The Echo Of India Ganesha S Warmth In The New Year


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Ganesha in the New Year

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The Echo Of India Ganesha S Warmth In The New Year

  1. 1. THE ECHO OF INDIA KOLKATA = Sunday February 15, 2009 = ZephyrZ The Variety Page 7 Untold love story of Jodha Akbar ○ Amitava Sen’s solo ○ ○ ○ ○ This Sunday NDTV Imagine takes you painting exhibition ○ through the romantic journey of the ○ ○ sixteenth century Mughal emperor, Akbar ○ and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa. Starring ○ Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai ○ Bachchan, this award winning film will air ○ on Sunday, February 15th at 7.00 pm only on ○ NDTV Imagine. ○ ○ This epic film is directed and produced by ○ Ashutosh Gowariker, narrates the story of a ○ political marriage of convenience that gave ○ birth to true love between a great ○ Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput ○ ○ princess, Jodhaa. The popular music of ○ this film has been composed by ○ acclaimed music composer ○ A R Rahman. Akbar marries ○ Jodhaa (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), ○ ○ a fiery Rajput princess, in order ○ to further strengthen his rela- ○ tions with the Rajputs. ○ But little did he know that ○ he would be embarking upon ○ a new journey – the journey ○ ○ of true love Tune in to ○ watch how Akbar wins the ○ love of Jodha, in this Amitava Sen held his solo exhibi- ○ eternal love story this tion of paintings presented by ○ Sunday. Prativa at the G.C. Laha Centenary ○ Mahurat of three Bengali films Art Gallery, Kolkata on February 2, ○ ○ The Mahurat of the new Bengali fea- in a newspaper office. Koli’s boy which was inaugurated by Rina ○ ture film: Kicchu Pawa Kicchu friend Sanjoy is a highly educated Jain. On display were 50 paintings ○ Chowa directed by Shankar Roy computer engineer. most of them are in watercolour ○ took place at Technicians Studio. Under pressure of Arjun, the along with sketches and a variety ○ The casting ropes in Indrajit, an issue. At this point, Raj her Krishnendu, Shyamal Dutta, parents are compelled to get Sanjay of motley designs. Some of the ○ Shohom, Swarno Kamal Dutta, former husband returns home from Abhishek Chatterjee, Sneha married to Koli. Under the guise of watercolour paintings portrayed ○ Ashok kumar, Soma Chakraborty, the war. There is a bone of conten- Chakraborty, Sumon Banerjee, false affection the in-laws plot to the different facets of women, a ○ Bodisapta Majumdar, Anuradha tion thst creates much tension. Now Arpita Mukherjee and child artiste eliminate Koli. Unaware of their variety of owls along with nature ○ and landscape. (AM) ○ Roy, Biplab Chatterjee, Nadini who is the father of the baby? Is the Diya and Hiya. The third film plot, Koli becomes pregnant. Will ○ Chatterjee, Nivedita Chatterjee, father Raj or Uday? Who between ‘Kolir Arjun’ celebrated its there be a volte-face in the change of ○ Mrinal Mukherjee, Santana Basu, them will give Madhuri the right to Mahurat on February 6. Subhankar attitude of Koli’s in-laws? Will they ○ Bristi, Arghya, Krishnendu motherhood as she has married has penned the story and the lyrics accept the vows of marriage or mur- ○ Chatterjee. A village belle Madhuri twice. February 5 marked the are by Priyo Chattopadhyay and der her? ○ marries Raj who works in the army shuvo Mahurat of another Bengali Tapas Dutta. Behind the music di- The casting includes new find ○ and goes to war. After the war Raj feature film titled Shesh Prohor rection are Sunil Majumdar, Raj (as Arjun) and Rachana ○ does not return. Madhuri’s mother- (End of Day) directed and edited by Soumitro Kundu and Rahim Raja. Banerjee (as Koli). Indrajit (Sanjoy) ○ in-law drives her out of the house in Rajshekhar Basu. The cast mem- The screenplay of Kolir Arjun ○ Mrinal Mukherjee, Santana Basu, ○ consequence of which she is obliged bers are Sabyasachi Chakraborty, is based on a happy family revolv- Rita Koiral, Arun Banerjee, Biplab ○ to return to her father. Madhuri un- Mrinal Mukherjee, Romaprasad ing around two central characters Chatterjee, Argya Mukherjee, ○ der trying circumstances is com- Banik, Rajesh Sharma, Shubhomoy , Bejoy and Sabita who have a son Krishnendu Chatterjee and Payel. ○ pelled to marry Uday and they bear Soma Chakraborty, Subroto, and daughter, the latter is employed (AM) ○ “Documenting Ganesha’s warmth in the New Year non-urban lifestyles” SARBANI ROY Ganesha has been a part and parcel of my everyday existence here in Ithaca, a old-world charm have a bar somewhere close to them and mine is no exception. In fact, there are two bars, Blue Moon and Chanticleer, and even though I chose to celebrate with a different kind of coziness sticking to my dear, loving Ganesha lighting a candle in front of him, as do most celebrations begin ANIT MUKERJEA Goddess) and Renunciation tle girl belonging to a par- small college town in the United States Chanticleer seems to attract most everywhere. I watched the Lord in all his A Folkway. The first docu- ticular tribe. The festival and, with the onset of New Year; I began customers from the whole of Ithaca all resplendence and hummed a tune, a Documentaries have be- mentary