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At Healthspan, our expert panel of nutritionists and doctors has been working for                                         ...
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Welcome & product guide


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A friendly welcome and guide to new customers design in 2010 to help promote the Healthspan brand.

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Welcome & product guide

  1. 1. Discover the UK’s No.1 direct supplier of vitamins Gold standard quality Free P&P on every order Letterbox friendly packaging Freephone orderingN u t r i t i o n f o r a h e a lt h y l i f e s p a n
  2. 2. CustomerS The ecret service to our Your satisfaction is always guaranteed We value your privacy success If, for any reason at all, you are not completely satisfied with your Healthspan product, we offer a full, no quibble We promise NEVER to sell or pass your name and address onto any other first organisation. Not only that, but we also refund or exchange. guarantee that your personal data will always be processed and protected You come Our success has always been to focus on the three core fairly and lawfully. Nothing is too much trouble for values of quality, unbeatable value and customer service. the friendly, courteous staff in our UK based, FREEPHONE callQuality every Unbeatable centre. Our highly trained staff will be pleased to answer anystep of the way Our prices are value product related queries you may have. We always look to go thatOur range of over 100 nutritional supplementsare all made to the very highest standards permanently low extra mile to ensure we provide you with the most accurate Qualityknown as GMP, using the purest natural Because our supplements are only available direct, we cut out information available.ingredients available. No compromises. the cost of the middleman, which means that we can afford to put the very highest quality ingredients into our products and Freephone still sell them at unbeatable value, tax-free prices. 0800 655 6570
  3. 3. At Healthspan, our expert panel of nutritionists and doctors has been working for many years to create a range of supplements to match our nutritional needs whilst We are serious on striving to incorporate advances in the science of nutrition into our range. Here are just seven of many examples of our advanced range of supplements. advanced nutrition 1 Omega 3 6 Chondroitin Glucosamine 7 We pride ourselves on the quality, range and value of our glucosamine. 3 Multivitamins All the Chondroitin that is 4 We use only shellfish free Our Omega 3 Fish used in our products is marine concentrated Optiflex Oils are all distilled We have a comprehensive sourced and is included at a 90% glucosamine with 40% to remove saturated range of multivitamins and concentration. Many companies more active glucosamine fats, cholesterol and minerals to suit your individual choose to use bovine sources of than the standard Cod Liver Oil 2 pollutants, so you can needs providing optimum Chondroitin, or use weak 20% glucosamine sulphate. be assured that they levels of micronutrients at concentrations, which are far 5 are the purest available. Our Cod Liver Oil is only EU recommended levels. cheaper, but less effective. sourced from sustainable waters. We’re also very proud Herbal extracts that when independent All the herbal extracts used in our tests were carried out on 33 different cod liver oil Vegetarian products are standardised – this products, Healthspan’s was Over 75 products in our range are suitable for vegetarians. means that they are manufactured shown to be the purest This impressive total is helped by wherever and whenever to provide a guaranteed amount of all those tested. possible we look to avoid using capsule shells made of the active ingredient. gelatin and use a pure vegetable source instead.
  4. 4. find out more about & finally... us and how to orderThe Freephone OnlineUK’s 0800 655 6570 Call our UK based call centre with our highly trained staff and product advisors on hand seven days a week to answer any questions or queries you may have and to take your order. Our friendly staff will Visit our website to view our entire range of supplements and browse at your leisure. You’ll find interesting articles on all health and nutrition matters written by a selection of the UK’s most respected doctors, as well as surprisingleading health & always try their best to help and advise you. price comparisons with our high street competitors.nutrition magazine You’ve got nothing to lose!As a valued Healthspan customer you would receive a freecopy of Healthspan Magazine. This publication provides the Your satisfaction guaranteedbest, most well-researched and trustworthy advice onhealth and nutrition matters. Each issue is packed with We truly believe in our quality and value. Why don’t you give us a try and if,relevant articles from independant experts who are some for any reason at all, you are not satisfied with your Healthspan products,of the most respected doctors, professors and nutritionists RRP £1.50 we will offer a full, no quibble the UK. Contributors include Dr Thomas Stuttaford,Professor Adam Carey, Dr Dawn Harper, Professor Greg FREE health magazine sentWhyte and Dr Sarah Brewer. to every Healthspan customer
