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Student engagement presentation cj


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Student engagement presentation cj

  1. 1. Student Engagement How to use activities in the classroom
  2. 2. Engaging and Enlivening your Audience
  3. 3. The Four E’s to Learning • • • • Energy Enthusiasm Engagement Entertainment
  4. 4. The Trainer’s Toolkit • • • • • Get-to-know-you activities Openers/Warm-ups Energisers Engagers Fun Summaries
  5. 5. Make it Fun! • “Life can be stressful enough with the rigors of work, family, study and other personal commitments, for you to let the mediocre take over your training.” • “Be the champion of your own environment. Be the Fun Master! Be prepared to try something different. It might be something small that has a huge effect on the audience.”
  6. 6. Caroline’s Fail-Proof Activities • Get to Know You – Hi-Five, People Bingo • Engagers – Jargon Jumble, Google Race, Terror Cards • Fun Revision – A to Z, 180 degree review
  7. 7. Classroom Strategies • • • • The Dominator Wandering with Purpose Getting students back from activities Take-away
  8. 8. Final Thoughts… • Learning should be fun; • Collaboration is good; • Participants should be in the game, not sitting on the sideline; • Games should have some purpose or link back to content.