Bhumikanya deals symbolises the harvesting with the harvesting festival of new crops involving the the year on an auspicious note by t h e time, on this particular content one for having had quite an come a somewhat obsolete evening, Blue Moon was eventful 2008, for having finished some art form today, rel- of the Southwest region of participation of the tribal invoking the Lord’s name. I guess I am a people. little late when I talk about the New Year choc-a-bloc with pretty tasks that I wished to and with bright egated to the ar- chives of Films Divi- In Go-Bandana now but then, I think the first two enthusiastic hopes for a shimmering new 2009 where sion especially, since Das takes the initia- months retain the flavor celebrators. It I do in- tend to finish up things the withdrawal of tive to discover of New Year and while I was quite chilly unfinished and take up screenings at the com- through his camera hope that all my read- ers endeavors with great hopes mercial theatres of lens the co-relation have rung in 2009 of success. I don’t know if Kolkata before the of the cattle with the with a lot of hope the warmth that the Lord start of a feature film. act of farming, be- and optimism, and exuded with His kind gaze Yet, there are quite a comes self-explana- was cozier than gulping wishing each one of number of independ- tory to the viewers. down a few pints, which for Bandna embodies a them a dazzling year ent documentary ahead, I would like many the occasion might filmmakers who pur- festival of the vast plains of the western to share with them a have demanded, or that is sue the genre to a tar- the most traditional way to part of the State that brief glimpse of how I geted audience who reflects the chose to celebrate, albeit celebrate, but that I chose to watch these at pri- vate screenings. Such enviroment-friendly in a very different manner stay inside not was the case with feeling for the cattle. than most people usually do. braving the snow Monojit Adhikary Jhanpan and Re- As I was mentioning, I began the year and cold on an who made a series of nunciation a on an auspicious note by invoking the extremely chilly wintry , 4 documentaries on Folkway though bold Lord’s name. However, it was a tad night was warmth enough Tribal India under in its depiction of su- difficult with the loud music blaring perstitious beliefs of for me to greet the New Year the banner of from a bar quite close to Humanography . the rural folks, was with a different kind of ambience my apartment. The The 4 documenta- revolting to certain clinking of glasses and outside, altogether. I may be the odd one ries that were sections of the audi- upstate out, but isn’t it true that a writer the intermittent shouts of screened for public ence. It brings out the N e w York always has a different perspective cruelty of the non-ur- celebration with slurry cheering to viewing at Nandan IV welcome the New Year created the entire always a cou- ple of on every single object and event in recently were Bhumikanya West Bengal, covering some ban lifestyles of religious his/her life and why should the New Year so-called ambience that such an annual degrees chillier than (Daughter of the Soil), Go- portions of Jharkhand and superstition that glorifies be an exception? Don’t you agree, occasion might demand. apartments the other Bandana (The Cattle Wor- Bihar popularly known as snakes and self –inflicted located in this quaint, little town with an parts. Ganesha? ship Festival), Jhanpan Tusu. Tusu is a folk belief torture of humans, which is (Festival of the Serpent revolving round a sweet lit- bestial to say the least. ‘Ishq Kiye Ja’ Celluloid dimensions of Sacrificial Love Sacrificial love in a loveless society that loses out on its humane values, trapped as it is in the world of consumerism and globalisation. The recent premiere of Chaowa Paowa screened at the Bijoli cinema, sets about giving celluloid dimensions to sacrificial love in a crude way as is , the wont of most main- stream Bengali cinema. The director Swapan Saha uses actors Prosenjit and Abhishek as his vehicle to project this bond of brotherly love although; they are not brothers but just bosom friends. So strong is their affection for each other that Prosenjit is driven to swoop his sweetheart Rachana Banerjee to Abhishek to save him from the jaws of death when the latter was hit by a bomb blast. The torture of mistaken identities borne by Rachana covers the length and breath of Tips Industries Ltd has released the Hindi the upcoming talented Rini Mukherjee. the films storyline and music album ‘Ishq Kiye Ja’. The songs of Receiving her talim from Padmabhusan footage. the album are melodious with the spirit of maestro Pt Rajan-Sajann Mishra and Ustad In the climactic gay abandon blending both Indian and Tanveer Ahmed Khan, Rini has carved a sequence the mask tears Western influence and styles. niche for herself among the promisng vo- off and both Prasenjit and their falsehood by none finally unites the true night. This is a typical ending that traces the The voice behind it all is no other than calists of her generation. (AM) Rachana are pulled up for other than Abhishek that lovers on the nuptial Mills and Boon good values of sacrificial love.