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cover letter


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cover letter

  1. 1. To whom it may concern, I gained extensive experience in fields of Research, Quality assurance and Regulatory affairs. I’m well acquaintance to environments of GMP and GLP. I reviewed, revises SOPs (in compliance to the FDA, EMEA and BRC guidelines), submitted reports. I performed, adjust and developed lab methods. I use to working in team environment and to manage large group of peoples. My experience reflected in:  Internal Audits, prevention and correction actions, SOPs management, annual and daily reports. QA demand a strict compliance to GMP procedures, but you still need to be very attentive to the production process. Due to my skill of intermediary I succeed in preventing conflicts that might appear between different departments of an enterprise. In maintained the good communication with methods of “storm braining” and extensive training.  At Trima I was involved in upgraded the Q-soft program which was accessible to use from different places in the facility. The program allowed immediate dealing with issues, and shortens the time that needed investigate and solve and it include risk assessments.  Biochemistry & cellular biology microbiology fields demand usage of Bio-statistics and R&D data sheets, Monitoring and calibrating of laboratory equipment, reviewing and preparations of lab procedures and reports and Management of MSDS: o Chemical analysis with: HPLC and GC, Chemical Organic, TOC and Endotoxin analysis. o PCR, RT-PCR, restriction digest ligation, DNA/RNA gel electrophoresis, gene manipulation and design of point mutations. Bacterial transformation, plasmid isolation and purification, transfection and expression in cell lines. o Protein analysis techniques such as: SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, western blots analysis, immuno-precipitation technique, immuno-fluorescence technique and immuno-staining and like ELISA.
  2. 2.  I have guaranteed skills in Statistics (includes bio statistics)  I have knowledge of Monitoring & Regulatory, (like IRB and AEs) CurrentlyI'mtakingmy webdesignskillstothe nextlevel byparticipatinginPHP& Java- script programs.