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Digital Learning: Learners expectations and experiences of technology


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This is a workshop presentation I led at the NUS FEstival 2014 on 27 November 2014, as part of the Jisc FE Digital Student Project.

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Digital Learning: Learners expectations and experiences of technology

  1. 1. Digital Learning: What are Learners expectations and experiences of technology? NUS Festival 27/11/14 #digitalstudent
  2. 2. Jisc Digital Student Project » » Phase 1 study reviewed students’ expectations and experiences of the digital environment at university » A review of practice by Dave White in schools to identify likely incoming expectations » Phase 2 we are now focusing on FE with plans to extend the project to wider skills sector led by Oxford Brookes University » Literature review| review of institutional data | stakeholder interviews | learner focus groups | consultation events
  3. 3. FE Digital Student project » What do learnersWANT (expectations) in relation to the digital? » What do learners NEED to succeed (experiences)? » Guidance for colleges on how to gather learners’ views, how to engage learners in an ongoing dialogue about the digital and how to better support learners digital experience » Identify top challenges in relation to the digital learner experience and begin to develop a set of learner entitlements and enhancements to support colleges address these challenges » Support for the project from NUS, NIACE, AoC and 157 Group Jisc Digital Student 3
  4. 4. Throughout the day- have your say Jisc Digital Student Join us in the registration area to share your expectations and Your idea here experiences of technology
  5. 5. FELTAG » “FELTAG’s research and conversations consistently referred to the under-exploitation of learners’ skills, devices and technical knowledge when it came to the use of learning technology. » The greatest resource available to FE and Skills providers in this domain is their learners. » More effort needs to be made to engage and empower learners’ use of digital technology - and the use of their own devices – in the learning process.” Jisc Digital Student 5
  6. 6. Group discussion: What are the challenges you experience in using technology in your college? Feedback using: 21/05/2014 Jisc Digital Student 6
  7. 7. Staff views from NIACE Digital Learning conference 14 November 2014 21/05/2014 Jisc Digital Student 7
  8. 8. What the learners say? › Free, ubiquitous, robust access to wifi and services › VLE – organisation, time/task, content – consistency › Support for BYO but continued access to institutional hardware/software › Core info about my studies available on my device › Support for developing skills relevant to the workplace › Vague about use of technology for learning 21/05/2014 Jisc Digital Student 8
  9. 9. Experiences... › Highly variable in respect of: previous experience, chosen subject, personal preferences and aspirations › Value perceived in retrospect: unexpected is developmental › Study habits with technology are hybrid: informal, peer supported + academic, formally acquired › Critical moments with technology often formally taught: e-journals/google scholar, data analysis, design, ref/project management... › Teaching staff confidence still important › Digital identity a key motivation and outcome
  10. 10. How do learners experience the digital environment in FE? Vocational Higher education A levels Basic skills Apprenticeships Background Prior educational/work experience Achievement 14-90 years old Full/part-time Day release Jisc Digital Student 10
  11. 11. Learner Focus Groups Date College 14 Oct Eastbourne-Sussex Downs College +Learner voices video clips (1st and 2nd years) 30 Oct Borders College (Health and Social Care) 26 Nov Bristol – City of Bristol College (two vocational groups, 1st and 2nd years) 6 Nov Myerscough College (New starts and final years, Animal Academy) 24 Nov, 11 Dec Activate Learning + Learner voices video clips L3 Heath and Care learners 3 Dec Coleg Gwent Desk research Focus groups Consultation events Jisc Digital Student 11
  12. 12. Join us for the consultation Events Date Location & Venue 15 Jan 2015 Birmingham The Studio Birmingham 20 Jan 2015 Manchester The Studio Manchester 25 Feb 2015 Bristol The Mercure Holland House Hotel 04 Mar 2015 Edinburgh Training Centre, Scotland 25 March 2015 London The Hatton, 51-53 Hatton Garden 23 April 2015 Wales The Village Hotel, Swansea Desk research Focus groups Consultation events Jisc Digital Student 12
  13. 13. Engaging learners in dialogue about the digital Join Jisc Change Agents’ Network – Gathering information - Surveys, interviews, focus groups to find out about student expectations - Participative / observational methods to explore practices and attitudes - Social media – with learners' consent – to collect information - Analyse existing data e.g. NSS/USS/ISB/PRET/local surveys Stimulating, gathering and responding to ideas - Interactive and fun e.g. crowdsourcing, hashtags, ideas tree, padlet... - Make sure students can share ideas and see how they are acted on Representation Partnership projects: 'making things better‘
  14. 14. Engaging learners in dialogue about the digital How does your college/provider engage you in discussions about technology?
  15. 15. Supporting a better digital learner experience » Prepare learners to study in digitally-enhanced settings, and explain clearly how digital technologies can support their learning » Engage learners in conversations about their digital practice, and involve them in projects to enhance provision » Enable staff to innovate their own practices with technology and to confidently support learners » Create a physical/virtual environment that supports the use of personal devices, applications, networks and services » Integrate digital issues into long-term planning, considering the complete learner journey and the need to respond to emerging challenges » Deliver an inclusive student experience, using digital technologies to overcome disadvantage. Jisc Digital Student 15
  16. 16. What one thing should colleges/providers do to enhance your digital experience? Feedback using: 21/05/2014 Jisc Digital Student 16
  17. 17. Get involved! Contribute to our blog: #digitalstudent Join the conversation: Join the Jisc Change Agents’ Network and sign up to our mailing list for regular updates: Follow us on Twitter @CANagogy #jiscCAN Jisc Digital Student 17
  18. 18. Summer of Student Innovation 2014 20 student projects creating innovative tools and apps to support learning Jisc Digital Student 18
  19. 19. Find out more… Sarah Knight Twitter: sarahknight Consultation events: Join Jisc Change Agents Network 10/06/2014 Jisc Digital Student Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 19