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Healthspan product a bi-monthly magazine full of articles a for our customers to work alongside the supplement guide as we are unable to have the two together. We also have nurture skincare magazine where we are allowed show products with articles.

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Magazine designs

  1. 1. The UK’s leading health & nutrition magazine May/Jun ’12 £1.50 Be strong! Is protein the secret to healthy ageing?Healthy Thedigestion experts’ ...the easy way choice Their views on glucosamineIn the news + What we’ve learnt this month + Body watch: the heartHealthspan clinic + Women’s health: decade by decade + Recession depression
  2. 2. INSIDER Info Men! Focus on five a-day Disguise that fishy tang! Sometimes all the health messages available can Urinary problems in men are common in middle seem overwhelming. But there is one message that age. If you find you are passing water more often, remains constant – eat more fruit and vegetables. particularly at night, having difficulty getting The average person in the UK eats less than three going or urgently need to go, then have a Problem: Mackerel, herrings and sardines have a strong taste that some people find portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and if you think check-up with your GP. It may mean your unpleasant. But not eating oily fish means you miss out on omega 3 oils that ease you are one of them why not try some interesting prostate is enlarging and causing a blockage. inflammation, boost the brain and improve cardiovascular health. ways to up your daily intake? A scrummy breakfast Zinc and the herb saw palmetto can help to smoothie with handfuls of summer berries or Solution: Try disguising salmon – a milder oily fish – in fish cakes or pie. Meaty fresh keep the prostate gland healthy. home-made ice-lollies with real fruit inside! tuna can also tickle the taste buds where other oily fish fails, especially served with something robust like a sweet chilli marinade. Alternatively, take fish oil capsules (ideally what we’ve learnt a minimum of 300mg combined EPA and DHA daily) – or 1tsp daily of a citrus-flavoured cod liver oil. Try disguisin Vegetarians can get the EPA element g sa of omega 3 from flaxseeds or lm flaxseed oil, rapeseed (canola) o oil, walnuts and leafy green vegetables. ni Gardening n fi Hot health topics & how they affect you sh cak r pie is a form of exericse... es o There’s a helping hand for weight loss …so you should stretch before and after- wards just as you do at the gym. If you find No supplement can take the place that all the bending and kneeling makes your of eating healthily and exercising, joints ache more than usual, try looking at particularly when it comes to dieting, but there are some great nutrients out Still not a fan of oily fish? Try your diet to see if there are any changes you there which can give you a boost if taking a fish oil capsule instead. can make to give your joints a healthy boost. Something to you’re trying to lose a few pounds. For A healthy diet should provide calcium to smile example CLA (Conjugated Linoleic keep the bones strong and omega 3 essen- about Acid) helps inhibit the transport tial fatty acids (found in oily fish) which are of fat from the blood to fat cells. thought to reduce the inflammation process Daily flossing can add an estimated 6.4 years to your And a pioneering human study and subsequent joint damage. Glucosamine life, with research showing that people with inflamed found that a group of people taking and chondroitin also may help with Peppermint’s stomach-settling gums have a 23%-46% higher mortality rate. Gum CLA lost up to 20% of their Did you effect makes it a popular discomfort, while helping to keep joints inflammation allows bacteria from the mouth to enter body fat within three months! know? ingredient in those after-dinner strong. A topical gel containing capsicum the circulation which can trigger arterial disease increas- and oil of wintergreen can help soothe mints that often turn up with your ing the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. and may also contain n-acetyl bill after a meal out. Unfortunately, few glucosamine. Natural anti-inflam- Useful supplements: CoQ10 helps to reverse of these sweet treats contain much peppermint oil. matories include ginger, bromelain, receding gums when combined with proper dental You’re much better off missing out on the sugar devil’s claw and MSM. hygiene. Pycnogenol strengthens small blood and trying a peppermint oil supplement or even vessels and can reduce gum bleeding. enjoying a soothing cup of peppermint tea.2 Healthspan May 2012 May 2012 Healthspan 3
  3. 3. Joint health which supplement is right for you? Professor Adam Carey spent 19 years in the NHS. He now regularly appears in the media, specialising in nutrition DID YOU KNOW? For people with shellfish allergies, there is Glucosamine Hydrochloride which is created by fermenting corn - this is popular in the USA and with vegans and it is also gluten-free (even though it is made from corn). for performance. By Professor Adam Carey The big three a more efficient pain-free range of Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM are probably movement. Bromelain is commonly the most widely used supplements that may help to used with other plant extracted As we get older, joint reduce joint pain and are often used in combination. enzymes that reduce inflammation with increased therapeutic effects health often becomes Glucosamine is an amino-sugar, which is one of the main building blocks of cartilage. and without reported side effects. more of a concern. This is Chondroitin also plays a structural Herbal help role in cartilage, providing becoming more important resistance to the compression Devil’s claw, or wood spider, is a plant native to South caused by joint movement. with the Government MSM provides a rich