  5. 5. As voted by the Reader’s Digest ‘Most Voted the Trusted’ brand survey in the vitamin category UK’s best quality vitamin brand for 7 consecutive years Best Quality 2003-2009As voted by the Reader’sDigest ‘Most Trusted’ brand Voted the UK’s best quality vitaminsurvey in the vitamin category. brand for 7 consecutivenyears6 5 5 6 5 7 0w w w. h e a lt h s pa n . c o . u k freepho e 0800
  6. 6. ProductWWW.HEALTHSPAN.CO.UK SUMMER 2010 guideOVER 100 NUTRITIONAL HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS Free P&P with every order Freephone ordering Letterbox friendly packaging Gold standard quality N U T R I T I O N F O R A H E A LT H Y L I F E S P A N
  7. 7. 1 2 Three Easy ways to order: FREEPHONE - 0800 655 6570 to place your order with a member of our friendly UK-based call centre team. ONLINE - our easy to use website contains our full product range, along with interesting articles on health and nutrition matters. Purest Cod Liver Oil 90 capsules £4.45 180 capsules £7.95 Cod Liver Oil 1,000mg Joint-Care* 120 capsules £5.95 St Clements 400mg Optiflex glucosamine HCI 3 BY POST - Simply post the order form found at the back of this guide in the These one-a-day capsules provide high & 300mg cod liver oil freepost envelope together with your credit card details, a cheque or postal order. We’re very proud of the quality of levels of pure Icelandic cod liver oil. This unbeatable value combination is our cod liver oil at Healthspan and Each capsule contains 1,000mg of our a convenient way to get the benefits citrus St Clement’s cod liver oil which of both glucosamine and cod liver oil. Contents Optiflex Glucosamine 5 with good reason. provides high levels of omega 3 – This guide includes our most popular Nutritional info per capsule: Acai Berry 9 Lutein (Retinex) 11 Sourced from the unpolluted, sustainable 100mg of DHA and 75mg of EPA. Optiflex Glucosamine HCl - 400mg, Cod Liver Oil 3 Multivitamins 6 products, but Healthspan offers many more. fisheries of Iceland, Healthspan’s cod liver oil is Nutritional info per capsule: Cod Liver Oil - 300mg providing refined using advanced, filter-pure technology. Cod Liver Oil - 1,000mg of which Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 67mg (DHA Co-Q10 9 Omega 3 8 Visit to view our full total Omega 3 - 200mg, (DHA - Our unique ‘non-fishy’ St Clement’s cod liver oil - 37mg, EPA - 26mg), Vitamin A - Evening Primrose Oil 9 Plant Sterols 10 product range or call our freephone number 100mg, EPA - 75mg), Vitamin A - 63mcg, Vitamin D - 0.7mcg. capsules contain cold-pressed citrus oils for all the goodness 210mcg, Vitamin D3 - 2.25mcg, Probiotics 11 Garlic 10 0800 655 6570 for more details. without the ‘yuk’ factor and contain particularly high levels of Natural Source Vitamin E - 1.2mg. Recommended intake: Ginkgo Biloba 10 Rose Hip 11 Three capsules daily. omega 3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. Recommended intake: One capsule daily. Please visit Symbol Key: Letterbox Friendly Perfect Partner to Glucosamine The for details of our full range of Cod Each product is accompanied by symbols to make it even easier for you to choose the supplements that best meet your nutritional needs. 95% of our products are in letterbox friendly packaging, meaning if you are not at home when the postman arrives you will no longer These products work perfectly alongside glucosamine. Healthspan High Street Comparisons Purest Liver Oil supplements. Gelatin Free Capsules have to go to the post office to collect. vs Find this symbol throughout High Street highlighting huge savings compared In independent tests, our Wherever and whenever possible we avoid using Vegetarian to the leading high street retailer. Cod Liver Oil was found capsule shells made from gelatin and use a vegetable Over 75 products in our range are suitable to be the purest of 33 *Not clinically proven to care for joints source instead. Please note all tablets are gelatin free. for vegetarians. UK products.2 3
