Addictions - Problemas do Mundo Actual


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Addictions - Problemas do Mundo Actual

  1. 1. Drug Addiction Curso: Técnico de InformáticaDisciplina: Comunicar em Língua Inglesa Modulo: Os problemas do mundo actual July 4, 2011 Sara Gonçalves
  2. 2. Introduction: This work arose in the course "Communicating in English," module"Knowing the problems of our world today," taught by the trainer, LuisaSilva. This work is represented Addiction as a problem in todays world, in myopinion is one of the most serious problems that exist worldwide, as ispresent in all types of society and with which we should worry about. This paper will explain what addiction is, the various types of existingdrugs, records show studies in public sector schools in Portugal, a studyconducted in the countries of the European Union on drugs. Testimonies ofdrug addicts and a video illuminating/enlightening on the drug.Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 1 de 18
  3. 3. ConteúdoIntroduction: ...................................................................................... 1Definition of Drug ............................................................................... 3illicit drugs ......................................................................................... 4Drugs can also be distinguished as follows: ............................................ 6Why Addiction?................................................................................... 7School Role in Preventing Drug Addiction ............................................... 9Work and Addiction ............................................................................ 10What are the addiction recovery services in the country? ........................ 11Cocaine and amphetamine use by students ........................................... 12Real testimony of a teenager who try out drugs..................................... 15Conclusion: ....................................................................................... 17Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 2 de 18
  4. 4. Definition of DrugAddicts are people who consume a particular drug and can no longer livewithout them, or are dependent on drugs in their day-to-day.We can divide into two types of addiction, mental and physical. In psychological dependence, there is a compulsive desire to use the drugregularly for their psychotropic effects. In physics, the user has physicalproblems arising from lack of substance.In relation to drug addiction is essential to understand several concepts:  Addition:the particular case of dependence characterized by the compulsion to consume a substance.  Dependence:When the person stops with the consumption of a substance has negative psychological and physical symptoms (withdrawal syndrome).  Tolerance:the continued consumption leads to increased dose of the substance to the person feel the same effect.Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 3 de 18
  5. 5. illicit drugs The illicit drugs most consumed by the Portuguese are hashish, heroin,cocaine and ecstasy.  Hashish:folder is a resin obtained from hemp. It has brown color and is sold in the form of plates "chocolate".  Cocaine:obtained from coca leaves. Color is white and is sold as a powder on, "White."  Heroin:Obtained from the opium. It has grayish brown color and is sold in powder form, "Brown".Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 4 de 18
  6. 6.  Ecstasy, amphetamine tablets are sold in some nightclubs. It is estimated that 50,000 to 150,000 Portuguese are dependent on illegal drugs.Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 5 de 18
  7. 7. Drugs can also be distinguished as follows:Depressants:reduce physiological arousal, and reduce the psychologicalstress can induce relaxation. There are three types of depressants: alcohol,barbiturates and benzodiazepines.Narcotics:although it is often used to refer to illegal drugs, the term refersto a specific class of drugs derived from opium. The narcotics have theeffect of numbing the senses and creating a state resembling sleep.However, consumption of high doses can cause a prolonged degree ofrelaxation that can lead to respiratory arrest and consequently death.Narcotics include opium, morphine and heroin. Stimulants:cause states of euphoria, because they increase the levels ofcertain neurotransmitters and thus increase the level of neurological activityin the limbic system, a system that is responsible for pleasure. The twomost powerful stimulants are amphetamines and cocaine, but could alsoinclude caffeine and nicotine.Hallucinogens:have the effect of distorting sensory experiences. Under theinfluence of hallucinogens, what the individual sees or hears is changed,changed or deformed. Such distortions may be called hallucinations,perceptual experiences that are not based on reality. Some hallucinogenicdrugs are cannabis, LSD and mescaline.Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 6 de 18
