Seo tips for website ranking


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Seo tips for website ranking

  1. 1. SEO Tips for Website Ranking Steps to push an unwanted link down to next pages of google search !
  2. 2. Tips / Steps to push an unwanted link To improve website visibility ranking in the organic search work covering both on-page parallel with brand and social in Google sufficiently to get top 10 results (SERP) involves a lot of hard SEO and off-page optimization, in media promotion. The level of difficulty to achieve top Google rankings is significantly increased if keyword choices in the sector are restrictive and highly competitive, or where keywords are already successfully targeted by many highly trusted and established online brands.
  3. 3. Tips / Steps to push an unwanted link (…contd) This article contains advanced tips on how to improve SEO ranking and Google Page rank for any website. On-Page Search Engine Optimization Strategy In order to improve Google ranking of a particular website, a careful look at on-page SEO is required. A Check of Search Engine Accessibility - For existing websites, it is sensible to check website navigation for search engine accessibility to ensure all content can be found and indexed by search engines.
  4. 4. Tips / Steps to push an unwanted link (…contd) Detailed Keyword Research - Detailed keyword analysis for your target market is needed, targeting the specific keyword combinations buyers search for. Overall keyword competition, search volumes and relevance are all assessed as part of this exercise. Advanced SEO Copywriting - The best method to improve Google visibility of existing pages is to undertake careful SEO of website content, taking care not to detract from overall readability.
  5. 5. Tips / Steps to push an unwanted link (…contd) Search Engines like Google and Yahoo assess the meaning and relevance of any web page for any given topic by analyzing a combination of different factors, including the page's semantic HTML Mark-up and keyword deployment, making use of a complex process called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Important on-page attributes which can help to improve Google ranking include the Page Title, H1, H2 and H3 headings and Image ALT tags as well as the mix of relevant keywords used.
  6. 6. Tips / Steps to push an unwanted link (…contd) For Semantic copywriting it is better to use a range of relevant keywords on a page than to excessively repeat the same keyword, as the search engine sees more content depth and is able to extract more meaning from the page. The objective of any SEO copywriting exercise should be to apply semantic markup and cover a broad spread of targeted keywords relevant to all aspects of the topic, hence improving the semantic meaning and relevance of the page, leading to better search engine ranking.
  7. 7. Tips / Steps to push an unwanted link (…contd) Adding Content Value and Originality - Preparation of high quality, original content focused on key topics related to your area/s of expertise, aimed specifically at your target audience. Each page should add unique value with no two pages containing a similar message or optimized for the same topic and keywords. Content should be made as "link-worthy" as possible. Optimizing Title and Meta Description Tags - Careful optimization of individual Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords tags is needed.
  8. 8. Tips / Steps to push an unwanted link (…contd) Re-Structuring Website Content - Create a sensible page hierarchy in your website content with an internal navigation that allows visitors to find important pages quickly and easily. This can help to improve Google visibility by making pages on key products and services more focused and prominent.