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  1. Managing By Keshav Kansana
  2. • Is managing somehow separate from leadership? • Is managing a science? • Do managers live in a time of great change? These are Three MYTHS. Can you share your opinion about following statements?
  3. Leadership Vs management One does the right things, copes with the change; other does things right, copes with the complexity.
  4. Cont... Would you like to be managed by someone who doesn't lead? Do you want to be lead by someone who doesn’t manage? well, we can separate the leadership from management conceptually but we can not separate them in practice.
  5. Cont.. • Leadership can not simply delegate management; • Instead of distinguishing them we should see managers as leaders, and leadership as management practiced well. • Leadership is earned not anointed.
  6. Leadership or communityship • Leadership focuses on the individual: when ever we promote leadership we demote others, as followers. • Therefore to achieve the cooperative efforts in the organization we should promote the sense of communityship.
  7. Keep managing ahead, seeing it together with leadership as naturally embedded in what can be called communityship.
  8. Cont.. Is Management a profession? Not even a profession, like engineers and doctors who have codified knowledge learned formally. Doctors and engineers decisions doesn’t change with context. Where as managers acquires knowledge across the context.
  9. Managing as a practice Is Management a science? Certainly not a science. Management certainly applies science as managers have to use all the knowledge they have to analyze the complex situations by using scientific tools. ( meaning here scientific proof more than scientific discovery)
  10. Cont.. • Managing is a practice • Learned primarily through experience(Art which brings in the ideas and integration) , and rooted in context.
  11. certainly not a science • Managing is not a science ( science is about the development of systematic knowledge through research) • Not even applied science ( though we applies science for analysis rooted in the scientific method) • Only proof no discovery
  12. • Effective management is more dependent on art and rooted in craft. Art produces the insight and vision based on intuition and craft is about learning from experience- working things out as the manager goes along.
  13. • Put together a good deal of craft with the right touch of art alongside some use of science, and you end up with a job that is above all a practice. • Manager is someone responsible for a whole organization or some identifiable part of it. • The manager has to help bring out the best in other people, so that they can know better, decide better and act better.
  14. • Management as a practice Art Science craft
  15. Do we live in a time of great change? • The basic aspect of human behavior is not changing. • Managing and leading is the most basic behavior of human being • The fact is that we only notice what is changing. Information technology
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  17. The dynamics of managing By Keshav Knasana
  18. Common image of a manager • Sitting on the desk • Well ordered • Thinking grand thoughts • Making great decisions • Systematically planning the future Folklore :- the manager is a reflective and systematic planner
  19. Facts • Managers work as unrelenting pace; • There activities are typically characterized by brevity, variety, fragmentation, and discontinuity • They are strongly oriented to action
  20. The managerial pace • Managing is a job with perpetual preoccupation: the manager can never be free to forget the work, never has the pleasure of knowing, even temporarily, that there is nothing left to do.
  21. The fragmentation and interruptions • The significant activities seem to be interspersed with the mundane in no particular pattern; hence, the manager must be prepared to shift moods quickly and frequently.
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Editor's Notes

  1. 1) That can be awfully dispiriting (disappointing). 2) That can be terribly disengaging. Leaders tends to be twice born personalities, people who feel seprate from environment. They may work in the organization, but they never belong to them (Zalzanik 2004:79) how is such a person is supposed to lead an organization.
  2. Anointed means to coat a paint on something
  3. Communities of actors who get on the things naturally.