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Types of business messages


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The Different types of Business messages are listed here - of course with examples. It is useful for those who want to have examPles of the 4 types of Messages with reference to Business Communication.

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Types of business messages

  1. 1. TYPES OF BUSINESS MESSAGES This division is based in accordance with the effect it has on the reader Concept Created By: H.R.Sarath Kumar [Ph.D.] Assistant Professor of English
  2. 2. FOUR TYPES  POSITIVE Messages Convey good feeling Letters of appreciation, thanks giving, expression of interest, sympathy, etc.  NEGATIVE Messages Convey disappointment, disapproval, dissatisfaction Letters of disapproval, disagreement, denial, refusal, job denials, cancellation, etc.  NEUTRAL Messages Convey no feeling, contain information, necessitating action Day-to-day messages, reports, routine letters, reminders, proposals, etc.  PERSUASIVE Messages Action demanding communication system, agreement with the writer’s point of view Memoranda of Interests, Invitations, Brochures, etc.
  3. 3. POSITIVE Message – An Example Dear Mr. Srikanth With reference to our interview that took place on 22nd October, I feel happy to appoint you as the House Manager [ Finance] as per your choice. I expect you to be joining your new position from 4th November’14. Please be informed that you will be reporting at our Nainital branch on 2nd Nov., so that we can process the remaining formalities. Also, please be aware that your work spot would be Gauhati for a period of around 02 years after which you can be transferred to your desired place, depending on your all- round performance. Please write to me stating your willingness to join our group before 22nd so that we have ample time to make arrangements for your journey. Thanking you and looking forward to meeting you soon, Sincerely yours Dheeraj Mishra
  4. 4. NEGATIVE Message – An Example Dear Mrs. Katyayini, This is in response to the interview you had with us last week. As our organization is looking for candidates who would be go-getters and who would prefer overtime work, I regret to inform you that we may not accommodate you at this point of time. After having seen your performance at the interview at our premises and considering your expertise in the fields of your interests, I am confident that we may need you in future. I would be glad then to intimate you about it. On behalf of the organization, I thank you for the interest, time and effort you have invested with us. Regards, Sincerely yours, Dheeraj Mishra.
  5. 5. NEUTRAL Message – An Example Dear Staff, As you are well aware of our customary summit session, conducted annually, I would like to call your attention to the following things: Last date for submission of reports: 03rd Last date for submitting participation details: 05th Last date for claiming any discrepancies: 05th Venue: Our new branch at Shimoga, Karnataka. Summit Scheduled between: 19th and 28th. Please note that the presence of all the employees is mandatory and so I seek your co-operation in this regard. Thanking you for your attention Truly yours, Dheeraj Mehta.
  6. 6. PERSUASIVE Message – An Example  Dear Dr. Siddharth: It was our pleasure to be with you when you presented your paper entitled “ Soft Skills: e-merging scene” on the 12th of this month at IIT Mumbai. Having been in your august presence, we have decided to organize a work shop on the same topic to our selected employees of our organization who, we believe, would be benefited by your expert training. We would like to invite you to our organization to conduct the workshop according to your convenience at the earliest period. Please feel free to let us know your complete requirements for the successful organizing of the work shop as it is our privilege to assist you in this regard. To underline your august presence in our organization, we’d provide you with return air tickets, Five-star hotel accommodation, and any other expenditure that you may incur with regard to this workshop. Hence we would appreciate you if you let us know your decision before 5th November. Looking forward to being in your presence soon, Sincerely yours, Dheeraj Mishra