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Che (problem faced by farmer due to environmental change)


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Che (problem faced by farmer due to environmental change)

  1. 1. Problem Faced By Farmers Due To Environmental Change ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY-110
  2. 2.  Introduction  Effect Due to change in environment  Impact due to climatic change on agriculture  Case study  Steps Taken To Overcome  Conclusion  References CONTENT:
  3. 3. Introduction  Agriculture and environment are always related to each other.  Even an glitch in Environment can adversely affect agriculture.  2/3rd of indian Population Depends on agriculture as their primary job sector.  From 100% suicidal cases in india 40% of suicide is only of farmers.  As per 2011 Punjab having highest fertile land for crop production with major crops as RICE & WHEAT.
  4. 4. Effect due to change in Environment Environment Effect Affect Agriculture Directly through various changes  Global Warming  Acid Rain  Unpredictable Monsoon  Ground Water Depletion  Soil Degradation  Pollution
  5. 5. Global warming
  6. 6. Ground water depletion
  7. 7. Acid rain
  8. 8. Soil degradation and pollution
  9. 9. Burning of crop field due to heat wave
  10. 10. Effect due to change in Environment The Changes Mentioned Above are major and Natural Some of Minor and anthropogenic Factors are  Over Irrigation  High Use Of fertilizers  Flash Floods  Irrational discharge of waste water From industries to open source bodies
  11. 11. Impact due to Climatic change on agriculture  Hydrological  Heat  Co2  Ozone & UV B  Economic Consequences
  12. 12. Steps taken By govt of Punjab to help farmers over environmental change  Punjab Water Mission  Sum of Rs 18.24 cr has been Sanctioned Under National Adaptation fund on climatic Punjab, National bank for agriculture & rural developemnet.  KCC(Kissan Credit Card) is provided to farmers by the central govt.
  13. 13. Conclusion  Throughout the case study we got to know about different challenges that a farmer has to face to run their livelihood.  The harvesters and feeder of Indian population i.e the farmers has to suffer a lot.  In this case study we got to know General problems faced by the farmers at Chaheru, Maheru & ranipur.  Their Life has been bounded among the problems and as a result they are not able to plan for their family.  Farmer has to face very difficulty due to change in climatic condition so on our part we can increase the awareness.  We are glad to gain knowledge about Envt change. And decide that we will not be a part of it.
  14. 14. THANK YOU