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Jisc webinar start up Jisc student digital experience tracker 2018


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This webinar was delivered on 14 December by Helen Beetham and Sarah Knight on supporting organisations with their implementation of the 2018 Tracker

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Jisc webinar start up Jisc student digital experience tracker 2018

  1. 1. Student Digital Experience Tracker 2018 Sarah Knight,Tabetha Newman & Helen Beetham 14/12/2017
  2. 2. Overview of today’s webinar »Introduction to theTracker (Sarah) »TheTracker pilot 2018? (Helen) »Practical steps for launching your surveys (Helen) »Where to go for support & guidance- (Sarah) »Questions? (Helen and Sarah) 27/06/2017
  3. 3. Introducing theTracker team Jess Francis, Research manager, Jisc Ruth Drysdale, Senior co-design manager, Jisc Helen Beetham Sarah Knight, Head of change: student experience, Jisc Tabetha Newman Mike Gulliver
  4. 4. Introducing yourselves… »In the chat window, please introduce yourselves by name, role, institution and why you are participating in the Tracker… 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  5. 5. A brief history of theTracker 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  6. 6. »Reviewed students’ expectations and experiences of the digital curriculum, environment and services: »in HE (2013-2014) »among school leavers (2014) »in FE (2014) and in the adult and skills sector (2015) »among online learners (2016) The ‘digital student’ project
  7. 7. What universities and colleges wanted Consultations with Jisc stakeholders found: › interest in the ‘digital student’ studies › appetite to find out more locally, engage students in their own digital experience › no existing instruments, surveys or quality processes captured the digital experience › organisations wanted something proven, easy to administer, credible, and actionable. Find out more:
  8. 8. What the tracker is: 1. A tried and tested student survey, made up of: › Closed questions that can be benchmarked › Open questions for local analysis › Add or customise further questions 2. A student engagement process, governed by our guidance 3. A Community of Practice around the tracker process and findings
  9. 9. Extensively trialled and evaluated » Initial questions based on ‘digital student’ research and sector consultations (2016) » Closed pilot with 24 selected institutions (2016) » Open pilot with 85 self-selecting institutions & 29k respondents (2016-17) » Current open pilot with 156 institutions & 12k respondents already (2017-18) HE student questions in four areas: available from
  10. 10. Evaluation findings 2017 1. Survey instrument is robust 2. Providers value the process: › Actionable evidence for change › Benchmark against others; monitor progress › Better informed decisions about digital services › Support for student engagement › Bring stakeholders together 3. Huge interest in our aggregated findings › Reports available from 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  11. 11. Reasons for using the tracker (2018 sign-ups) From 2018 sign-up forms:
  12. 12. What’s your no.1 reason for using the tracker? A. Gather evidence about the student digital experience B. Show that we are engaging with students and responding to their feedback C. Evaluate ourselves against other institutions, or in relation to the aims of a specific initiative D. Enjoy the benefits of an international community of practice e.g. shared data and analysis
  13. 13. Introducing 2018Tracker 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  14. 14. New for 2018 »Refinements to student questions »Review panels (UK) to support analysis and reporting »Option to send out individualised links & link with other data »More customisation options »(Potentially) more benchmarking groups »Updated guidance, webinars, FAQs jiscmail community etc » 18/10/17 #digitalstudent
  15. 15. 156 sign-ups (snapshot 12/12/17) 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  16. 16. »Background research: what organisational issues are known to impact on the student digital experience? »Consultation process with our CoP »Ten high-value indicators »Very positive response: most organisational leads provided data on all 10 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent New questions for organisational leads
  17. 17. »Teaching staff are in an intermediate position: › Support (aspects of) the student digital experience › Have their own experience to report »Background research suggested key issues for staff are these… »Mapped to the student questions AND to the organisational questions 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent Coming soon: questions for teaching staff
  18. 18. 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent Students Confirmation form Teaching staff tracker Student tracker
  19. 19. 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent Students Trackers used to triangulate Organisational-level strategies Teaching staff
  20. 20. Practical steps for launching your surveys 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  21. 21. Tracker 2017-18 Process Open access sign-up form (closes end April 2018) You: Personalised email link to the confirmation form (closes endApril 2018) We: Set your permission to enter new TRACKER account and COPY from tracker master(s) You: Log into BOS (we email new users so they can create an account) You: Copy, customise, launch (Guidance plus Dashboard reminders We: Close trackers 31st May benchmarking data available early June 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  22. 22. Get to know the BOS interface 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent Dashboard view Master surveys to copy
  23. 23. Get to know the BOS interface 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent Customising theVLE question
  24. 24. Get to know the BOS interface 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent Adding your own question items Getting ready to distribute
  25. 25. Workflow in BOS » Check for the tracker version(s) you ordered: copy them » Name them with your institution’s name AND tracker version › Example: University ofThames HETracker » Customise page 6 (VLE name), page 9 (open page, examples given), page 10 (thank you): delete red guidance notes » Preview, print, proof read: test any customised questions » Plan: which students, when, valid sample size (guidance available) »Communicate and promote » Launch when you are ready (no edits after launch!) » Distribute link to your target students 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  26. 26. Where to go for guidance and support 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  27. 27. Guidance and support » Extensive guidance available at » Email support (up to 3 day turnaround) at » Group mailing list 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  28. 28. Question time! 27/06/2017 #digitalstudent
  29. 29. Get involved »Sign up for 2018Tracker by internationals by 30th April 18: »Join the tracker mailing list digitalstudent-tracker »See project website: to download new briefing booklet and reports »Guidance available from »Follow our blog: https://digitalstudent.jiscinvol »Follow #digitalstudent and @jisc »Email