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Sara's Homestay - Host Checklist


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A form for hosts that provides them with guidelines on what to provide for their students/guests and what is expected of them.

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Sara's Homestay - Host Checklist

  1. 1. Host Family Agrees to: Provide a private room, which is not separated from another space by curtains, dressers, or any other makeshift wall. This should be a spare bedroom, and at no point of the student’s stay should their stay should there be any family member, friend, or relative sleeping in the living room. Be home at the time of the student’s arrival to welcome him or her. If this is impossible, arrangements should be made as soon as possible with Sara’s Homestay. Be clear and straightforward concerning the expectations of the student with regards to household responsibilities (cleaning, dishes, use of tv, etc.). Educate the student about the host’s area upon his or her arrival, including methods of transportation, locations of grocery stores and Laundromats, and anything else that might be helpful to someone living in that area. Reside in the house/apartment for the entire duration of the student’s stay. The host will inform Sara’s Homestay immediately if the host needs to leave for any overnight period of time during the duration of the student’s stay. It is very possible that the student (or the student’s school) will not feel comfortable with a student staying with a host who is absent for several days, and Sara’s Homestay may need to find him or her a new host. Provide a continental breakfast every morning, which is either displayed in an area that is easily accessible or is made available to the student in a convenient location. This should include: coffee, tea, bread or toast, jam, butter. Providewifi, a key to the front door and a privacy lock on the student’s door. Provide closet space, a desk, and drawers inside the student’s room. Provide a bed (on a real bedframe), clean sheets, linens, towels, pillows, etc. upon their arrival. Provide adequate heat in the wintertime. This does not mean that the host will keep the temperature that he or she considers normal; the host will make sure to speak with the student to make sure that he or she is comfortable with the level of heat in his or her space. Provide a fan for the student’s room in the summer time if there is no air conditioning available. Refrain from having any discussions regarding financial issues, stay extensions, or compensations of any manner. If the host feels the need to be compensated for a lost or broken item, he or she will contact Sara’s Homestay directly and not broach the subject with the student. If a student tries to engage the host in a monetary conversation, the host will ask them to contact Sara’s Homestay, their school, or their agency. There should be no discussions regarding money, payment, compensation, etc. under ANY circumstances! Respect the student’s privacy, especially with regards to their room and their time in the bathroom. Provide refrigerator space for the student to store food for light cooking. Keep his or her house or apartment adequately void of pests (ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, flees, rodents, etc.). In addition to regular cleaning, exterminators will be called if any such infestation occurs, and Sara’s Homestay will be notified immediately. In addition, the host agrees that no
  2. 2. bedbug has been spotted inside his or her apartment or house within 8 months of welcoming a student, and that if any bedbug had been spotted prior to that time, at least 3 full bedbug treatments have been completed by a licensed exterminator since then. Speak only in English when the student is around. This does not just mean that the host speaks English with the student, but also that if the host’s household is a multilingual home, he or she will make sure that the family speaks English with each other when the student is around. Inform Sara’s Homestay immediately if there is anything concerning the student’s health or behavior that should be taken note of. Even if the host does not feel that any immediate actions are necessary, it is better that the host inform Sara’s Homestay immediately, rather than waiting for a situation to escalate. Make sure to adequately clean the student’s space (including the bathroom) before his or her arrival. This includes, but is not limited to: 1) Sweeping or vacuuming the room 2) Wiping down dusty surfaces 3) Making the bed 4) Making sure there is no mold in the bathroom (toilette, sink, bathtub, etc.) 5) Making sure the communal space (kitchen, living room) is wiped down and relatively clutter-free Doing these things to prepare for the student’s arrival will make him or her feel more welcome. There are few things as unwelcoming to international students as feeling as if their arrival was not planned for. Keeping your house or apartment in a state of adequate repair and cleanliness to the standards of Sara’s Homestay will help make the student feel comfortable. Be kind and welcoming to the student at all times, treating him or her as a member of the host’s family. When Providing Dinner: The time and location of the dinner should be communicated clearly to the student every day. If a student is not there for dinner, his or her share should be saved on a plate covered with cellophane or aluminum wrap and be left in the refrigerator The dinners should be varied. The dinners should be a balanced meal with multiple dishes. I have thoroughly read through and understand the expectations listed above, and I agree to adhere to all of these expectations for the duration of my time as a host of Sara’s Homestay. ________________________________________ ___________________________ (Signature) (Date)