My character is Nicole Harper


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My character is Nicole Harper

  1. 1. My Character is Nicole HarperMy character is a girl who has been through a lot in her past and the most important thing in thiscase is the incident that occurs between Carla and her which results in the betrayal and both girlsending up in prison.This character was a very tough character as it was firstly one of the main roles and completelydifferent to the type of individual i am so when I firstly began acting and playing her part it was quitehard to show her anger when speaking from the script but overtime by practising and setting mymind and feeling what this character went through it was easier to show her emotions throughactions and the way I spoke my words. Throughout the play i have to soften up as i want theaudience to see the other true side to me in which i hid away when i came to prison, so i had to actin a way that allowed the audience to see how i changed and this was again through the way i spokeand acted at times.What i was mostly worried about was singing to an audience, singing was definitely not my strongestpoint and i had never done anything like this before so it would be really good to see how i build upmy confidence in the upcoming weeks.What i mostly had trouble with was singing and doing actions at the same time, not for the main bigsongs but for the slower ones especially the scene of me and Yasmine where I had to do freezeframes while singing this slow beat song let alone remembering all my lines especially since ipractically the main character i had a lot of big chunks of lines all in one go which i had to act atdifferent paces.In order to overcome all these problems i thought to myself that i would dedicate a lot of time to thescene which included only me and a few other characters so i could really work on my character interms o f singing begin to sing in front of the other actors and move on to friends just to build up myconfidence. I was really excited to be picked to be this character as it looked like a fun challenge!