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Presentation for assemblies...Sara Khan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Presentation for assemblies...Sara Khan

  1. 1.  Friends Or Foes is a campaignwhich provides the Students ofCranford Community College to bemore aware of the dangers ofsharing information with someonewho may not really be a friend.
  2. 2.  Help Young people of Cranford Community College to understandhow important it is to limit what they share with their friends Make many people aware about the dangers of Facebook Help young people from adding or accepting Facebook users who theydo not know and are not a friend. Help younger people to understand that “Friends in common” are notalways their friends as well Helping YOU to be able to report any FAKE accounts
  3. 3.  More than 845 million active users use Facebook tosocialise with other people around the world Facebook is easily manipulated to create an identitywhich is necessarily not real.
  4. 4.  Ignore Friends requests of which you don’t know about Avoid giving out detailed personal information or upload imageswhich you may regret later! Block or report anything inappropriate Ignore tags which you disapprove of (Georges video hyperlink)
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