source Africa that has been taken as a tea to manage inflammatory now recommending that of sulphur molecules that are required in the formation disorders for many years and is now recognised as an herbal we increase our activity of connective tissues. medication in the European Using a product containing levels. What can we do these building blocks does not Pharmacopoeia. A recent review reported directly reduce inflammation, but to protect our joints? appears to improve the structure of a decrease in pain from either osteoarthritis or the lower back Devil’s Claw is the joint and surrounding tissues. By in ten of 11 of the studies. traditional herbal maintaining the joint, in some cases, It is now well recognised that people who The main anti-inflammatory remedy known to this improves the pain-free range of engage in large amounts of high impact agent is thought to be the relieve painful joints. movement in the affected area. The activities, such as running, can actually chemical ‘harpagoside’, tolerability of using these shorten the life of their joints. With levels which helps to stop the of obesity on the increase, more and more conversation of the fatty of us are also suffering from joint damage acid, arachidonic acid, and osteoarthritis. As a result, there is a “Bromelain is an extract into pro-inflammatory greater demand for prescribed drugs despite from the pineapple plant...” messengers. their risks and side effects. However, there Although often very is a wide-range of nutritional supplements effective, devil’s claw, like that may be taken as an alternative, or along all medications has some supplements is good and no significant with, traditional medication and as part of potential side effects. It has adverse effects have been noted. This a long-term insurance policy to look after a bitter taste and interferes with means they can be used long term, which our joints. some medications like Warfarin and has been shown to increase the thickness can aggravate conditions where there is an of the articular surface of the joint, helping excess of stomach acid. the body repair and protect itself. High impact activities can Best of British actually shorten the life of Tropical support Long valued for its high vitamin C content, the Bromelain is an extract from the stem of your joints... anti-inflammatory action of rose hip has often the pineapple plant and contains numerous been overlooked although studies show it may help anti-inflammatory chemicals and has been reduce the movement of inflammatory markers into used all over the world for its action. an inflamed site. The vitamin C content may also Bromelain reduces the inflammatory response, have an anti-inflammatory action. In combination, alleviating pressure within the joint and allowing8 Healthspan July 2012 July 2012 Healthspan 9
  4. 4. 3digestion special When your bowels work properly, it’s easy to take them for granted. How to keep your We look at three suggestions of what to do when they’re not moving as they should… joints as young as you Ensure that your joints are healthy enough to keep up with you. of a okind n C nstipatio By Vivienne Coleman O ur joints put up with a great deal during flexible by stretching gently for a few minutes each 1. our lives. Many of them are still adapting from day and ensuring that your posture is good. Think the days when we walked on all fours. However about this when sitting and walking: it trains the 2. there are ways to ensure we look after them and so muscles and ligaments into the ‘right’ position. Vivienne get the very best from them for as long as possible. Walking is always good. Make it brisk, swinging Coleman your arms to get that heart-rate up, and do it for Make joint health a priority about 20 minutes a day. Swimming is a great way is a qualified 3. It’s amazing that we consider it par for the course osteopath with to exercise the joints while keeping the weight off to have our cars serviced twice a year and yet The Arthritic “Chew on them – ideal for those carrying a few more pounds we expect our bodies to put up with everything Assocation. than they should! “Stress makes some we put them through without too much care As with so many things, moderation is key. The your hair turn liquorice” and attention. One of the ways we can reduce the likelihood Don’t over-exercise, since that will damage the The GP joints. If you were very sporty when young, Nutritionist of joint problems is by having a check-up with gray” a qualified physical therapist every six months you do run the risk of having osteoarthritis problems later in life. or so. For example, if you have ever been in an The Old Eat a healthy, balanced accident or had a fall, you may be holding yourself Our joints put up diet that is high in Henrietta Norton: Dr Sarah Brewer: incorrectly to compensate. This can result in an Wives’ Tale Constipation has many causes but Constipation often relate imbalance in your body that would not show antioxidants (fruit and with a great deal s to poor veg) and omega 3 (oily the most common is hardened stools. fibre intake, poor fluid up in an X-ray. intake and fish). Limit your intake of Natural foods stay soft in the digestive lack of exercise. A whole Finding a good physical therapist can protect food diet cdotal red meat as there are now preliminary studies tract because they contain fibre that can help, as whole grain cereals, This is now more than ane your joints from long-term damage. Choosing showing that there is a link with arthritis. Get out day’; absorbs water and expands. Fresh fruit salads, nuts, seeds, fru it and evidence from ‘back in the the right therapist is particularly important if in the fresh air and sunlight, since this increases that and vegetables naturally contain a lot of vegetables supply fibre. Prunes science has since learned you already have joint problems, such as arthritis, your vitamin D. levels. l laxative. water whereas dried fruits