  8. 8. Why Addiction?One of the main reasons that lead people to enter the world of drugs areproblems that have personal, family, social, etc.The way a person is educated, the way you live, the people who surroundhim, his character, his way of looking at life the way it deals with theproblems influenced their choices in the future.Therefore does not mean that a person who has a rigorous education andfamily that has not connected to any type of dependency does not take ateen to experience any kind of drug, yet is hardly addict.One way to know if a couple is inserted into the drug world, is when thisyoung man has had major projects on a personal level and a momentsnotice ceases to have any will, any project, but not always.Some reasons that may lead young people to enter the world of drugs,remember that the explanation does not depend on one or a few. Dependson the combination of all.Being Human:addiction is a problem of human beings, but theexplanations must be sought in the circumstances of Being drugs, peoplewith problems, their lives and their families, social institutions like family,school, or Work and Street. Cities and society. Television and other forms ofillusion. The politics and the economy.Drugs:The effects of drugs on people is a part of the explanation of theproblem. The drugs produce an illusion of well being and power. This illusionis artificial, but people get used to "being" and thus can only with drugs.People:People who become addicted are another perspective necessary tounderstand the problem. Stories of life and ways to be different: forexample, a poor idea of itself, an inadequate expectations about life andliving and a thirst to win quickly, the exaggerated fear of the future, thesuffering of being that becomes unbearable for some ...Family, School and Street:Family disoriented, separated by individualismof our day. School mass, offering little and look for more leaves. Family andSchool that there are pitched at primary mission is to educate, which is toform the Self Family lost to resign from their responsibilities. The school cannever replace the Family. And for the young little room left to find themeaning of their lives, to find the direction and Lack Being Being, and sowalk in "Streets" is very dangerous.Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 7 de 18
  9. 9. Work and Family:Many are lost before the time comes to have a job. Butanother of the wars of our time is between Family and Work. Work devaluesthe Family. We are what we do, we are our work. We are in the present andforget our children who are not nothing. Growing Family is essential to theBeing that is where the root form of the Self Growing more, at School andWork in the Street is only possible from this root. Balancing Work andFamily is one of the challenges that our faces every time an all to continueto be (before we talked about the responsibility of each one, remember?). City:Massa huge, shapeless, faceless people without Being The drug is theultimate expression of urban life, life without Being is the mass of the citythat is about to kill a human being had at SerCompany:Individualism and materialism exacerbated. Everything tends toobjectified, to be non-being. Being (human) alone is not Being, is a thingamong things. Being (human) builds up and grows in the relationship withother beings. It is respect for others that comes respect for ourselves and asense of a dignified and responsible.Television:The illusion. Because the drug. Life outside of us, so fast thatdoes not give us time to feel, to think. Does not give us time to be, to beourselves.Politics and Economics:The drug problem is a social and global, that is, apolitical problem. It is the political vision. They should define the strategyand promote the mobilization of such responsibility of each and every one.Unfortunately often spend their time with more urgent things (but lessimportant). As for the economy, we all know that the drug is one of thelargest businesses in the world. There are economically dependent. Thenthe octopus tentacles reach everywhere. We cannot say that politics andeconomy have created this problem alone. We can say that this problemcontributed to birth and grow. We can say that their contribution tomanaging this problem is essential.Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 8 de 18
  10. 10. School Role in Preventing Drug Addiction The school is a place where students spend most of the time. Thats whereI begin and develop their socialization process.The functions of the school are:  TEACH OR KNOW-KNOW, KNOW-HOW.  EDUCATION OR BE KNOW.  Socialize or BE KNOW It is at school that young people gear up for their working life, learn to beadults, autonomous citizens capable of achieving. At school the children learn theoretical concepts and theoretical andpractical, it develops your ability to concentrate, memory and performancecapacity. The school can always be instructive lectures to various concerns in thelives of adolescents, but can never replace the role of the parent (parents)because they also have an important role in the life of each of these youngpeople. If the parents are minimally aware, if they show interest in the personallives of the young, to speak openly with the youth about all the dangers andwhat causes them, you can help it do not follow paths less suitable and ifthey follow a these paths may be able to realize in time to avoid becomingdependent. The school also has the duty and obligation to alert the parents to take anyillegal substances in order to prevent them and warning them of dangersand to help parents better cope with this situation, because many parentsare not prepared and sometimes not quite know how to cope or talk to theyoung.Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 9 de 18
