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Cloud computing using virtualization (Virtual Data Center)


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Hi friends.. it my "Cloud Computing using virtualization" Presentaion of Virtual Data Center Project which i completed at IIHT Pvt Ltd, CHD.

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Cloud computing using virtualization (Virtual Data Center)

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Using Virtualization (Virtual Data Center) Submitted To: Prof. Amandeep Singh Submitted By: Sarbjeet Singh MCA final year Roll No: 05(DBU) Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  2. 2. Cloud Computing  Cloud Computing is consist of two words: Cloud + Computing  It is internet(“cloud”) based development and use of computer technology(“computing”).  In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.  In other words, Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  3. 3. Why Cloud Computing ?  The main idea behind the cloud is that you can access all your information over the internet without having any detailed knowledge of the infrastructure used to enable it. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  4. 4. Cloud Infrastructure Components  Server  Roles..  Features..  Storage  Networking  CCNA  MCITP  Management Software  Deployment Software Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  5. 5. Cloud Deployment Model  Public Cloud  Private Cloud  Community Cloud  Hybrid Cloud. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  6. 6. Data Center  A Data Center is the Primary Container of inventory objects such as Hosts, and Virtual Machines. Large Companies might use multiple data Centers to represent organizational unit in their enterprise.  From the Datacenter, you can add and organize any object.  We can also add the Host, folders and clusters to the data Center.  VCenter Server can contain multiple data Center. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  7. 7. Virtual Machine  Virtual Machine is a Software Computer that, is like a physical computer Runs an operating system and application. An Operating Installed on the virtual machine known as Guest Operating System.  In VCenter Server, Virtual Machine Run an host Or clusters. The Same Host can run many virtual Machines. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  8. 8. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  9. 9. Cluster  Cluster is a Group of Hosts that share Resource and a management interface . Host is a computer that uses virtualization Software to run virtual machines. When you add a host to a cluster the host’s resource became part of cluster’s resource. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  10. 10. Virtualization  In computing, virtualization means to create a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server, storage device, network or even an operating system where the framework divides the resource into one or more execution environments. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  11. 11. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05) Without Virtualization All require same power All emit same heat All require physical space Setup, (re-)configuration Maintenance, support…
  12. 12. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05) With Virtualization Flexibility Rapid provisioning Disaster Recovery High Availability Automation Systems Management integration Adaptive Data Center
  13. 13. Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05) Interconnect Pool CPU Pool Memory Pool Storage Pool APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS APP OS Websphere Exchange File/Print Virtual Infrastructure Business Unit Resources on Demand
  14. 14. Conventional Data centers Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05) Data Center 4 – Los Angles Data Center 1 - London Data Center3 Bangalore Data Center 2 - Shanghai
  15. 15. Cloud computing – Virtual Data Center Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05) Thin Clients Thin Clients Thin Clients Thin Clients Data Center 4 – Los Angles Data Center 4 – Los Angles Data Center 1 - London Data Center3 Bangalore Data Center 2 - Shanghai
  16. 16. Requirements of Virtual Data Center  Windows Server 2008 R2 (As Domain Controller)  Windows Server 2008 R2 (As Member Domain)  ESXI Server  VSphere Server  Vsphere Client Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)
  17. 17. Thank You Sarbjeet Singh (DBU, 05)