  8. 8. Price per tablets Healthspan only 4.1p TM Holland & Barrett* 8. 3p Glucosamine Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body where it plays a role in the Glucosamine & Chondroitin Liquid 1,500mg glucosamine HCI & 300mg marine chondroitin (per 15ml) with Glucosamine 1,000mg Our pure Optiflex glucosamine tablets provide high amounts of the finest ChondroMax 500mg Optiflex Glucosamine HCI with 400mg Marine Chondroitin ChondroMax is our premium added MSM & vitamin C quality, concentrated glucosamine glucosamine product, providing smooth working of joints and helps maintain connective tissues. at unbeatable value. optimum levels of Optiflex This natural blackcurrant liquid is a We use Optiflex Glucosamine HCl in our range, which is produced glucosamine and the finest marine delicious, highly bioavailable alternative Nutritional info per tablet: with patent-protected technology from a vegetarian corn base. chondroitin. This combination and to swallowing tablets. One serving Optiflex Glucosamine - 1,000mg. strength is highly recommended by Optiflex Glucosamine is 100% shellfish and allergy- provides high levels of Optiflex Recommended intake: doctors and nutritionists. Three free and provides 40% more pure glucosamine per glucosamine HCI and marine chondroitin, Two tablets daily. tablets daily provide 1,500mg of the Glucosamine Opti flex as well as OptiMSM® and vitamin C. gram than ordinary glucosamine sulphate 2KCl. very purest shellfish-free Optiflex 2KCl Sulphate Glucosamine Nutritional info per 15ml dose: glucosamine HCl and 1,200mg of With a range of pure glucosamine, glucosamine Optiflex Glucosamine - 1,500mg, marine-sourced chondroitin. combinations and delicious glucosamine liquids, Chondroitin Sulphate - 300mg, Nutritional info per tablet: Vitamin C - 60mg, Methyl Sulphonyl Healthspan’s Optiflex range offers something 83% Methane (OptiMSM®) - 50mg. Optiflex Glucosamine - 1,500mg, pure for everyone. glucosamine Marine Chondroitin Sulphate - 1,200mg. per tablet Recommended intake: Visit for more details and 60% 15ml daily, shake well before use. Recommended intake: pure Three tablets daily. glucosamine the full glucosamine range. per tablet 300ml (1 bottle) £7.45 180 tablets £7.45 60 tablets £9.95 600ml (2 bottle) £13.95 360 tablets £12.95 120 tablets £17.45 *04/05/10 For details visit F R E E P H O N E O R D E R I N G 0800 655 6570 w w w . h ea lt h s p a n . c o . u k 5
  9. 9. Price per tablet Co-enzyme Q10 Purity beyond measure Price per capsule Healthspan 100mg Healthspan only 9.1p Co-enzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is present in all cells only 5 .5p Holland & and is highly concentrated in the energy-intensive cells of the heart. It is often Barrett* 15.6p Holland & referred to as the ‘biochemical spark plug’ due to its essential role in the Barrett** 9. 2p production of energy. As we age, our ability to make Co-Q10 declines so a supplement provides the ideal solution. If you take statin medication, a daily intake of at least 100mg is recommended by our experts. Nutritional info per capsule: Co-enzyme Q10 - 100mg Açai Berry Recommended intake: Evening Primrose Oil 2,000mg One capsule daily. 1,000mg Acai is a rich source of amino acids, The oil from the seeds of the Evening Opti-Omega 3 (TG) Omega 3 fibre, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty Primrose flower contain high levels of a 60 capsules £15.95 500mg 1,000mg acids, iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, fatty acid called GLA (gamma linolenic Opti-Omega 3 (TG) is the purest, most bioavailable Our most economical omega 3 product provides C and E. Each of our natural tablets acid). One 1,000mg capsule contains (body-ready) form of omega 3 essential fatty acids available that extra boost of dietary levels of the omega 3 contain 500mg of highly concentrated 100mg GLA. and it is particularly high in DHA. The oil is distilled using our essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. Each extract equivalent to 2,000mg of Nutritional info per capsule: Our comprehensive patented filter-pure technology - this removes saturated 1,000mg capsule provides 350mg of total whole acai berries. Evening Primrose Oil - 1,000mg fats, cholesterol and pollutants to a level lower than that omega 3, including 120mg DHA and 180mg EPA. range of distilled found in fresh fish. It is also odour-neutralised to reduce Nutritional info per tablet Concentrated Acai Extract (4:1) providing GLA - 100mg, Natural Vitamin E - 5mg. Nutritional info per capsule: and purified omega 3 any reflux taste. Pure Fish Oil - 1,000mg providing total - 500mg, equivalent to 2,000mg Recommended intake: whole berry. supplements provide Nutritional info per capsule: Concentrated Fish Oil - 500mg providing total Omega 3 Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 350mg (DHA - 120mg, EPA - 180mg). One capsule daily. Recommended intake: the ideal solution and Fatty Acids - 300mg (DHA - 138mg, EPA - 110mg). Recommended intake: One tablet daily. offers something Recommended intake: One capsule daily. Two capsules daily. for everyone. 90 capsules £4.95 90 capsules £4.95 120 capsules £8.95 180 capsules £8.95 120 tablets £10.95 180 capsules £9.45 *06/04/10, **04/05/10 For details visit Please visit for our full range of Omega 3 supplements. w w w . h ea lt h s p a n . c o . u k 9