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Rathbone cms tutorial


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Rathbone cms tutorial

  1. 1. Rathbone Hotel CMS tutorial Content Management System
  2. 2. CMS tutorial <ul><li>A Content Management System ( CMS ) is used to add, edit, and delete content on a website. </li></ul><ul><li>A CMS is meant to ease the process of adding and modifying new content to a webpage. The pages content are stored in database, not in the file server. </li></ul><ul><li>This tutorial will present an example of a simple content management system. You will be able to add, edit and delete contents. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Log-on here, so you can access & modify all contents easily.
  4. 4. After logged-in, just click on the icon named «  Edit Interior pages » Click on icon to edit
  5. 5. This is your page directory. Each page on the content management system(cms) will appear here.
  6. 6. We are in page: Rooms & suites; our next step is : how to modify this page All your existing web pages.
  7. 7. These Web pages can be edited as you wish & the current page is shown in blue Current page
  8. 8. To modify the title, just mouse over here Easy way to manage web pages(content): First step: How to edit a title Click on it to view your old content before editing.
  9. 9. Step2: Edit a title Click on Edit to change Once clicked on « EDIT » a pop up window will be shown where you can change, add or delete your title
  10. 10. Pop-up window In this window, you can change, add & delete title Once modified, click on Ok to save. This is title: Rooms & suites; this title is included on page ROOMS & SUITES (Not to be confused with the icon that appears on the left)
  11. 11. Once you saved your new title. Just click on website highlighted on top see your work.
  12. 12. This is the pop out main page, where you can see your changes done in CMS
  13. 13. Firstly, we have to locate the modified page; We edited the title for ROOM & Suites. Just click on ROOMS & Suites
  14. 14. Once clicked, we reach the Rooms & suites page The Title we modified
  15. 15. Rathbone web site Cms pop up window Title written in CMS window Title shown in web site
  16. 16. We are in page: Rooms & suites; our next step is : how to modify this page All your existing web pages.
  17. 17. You can edit, add & delete as you wish all contents in different pages. Its the same process (as the Title one) to edit CONTENT
  18. 18. To edit a content, just keep the cursor on the icon content & then click on EDIT ( a new pop-up window will be shown)
  19. 19. Pop-up window Add, edit & delete content as you feel, then select OK to save
  20. 20. After clicking Ok on pop-out window, you will return to this page, please click on WEBSITE to view your modification CLICK HERE
  21. 21. choose the right section: in our case we modified the content on rooms & suites pages, so click on Rooms & Suites
  22. 22. Content written in CMS
  23. 23. Cms pop-out window Content added during the « How to edit Content » Content visible on rathbone web site