  11. 11. Work and Drug AddictionGeneral January 9th, 2008"Drug abuse can undermine the work (absenteeism, accidents, lowproductivity, conflituosidade, image ...). The world of work can contribute toaddiction. Working poor, rich, an inadequate job, no work, poormanagement of work stress. The work has risks to physical and mentalhealth. For these two reasons, and because of this responsibility we havediscussed, labor organizations and people who are here should do anything.Duty ... and want. Ethical duty. Want, because we know that power is notenough. And because they want is power. For ourselves, for our jobs andour children, we must all do something.Most people with problems of alcohol and drug works. Some work in a"special", but they work. Sometimes your family is disorganized and the"friends" also live in the drug world. The work ends up being the only bridgeto the world of life without drugs. So finding these people in a professionalcontext is an opportunity to help. How? Not pretending not to see oranything that is not with us (such a responsibility).Do what? Human being at work is the principle. We should not be at workas mere instruments or pieces of gear. We must be humane and treatothers as human beings. Be alert to all colleagues, especially the misfits,those who appear unwell. To lend a hand. Sometimes just a little attention,a word, a helping hand. Do not make things worse with "mouths" orignoring certain people. When we are sure that there are problems withcolleagues, openly confront. Tell them you know your problem and motivatethem for treatment. Transmit these colleagues confidence in their recoveryand not put them aside when they return after a "cure."But the biggest challenge you can throw into the world of work isprevention. We look for information. We must form ourselves. Disseminateinformation within the company. About these things, organizing a discussiongroup and problem management in the company, the Commission or theWorkers Union. Find consultants to help our group to function and producework. Contact organizations that specialize in prevention and treatment.Propose that the company clarify its policy in this area. The companyproposing the organization of information campaigns and training forworkers.These are just some ideas. We wanted to show what is possible. Now theyare in your hands. Force” Text: Dr. Paul VictorySara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 10 de 18
  12. 12. What are the addiction recovery services in thecountry?"There are addiction recovery centers across the country, acting not only inprevention but also in rehabilitation and social reintegration of drug addicts.The families, whose participation is essential in the long process of recoverycan also be followed in these centers and elucidated on the dangers ofdrugs. If a drug addict or know someone in these conditions can contact thePrevention and Treatment of Addiction at the Ministry of Health (SPTT),which provides free and confidential consultations and has the followingspecialized units:  Service centers for drug addicts (CAT) - provide comprehensive care, individually or in groups, always in outpatient;  Unit’s waiver replacement therapy - extensions of the CAT, which provides the daily dose of methadone and controlled the heroin addicts or LAAM. The SPTT considers that when abstinence is impossible, it is preferable to replace the heroin with other opioids, associated with lower health risks and social;  Withdrawal of units - units of short hospital stay, principally specialized stop the suppression of consumption without the painSara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 11 de 18
  13. 13. associated with withdrawal. Its action is based, as a rule, a program of seven days of hospitalization, no visits or contacts with the outside through the therapeutic contract. After this time, respecting the contract, the user can go to a program of opiate antagonist therapy or long-term institutions in the therapeutic community. Another program is 10 days of hospitalization for pregnant women drug addicts, whose output is in withdrawal or relocation in the therapeutic community;  Therapeutic communities - units of long-term institutions, where care is provided to addicts in need of psychotherapy and social support treatment, with the aim of breaking the relationship with psychosocial their addiction and re-socialize him into a new world family, social and labor;  Day centers - places where active nature of occupational and / or pre-professional, outpatient;Information Centre and reception (CIAC) - units dedicated to the preventionof risk behaviors in adolescence and education / health education. "Cocaine and amphetamine use by studentsFor R.P.A.13 June 2009Clinical psychologist ensures that stimulant use is "normal" during the finalexams of secondary school. Some of the drugs taken by students can cause"schizophrenia""Its a habit of high school students, in these times of testing, consumingamphetamines." Who is the guarantor clinical psychologist expert in thefield of pharmacology, Carlos Lopes Pires. Although no studies related tosecondary education, the psychologist believes that "a good percentage" ofthe approximately 157 000 students Tuesday begin taking the exams"stimulants".However, in this field, "drugs" can be divided into two types: the harmless,vitamin supplements (such as the cerebrum) and the dangerousamphetamine or similar substances.Fruit of the various research that has developed, Carlos Lopes Pires gave anoverview of the substances to which students use, "Methylphenidate(substance prescription drugs, amphetamine-related drugs and present inRitalin, Concerta and Rubifen) pridana, piracetam, modiodal, piradetam,amphetamines, and guarana tablets. "Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 12 de 18
