: •Create awareness about the launch of the movie in Egypt. •Engage and reward users through an online competition and capture data of Harry Potter lovers. Digital media used: •WEB banners on, and; •Mobile Internet banners on, and Vodafone Live! Results: •1245000 impressions served on WEB; 2500 clicks; •177000 impressions served on Mobile Internet; 3400 clicks; •700 registered user in the competition; •50 winners each won an invitation to attend the movie. "We ran our first online digital campaign for one of our blockbuster movies in 2009 ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’. We liked the honest and informed advice about campaign plan and media choice. During the campaign, Sarmady's team were pro-active and quick to respond to changes. We found the tracking and reporting easy to use. Definitely, we will go with Sarmady to advertise digitally in all our upcoming campaigns" Cherine Zeind CEO - United Motion Pictures, Sole Theatrical agent for 20th Century Fox & Warner Bros. Films in Egypt
  10. 10. Amr Diab Concert Media Client: Vodafone Egypt Campaign period: July 30th - August 6th, 2009 Objective: •Leverage the Vodafone sponsorship to Amr Diab concert; •Provide Vodafone customers with Online booking service; •Drive traffic to 2121, Vodafone personal guide. Digital Media used: •WEB banners on,, and; •WAP banners on and; Results: •2,000,000 impressions served on WEB campaign; •1,000,000 impressions served on WAP campaign; •6,058 clicks on WAP banner giving a Click Through Rate of 0.63%; •704 tickets booked online as a result of both WEB and WAP campaigns. WEB banner on Expandable banner enabling data capture and online reservation
  11. 11. "The Ugly Truth" Digital Campaign Media Client Need Communicate the presence of a new movie in Egypt and engage consumers in going to the cinema Campaign Goal •Engage consumers into a competition to win free tickets by registration; •Drive traffic to the cinema; Tactics •WEB: Expandable banner containing registration form for competition, movie trailer, and cinema locator ; •Mobile Internet: mobile portal containing registration to win 25 tickets, movie trailer, cinema locator; •SMS shots to A and B classes in Cairo and Alexandria, containing link to the mobile portal; Results •31,000 SMS impressions; •1,350,000 impressions served on WEB; •1.81% Click Through Rate on the Mobile Internet banners; •1344 registrations for the competition. Expandable banner containing movie trailer, registration form and cinema locator
  12. 12. El Dostour Journal Media Campaign Goals • Generate awareness in Egypt around the El Dostour Journal Campaign Duration • 5 days • April 2010 Tactics • 10 million PCM (Please Call Me) messages targeted by: o Social Class: B, C, D o Location: All over Egypt, including rural areas • 500,000 SMS messages targeted by: o Location: Suez Canal, Upper Egypt, Delta, Cairo, Giza Results • 21% increase in the number of sales of the journal
  13. 13. A u t o m o t i v e
  14. 14. Hyundai - the new ix35 launch Automotive Campaign Goals • Awareness around the new launch of Hyundai ix35 • Awareness around the presence of Hyundai at Al Ahram Formula 1 Campaign Duration • 1 month • February 2010 Tactics • On-line: o WEB banners enabling user to "roll over" and see the car from different angles • Channels: o - targeting car lovers o - 10 sports related categories • Mobile: o Development of mobile site showing photos of the new Hyundai ix35 o Channels:  WAP banner on mobile site  Targeted SMS campaign Results • Over 15,500 people were driven to the new Hyundai ix35 website • Over 2,000 people viewed the Hyundai ix35 on their mobile phone from the special mobile internet site
  15. 15. KIA – FIFA World Cup 2010 Automotive Campaign Goals • Brand awareness for KIA and promotion of the offer to win a trip to World Cup 2010 Campaign Duration • 30 days • March – April 2010 Tactics • Leader Board banner on Results • CTR : 0.58% (15 – 30 March) • CTR : 0.7% (14 – 30 April)
  16. 16. F i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e s
  17. 17. National Bank of Egypt - takeover banner Financial Services Campaign Goals •Expose the new brand message "Bank Ahl Masr" •Drive traffic to the National Bank of Egypt’s website,; Tactics •Take-Over banner on; •Target youth male, age group 16 to 28; •One month campaign; Results •14,000,000 served impressions; •Over 86,000 visits to the National Bank of Egypt website; •CTR: 0.61%;
