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Presentation on bhagat singh


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I created this presentation for my friend ,When I was in B.Tech(hons) First Year.
He got 9/10.
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Presentation on bhagat singh

  1. 1. Lovely Professional UniversityPresentation on Bhagat SinghTeacher’s Name-None
  2. 2. Bhagat SinghBorn On 28 September 1907 Village Khatkar KalanLyallpur, Punjab, British India Died ON 23 March 1931 (age 23) Lahore Jail, Punjab British India
  3. 3. Picture
  4. 4. Childhood• He came from a patriotic Jat family.• His parents were-Sardar Kishan Sandhu & Vidyavati.• His family background was patriotic sikh family that participated in numerous revolutionaries against the British empire.• His father was influenced by hindu reformist –Arya Samaj.• As a child he was deeply affected by the measure of “Jalianwala Bagh”(when) the British army with full force fired a rain of bullets when there was an sikh festival going on thousands of people were gathered in that park ,they fired around 10,000 bullets.
  5. 5. • When Mahatma Gandhi started the non-corporation movement he was an active member at the age of 13 in 1920.• He had a great hope that Gandhi with this movement will set India free but when Gandhi abandoned the movement , He was very disappointed with Gandhi.• In his teenage years he started studying in the-National College of Lahore , He run away to escape from his early age marriage and joined the organization called-”Naujawan Bharat Sabhha”.
  6. 6. Put Bombs In The Assembly• The British government decided to make a new police called-”The defense of India act ” that gave more power and control to the British police. This took place in the British Assembly.• Bhagat Singh and Bhattukeswar Dutt threw fake bombs in the assembly that only made sound it did affect anyone present in the assembly after bombing. They souted –”Inqulab Jindabad” as they threw the bomb and then threw a rain of leaflets written :”It takes a loud voice to make a deaf here ”.
  7. 7. Jail• Bhagat singh was captured in jail for the first time at the age of 20.• He was captured in jail because he shoot a British police officer of 20 year because he killed-Lala Laj Pat Rai.• Bhagat singh did food strike for 63 days demanding same treatment, food and facilities as the British prisoner or rich Indian politician prisoners.• He was set free from jail because his father paid bail.• He was arrested again for throwing fake bomb in the assembly even through the bomb did not harm anyone.
  8. 8. Hanged To Death• After throughing bomb in the assembly Bhagat singh and Bhattukeshwar dutt gave their arrest to the bristish police.• After some trials the decision was made that Bhagat Singh,Raj Guru and Sukhdev to be hanged.• Bhagat Singh was hanged at the age of 23 years. On march 23,1931.• This gave birth to a revolution to every indian.• And finally in 1947 the Britishers ran away from India,There was no british empire any more and India was independent.• Bhagat Singh is remembered as legendary hero till now.
  9. 9. Album Relate To Saheed House Of Bhagat Singh
  10. 10. Album Relate To SaheedPark in front of Bhagat Singh’s Home
  11. 11. Album Relate To SaheedCup Board And Bed of Bhagat Singh
  12. 12. Album Relate To SaheedHand Writing Of Bhagat Singh
  13. 13. Album Relate To SaheedFirst page of the book of Bhagat Singh
  14. 14. Album Relate To SaheedSignature of Bhagat Singh
  15. 15. Album Relate To SaheedPocket Geeta which Bhagat Singh usedto read in Lahore jail.(His Power Container)
  16. 16. Album Relate To SaheedA corner of Bhagat Singh’s Home
  17. 17. Album Relate To Saheed Bloody Soil
  18. 18. Album Relate To SaheedAshes ofBhagat Singh,Sukhdev and Rajguru
  19. 19. Album Relate To SaheedA Great Solute to Bhagat Singh,Sukhdev and Rajguru.
  20. 20. Letter Written By Bhagat Singh to his brother on3 March , Three days before hanging out - -
  21. 21. “Imqulab Zindabad.” – Bhagat Singh
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