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Linkedin Slideshow

My accomplishments and signs of things to come.

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Linkedin Slideshow

  1. 1. Sareth’s Slideshow for
  2. 2. Current Positions (1 of 3)From Hellraiser Production Assistant/Artist
  3. 3. “Me and the RZA connect” ToGravediggaz
  4. 4. Current Positions (2 of 3) Retail Sales Consultant
  5. 5. Current Positions (3 of 3)Los Angeles Live Music Examiner
  6. 6. Entertainment Writer at
  7. 7. Top Story Honors
  8. 8. Credits•• tweetdeck-for-40-50-million/•• discussion-guides/• ew&current=music-notes-circle.jpg&newest=1••••• Very Special Thanks to Eric Salagovic for the Top 10 Horror Story Artwork