  18. 18. National Bank of Egypt Financial Services Campaign Goals • Drive traffic to NBE call center to learn more about NBE FIFA VISA package Campaign Duration • 10 days • March 2010 Tactics •Targeted SMS campaign by: o Social Class: A and B o Location: Cairo, Alexandria, Upper Egypt o Tariff: corporate lines •SMS volume: o More than 900,000 delivered to target audience Results " NBE tried various media channels to cover our NBE FIFA VISA campaign from TV, press, radio and digital including online and mobile marketing, and it has proved by results that the targeted SMS campaign we did with Sarmady was the most efficient media channel. Mobile activations work really well specially when you have a specific target audience and when you are calling them to take an action which in our case was calling the call center. Our online campaign on relevant online channels directing users to website helped a lot in gathering hundreds of potential applicants for NBE VISA cards." Karim Shehata Marketing Director, National Bank of Egypt
  19. 19. P r o f e s s i o n a l S e r v i c e s
  20. 20. Internet Marketing for Businesses Seminar in Cairo Professional Services Campaign Goals • Create awareness among business profile about the event • Generate traffic and online reservations through WEB and WAP sites Tactics •Mobile Channels: o WAP site development o Targeted SMS campaign (corporate tariff and holders of BlackBerry, HTC, iPhone and Nokia E series) o WAP banner on Vodafone Live English portal •WEB Channels: o Banners targeting Egypt on,,,,,, Results • 4,200 visits to the event’s WAP site • 6,300 visits to the event’s website
  21. 21. R e a l E s t a t e
  22. 22. Mivida Real Estate Campaign Goals • Awareness around the new living area created by Mivida and offers of the packages to attract buyers Campaign Duration • 2 days • April 2010 Tactics • Targeted SMS campaign by: oSocial Class: A oLocation: Cairo • SMS volume: oMore than 100,000 delivered to target audience • Mobile site - - containing: oInformation about Mivida oRegistration page Results • 933 Unique Visitors • Click Through Rate: 0.93% (% of clicks from the total SMS delivered) • Registration conversion rate: 42.2% (% of registrations from the unique visitors)
  23. 23. T e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
  24. 24. Vodafone Thanweya Amma Telecommunications Client: Vodafone Egypt Campaign period: from 13th till 19th of July, 2009 Objectives: • To create a community of Thanawiya amma students and acquire new generations going into college. • Provide this community/generation with other related services later on. Digital Media used: • WEB banners on,, and Results: • 5,000,000 impressions served; 15,500 clicks;
  25. 25. Vodafone ACN 2010 – Win a LCD competition Telecommunications Client: Vodafone Egypt Campaign period: 1 month starting 12th of January 2010 Objectives: • Promote WAP site and 1010 service • Leverage Barakat ACN analysis section on Tactics: • Engage users in a competition to win a LCD • Online campaign: • Banners on,,,, • Special section on with the articles written by Barakat • Special welcome page on during ACN featuring the LCD competition and the Barakat section • Mobile internet campaign: • Banners on,, • Special section on WAP site where users can register Results: • 62,000 registrations on the mobile site; • 560,000 registrations through the 1010 service; • 24,000 people visited the Barakat section on
  26. 26. H o t e l & T r a v e l
  27. 27. InterContinental City Stars - MMS Campaign Hotel & Travel Campaign Goals Announce the Jazz brunch in open air during Eid El Fitr at Al Bustan restaurant Generating awareness and getting reservations through a phone number Tactics MMS shots with a click to call-action; Target A class people in Cairo; Results 7,500 MMS delivered; Reservation target achieved;
  28. 28. R e t a i l & I T
  29. 29. Google Chrome Retail & IT Client: Google Egypt Campaign period: one month from September 19th till December 31st, 2010 Objective: • To obtain 10,000 downloads of the web-browser Google Chrome Digital Media used: • Take-Over banner on,, Results: • 0.32% Click-Through-Rate • 6.5% Conversion Rate (10,000 people installed Chrome out of 153 people that clicked on the banner)
  30. 30. Raya - predictions competition during ACN Retail & IT Campaign Goals •Brand awareness in a Predict and Win competition Campaign Duration • 10 days • January 2010 Tactics •On-line competition: oPredict right the scores of the Egypt‘s games during the ACN and win products from Raya •Banners on during the African Cup of Nations Results • Click Through Rate: 0,53% • 3,000 visitors to Raya‘s website • 1,100 unique users participated in the competition
  31. 31. Hisense Retail & IT Campaign Goals • Creating brand awareness for the Hisense televisions Campaign Duration • Ongoing since 20th of April 2010 Tactics •Hisense TV skin for the video players used on Results • 1,100,000 video playbacks on the Hisense branded player ( 8 weeks)