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Applications of crispr cas system


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A brief description about the CRISPR-CAS applications.

Published in: Science
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Applications of crispr cas system

  1. 1. Applications of CRISPR-CAS System -By Sarika Dengle Roll no: 10487
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • CRISPR- Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. • Recently developed system. • Genome editing technique derived from the bacterial immune system. • Precise genomic modifications. • Gene sequences can be included from a range of donors
  3. 3. Applications in Plants • GE Crops: • Better Pest Resistance • Enhanced nutritional value • Eg : White Button Mushrooms, Waxy Corn Hybrid. • Crops with better root systems • Haploid Plants • Chemicals and Bio-materials
  4. 4. Applications In Animals • Genetically engineer Embryonic Stem cells. • Modify primate embryos • Disease resistant Animals • Eg: Pigs resistant to viral diseases, cattle resistant to trypanosome parasites. • Producing animals to give more yield. • Designer babies and animals.
  5. 5. Applications in Bacteria • CRISPR -CAS - Defense mechanism in 40% of Bacterial species. • This system on itself is lethal due to the NHEJ pathway being ineffective. • Targeting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria • Genome editing and Gene expression