LLH management site tutorial


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LLH management site tutorial

  1. 1. Webizy Plus Management Tutorial
  2. 2. Management Tutorial 2010V Follow the link below to connect : http://www.landmarklondon.co.uk/admin This tutorial is a guide to manage your website pages. It shows you how : 1 – To manage the pages 2 – To edit text 3 – To add links 4 – To change an image
  3. 3. Management Tutorial 2010V All other icons are shortcuts that can be reviewed as per your needs (add or delete some ) All pages icon manages all website pages MANAGE PAGES 1
  4. 4. Management Tutorial 2010V <ul><li>“ All pages” has two sub-sections: </li></ul><ul><li>Category pages which covers all 1st and 2nd level </li></ul><ul><li>Other pages which covers all 3rd and 4th level </li></ul>MANAGE PAGES 2
  5. 5. Management Tutorial 2010V Scrolling down the bar will lead you to the bottom of the page to check the number of existent pages MANAGE PAGES 3
  6. 6. Management Tutorial 2010V Three icons are shown: 1- preview : to see the page 2- edit : to edit page content 3- meta edit : please refer to OGN before editing metas MANAGE PAGES 4
  7. 7. To edit a text, simply click on the icon Management Tutorial 2010V EDIT A TEXT 1
  8. 8. A window will pop up. For the Title as shown in this example or for the text as you will see on the next page. Select, copy, delete, edit… Management Tutorial 2010V EDIT A TEXT 2
  9. 9. Example of the Winter Garden page: Here is the text section. The highlighted sentence means that it is linked to another page or PDF. The PDF can be changed as shown later. Management Tutorial 2010V ADD A LINK 1
  10. 10. For all linked sentences, follow these steps: 1- select 2- click on the link icon 3- browse the server for a new pdf link 1 2 3 Management Tutorial 2010V ADD A LINK 2
  11. 11. Browsing the server will open the file were all documents are stocked. Click on the document of the requested department e.g. : restaurant Management Tutorial 2010V ADD A LINK 3 You can also create your own folder for files by click here
  12. 12. You can either choose an existing PDF or just browse and upload a new updated one. Management Tutorial 2010V ADD A LINK 4
  13. 13. Management Tutorial 2010V CHANGE AN IMAGE 1 The icon shows editable section. To change an image simply click on the icon
  14. 14. Management Tutorial 2010V CHANGE AN IMAGE 2 Step 1: The image window will pop up. Step 2: Click on the insert image icon Step 3: The editing section will pop up. Browse server to search for a new image Step 4: Choose from the existing images or upload a new one
  15. 15. Step 1: Now that you are back to the main page, click on Update site Step 2: 1- Click on Update page HTML 2- Select the page you modified 3- Confirm 1 2 3 Management Tutorial 2010V
  16. 16. YOU DID IT Now that you are done, check the page you modified. If you feel that you missed a part… NO PANIC… go back following the steps and modify it. … do not forget to logout ! Management Tutorial 2010V