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Jisc Digital student data collection and analysis workshop


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This presentation introduces the aims of the Jisc Digital student data collection and analysis workshop held on 29 April 2015.

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Jisc Digital student data collection and analysis workshop

  1. 1. Digital student data collection and analysis workshop London 29/04/15 #digitalstudent
  2. 2. Jisc Digital Student Project » Phase 1 study reviewed students’ expectations and experiences of the digital environment at university and we spoke to 500 staff and students during our consultation » We conducted a review of practice in secondary schools to identify likely incoming expectations » In phase 2 we focused on FE speaking to over 300 staff and 220 learners » Phase 3 will extend the project to the wider skills sector »
  3. 3. Transactional Transformational 29/04/2015 Jisc Digital Festival, 9-10 March 2015, ICC Birmingham 3 Transactional vs transformational » Accessing networks » Accessing hardware and software » Accessing general and course-related information » Signing on to university systems » Booking appointments » Submitting work, receiving grades » Expectations largely established in advance by transactions with other service providers » Sharing ideas, engaging in dialogue » Encountering threshold concepts and practices » Developing independent study habits » Collaborating on projects » Producing new digital artefacts » Reflecting, reviewing, revising » Reference management, data analysis, e-journals, specialist tools... » Developing employability skills for the workplace » Expectations largely established during studies in dialogue with tutors and peers
  4. 4. A strategic approach Enhancing the student digital experience online guide: hancing-the-student- digital-experience 50 institutionalexemplars - http://digitalstudent.jiscinv
  5. 5. Icebreaker »Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know on your table »On 2 post-its record: › Why are you here…. › What do you want to take away from today…. Jisc Digital Student 5
  6. 6. » Explore with our stakeholders and end users whether Jisc could produce a prototype for a service to support the collection and analysis of data on student expectations, experiences, attitudes and satisfaction with digital technologies in their studies in UK higher and further education » The service would make it easier for universities and colleges to collect and analyse student expectations and experience data using well-designed and robust questions, and would enable institutions to compare their data internally (for example by faculty or campus) and with other aggregated, anonymised institutional profiles. Jisc Digital Student 6 Aims for today
  7. 7. What institutions (say they) want » Information collated (e.g. from institutional and national surveys) and horizon scanning undertaken nationally » Advice on local information gathering and student engagement, e.g. sample surveys, focus group protocols, crowdsourcing software/services, student partnership tools » Examples of BYOD/build your own service approaches which deliver a robust transactional experience (and ideally a transformational learning experience) e.g. case studies, evaluated examples, shared ideas 21/05/2014 Jisc Digital Student 7
  8. 8. Ways of engaging students in the digital environment » Gathering information - Surveys, interviews, focus groups to find out about student expectations - Participative / observational methods to explore practices and attitudes - Social media – with students' consent – to collect information - Analyse existing data e.g. NSS/USS/ISB/PRES/local surveys - Learning analytics data with students’ consent » Stimulating, gathering and responding to ideas - Interactive and fun e.g. crowdsourcing, hashtags, ideas tree, padlet... - Make sure students can share ideas and see how they are acted on » Initiate an ongoing dialogue with learners » Partnership projects: 'making things better‘ – Change Agents’ Network 8
  9. 9. Current practice? »When do you currently gather students’ views on technology? »What approaches do you use? »How are students and learners involved? »How do you analyse the data collected? »What other sources of data does this feed into? »How does this data feed into the development of your digital strategy and the digital environment? 21/05/2014 Jisc Digital Student 9
  10. 10. Digital students are different posters
  11. 11. Enhancing the digital student experience postcards
  12. 12. For all findings and workshop resources: Jisc Digital Student 12
  13. 13. Find out more… 10/06/2014 Jisc Digital Student Digital Student #digitalstudent Sarah Knight Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 13