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Table of the changes in musicals overtime


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Table of the changes in musicals overtime

  1. 1. Ancient Greek Ballad Opera Burlesque Musical Post 2000Social There were only male performers In Greek Theatres men were only Target audience were mainly men. There are now musicals forChange in Greek musicals, even when allowed to act and perform the Burlesque was a low form of theatre everyone no matter what age or there were women roles, the women roles if a play had any, with comedy sketches and dance gender you are there is men would dress and act like a however Ballad Operas both routines that often parodied the something for everyone’s taste. woman. The audience were all women and men are allowed to upper classes and forms of Recently there has been a focus men. take part. entertainment such as opera, Only on the younger generation as The storylines in these times female performers. remakes of Disney films are were mostly about the Greek Another main example of how really popular especially with gods and their stories. musicals had developed was that A way for female to express their the younger people of today’s Greek musicals spoke and talent in dancing and showing off society. sometimes sung their dialogue their figures. and when Ballad operas were Schools are encouraged introduced they sang all their especially drama students to lines. attend musicals and get deals for bringing a whole class. The audience were between middle class and top class people, Actors include people from and during the performances you different age ranges even as would only see the wealthier young as 8 or 9. families seated. The plots were normally sentimental and involved a couple but focused on the women side of the story.Historical The art of telling stories either Ballad Opera is all about women Burlesque has its origins in 19th Now musicals include a lot ofChange through or with songs dates back the dramatic action and musical century British music halls, where celebrities to help attract to time immemorial. We know numbers of ballad operas focus the term referred to a theatrical audiences. History is used as the that the ancient Greeks included on females: why they should entertainment of a satirical comic base to show everyone i the music and dance in their stage marry, how they should behave, bent. 20th century stories from the comedies and tragedies as early what are the consequences and past. as the 5th Century B.C. While rewards of their actions In the 1860s shapely, underdressed some Athenian playwrights may women were introduced to keep have interpolated existing songs, audiences interested. In the
  2. 2. we know that Aeschylus and Victorian age, when proper women Sophocles composed their own. went to great lengths to hide their physical form beneath bustles, hoops and frills, the idea of young ladies appearing onstage in tights was a great thrill.Technology In the times of Ancient Greek Sound systems were renewed Music was compiled to go with the Digital computers and soundchange musicals the lighting they would and upgraded; stages were bigger dance routines the music spot lights systems used to enhance the use were candles. Also the actors for a wider fit of audiences. were made for performance and quality,pitch and loudness of were not amazing performers so Halls were purposely made for lighting was used to help tell a story. the music, different coloured they would use masks to show the sound of peoples voice to be People working were able to control lighting positioned everywhere their emotions. projected louder. everything manually on stage, the use of stage mics and head pieces for the actors In terms of props , things such as whereas before they had to use swords were made of wood and their own voices and be as loud bits of metal. as possible for smaller audiences now musicals are performed in front of hundreds of people with speakers and head makers allowing everyone to hear everything.Cultural In the times of the ancient Ballad opera airs were especially burlesque first started off with Musicals consist now of peopleChange Greeks, women did not have effective in transmitting social Men and women mocking from different races and much freedom and were not protest or scandal. The songs of authorities and even Greek gods. But religions and backgrounds allowed to go out even with their ballad opera were didactic, as time went on it changed performing together. partners to watch a musical, so designed to comment about the completely into just women Musicals based on cultural that’s why the audience were action, rather than carry the performers that would dress very storylines are becoming more only male performers and the action forward. seductively but at the same time still popular. audience they performed to were stick to what burlesque was all about only men. and that was Mocking the famous people that were around in that time.