  14. 14. In addition to this long list of substances, which consumed in excess "cancause psychological and schizophrenia," says Lopes Pires is still usedanother drug "cocaine".Although harmful to health, psychologists recognize that these substancesgive results, since "provide a more intense level of adrenaline, increases theability to be several hours studying and accelerate cognitive abilities."For Rui Trindade, an expert in Education, students consume more and moreto amphetamines because "there is a lot of pressure, which leads them toresort to legal and illicit." Moreover, "competition is increasingly fierce,installing the win at all costs."Contacted by the DN, the Infarmed said he had no data on consumption ofstimulants, since "only looks at the products reimbursed by the state."Already the National Association of Pharmacies (ANF) recognizes, throughits vice president, Maria da Luz Sequeira, that "these times increases thesale of light bulbs. Students supplements to consume more tired physicaland mental fatigue."However, it reinforces that the ANF has no study on the matter. With regardto the pharmaceutical amphetamines "or believes that goods of that kind towalk out of the circuit of pharmacies." Also Goulão John, president of theInstitute for Drugs and Drug Addiction, reveals that this body does not haveany study of amphetamine use by students or awareness campaigns.On the other hand, even if data existed could not be completely reliable,because as Carlos Lopes Pires explains, "students can buy on the Internet."Still, the psychologist believes that "most students get it through medical."All because many of these substances are used for other purposes such astreating people who suffer from hyperactivity.Source: Daily News thatexplains the varioustypes of drugs,anddescriptionof eachresult. Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 13 de 18
  15. 15. Video:Freeheroin, testimony of a coupleSara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 14 de 18
  16. 16. Realtestimonyof a teenager whotry outdrugs"I was 15, was with my friends, had recently started to smoke (tobacco),was a person with low self-esteem, sometimes I found myself doing thingsjust because they did made me a person Metia more protected and morerespect and so people stopped looking at me as always looked.I was afraid to speak, afraid to beat me, fear me they enjoyed it because hewas poor, or because they just could not have had that many.So I decided to be like the people liked, I started stealing money from myparents to buy things they do not I could afford, in order to drink at the endof either period, as my colleagues.Then later wanted to learn to smoke, because if I smoke in front of mycolleagues do not know catch, it would be funny.A few days later then started to smoke tobacco until I decided to try drugs,as several people around me were smoking drugs, why not try? What wouldI have to lose with this? But today would say that I got with it?I was never totally dependent, smoked occasionally, at parties with friends,buy a few times, but the few experiences I had were enough to realize thatI did not feel good about it, gave me puke, sick, drowsiness, and I even butsee for 10minutes, only the grass and left me, made me laugh, was happyduring the period was the effect.But if sometimes I did not feel well why not leave?We would not be excluded from our group of "friends" because we do notknow how to live without them, because none of this makes sense, but thetruth is that while continuing in their company would have to be very strongto avoid the temptation to give some raisins in a joint!....The salvation of this does not continue for life is the people closest, such asthe family who can help us without having to scream. Knowing this worldand deal with these problems can greatly help to remove people like in thislife.With me it was like a family member became aware of the situation and dideverything that I left the companies that influenced my life choices andideas.....With all this I can only conclude that no free will, without force, withoutfighting, without goals, without prospects, without help, withoutunderstanding / support from family, this is not as simple as it sounds.Sometimes it is more straightforward when the drugs have neverexperienced the light, since all other processes are much more painful andlengthy. "Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 15 de 18
  17. 17. Annex:Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 16 de 18
  18. 18. Conclusion:It concludes that there are plenty of people worldwide who use drugs, orwho already consume. If you are curious and will try to experience is continuous, hardly able tostop and it is very difficult to accept, your future will go through theaddiction. It is difficult for people who are dependent on the drug or other substancethat makes addiction, admit that it depends on something in order to feelgood. These people cannot always ask for help, in fact hard to accept that theyneed help to people with normal lives without depending on any kind ofsubstance; the future of these people will not be very bright. Experience indicates it will not always be an addict, because not all peoplemake the same reason, there are those who experience because his friendsalso smoke and want to know how it feels, when this feeling becomes"good" first experience led him to a person to make the smoke, but thereare exceptions to the rule, those who resist and say no at the right time!Sara Gonçalves-Técnico de Informática Página 17 de 18