such as prunes are especially helpful wh en soaked liquorice is indeed a natura so look for a qualified osteopath or sports Above all, enjoy your life. Find as many reasons ion and figs contain concentrated amounts of in water or cold tea ove rnight and It stimulates peristaltic act physiotherapist or a McTimoney practitioner. to laugh as possible for there is now some evidence fibre. Whole grains such as brown rice eaten for breakfast. Se in much the same manner as that laughter will improve your health. rve with ich Daily care and oats will provide soft, moist bulk for natural bio yoghurt as probiotics prescription laxatives wh On a day-to-day basis, the digestive system. Foods such as help to improve digestion encourage the easy passage of . Some tract by practise yoga, Pilates meats, cheese, refined grains and probiotic bacteria have been shown food through the digestive or t’ai chi. Keep wheat can all create a clogging effect to improve bowel transi creating muscu lar contractions. t time and in the digestive tract so eat these in reduce bloating when tak en twice moderation if you are prone to a day. Natural bulking age nts (e.g. constipation. A combination of particular psyllium husks) can als o help but fibres, such as psyllium husks and oat must be taken with ple nty of water. fibre, act as sponges clinging to and Laxatives such as lactul ose (which removing the hardened debris. Vitamin C draws fluid into the bowe ls) or and prebiotics can create softness senna (which stimulates bowel within the stools. Eating plenty of fruit, contraction) may be sug gested for vegetables and whole grains, chewing short term use but it is important well, as well as drinking plenty of not to become reliant on them. water during the day are essential Always tell your docto r about any in maintaining healthy bowel movements. persistent change in bo wel habit. 8 Healthspan November 2011 November 2011 Healthspan 9
  5. 5. BEAUT Y Hair, nails and skin are often the first parts of - the closest thing we currently have to an SUPPLEMENTS THAT CAN your body to show signs of nutritional elixir of life that slows the ageing process. ENHANCE YOUR NATURAL deficiency. The rate at which new skin and hair Antioxidants help to neutralise the free BEAUTY cells are produced is second only to the speed radical damage that triggers age spots, loss at which you make new blood cells in your bone of skin elasticity, wrinkles and thinning hair. Multivitaimins: A multivitamin and marrow. Skin and hair follicles therefore need a Researchers have found that they can reduce mineral acts as a nutritional safety net constant supply of nutrients for optimum health. skin roughness and improve skin tone, clarity that helps safeguard against common As well as nutrients, delicate dividing cells and radiance while reducing fine wrinkles and deficiencies such as B vitamins, iron need protection in the form of antioxidants overall aged appearance. and zinc, which can affect skin quality. Alternatively, choose a supplement Some of the best beauty foods are: especially formulated for hair, skin and nail health. Avocado: which supplies antioxidant vitamins C, E and carotenoids, as well as moisturising OptiFive: Provides a blend of mono-unsaturated fat which promotes plump, youthful skin. antioxidants from six vegetables and Beetroot: as it contains antioxidants that increase the ability of skin cells to absorb revitalising seven fruits – ideal for those who don’t oxygen. Also a good source of silicon which strengthens hair and nails. get their five servings per day. Berries: which are excellent sources of vitamin C and bioflavonoids that improve collagen Co-enzyme Q10: Vital for oxygen formation and help keep skin supple. uptake in cells, levels start to decrease over the age of 20 years. Lack of CoQ10 Brazil nuts: which are the richest dietary source of antioxidant selenium. As well as protecting the means that cells do not receive all the skin from sun-ageing and reducing the formation of age spots, selenium is important for hair and nails. energy they need and are more likely Carrots: the carotenoids of which are concentrated in the skin for an antioxidant boost. to age. Excess turns skin orange but this fades and is considered harmless. Carrots are also a good source Eat Omega 3: Moisturises and improves of silicon which strengthens skin, hair and nails. circulation and also has anti-inflammatory Fish: are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids which reduce skin dryness, improve elasticity, actions, that all help to keep skin healthy. strengthen nails and add a glossy sheen to hair. Vitamin C: Essential for collagen Garlic and onions: provide sulphur compounds that reduce free radicals and are secreted onto yourself beautiful formation and healthy skin, hair and nails. the skin via sweat glands. (Chew parsley to mask the less-than-beautiful odour, or take enteric-coated Selenium: This powerful antioxidant supplements) can reduce the number of skin cells that Grapes: contain at least 20 different antioxidants that strengthen skin capillaries and help to die following exposure to ultraviolet light reduce skin sagging. Select red and black grapes for the greatest protection. by up to 90%. Macadamia nuts: which are a richer source of moisturising mono-unsaturated fats than olive oil Lycopene: This tomato carotenoid also and a good source of vitamin E and protein. protects your skin from the ageing effects by Dr Sarah Brewer Soy beans: as their isoflavones provide a mild oestrogen boost for menopausal skin, maintaining of UV light. suppleness to combat dryness and wrinkles. Available as beans, tofu, miso, tempeh, soy milk and Throughout the ages, women have sought a variety MSM: An organic form of sulphur needed supplements. for healthy collagen formation. It helps to of ways to accentuate their beauty and retain it into Tea: especially green and white teas – are so full of anti-ageing flavonoid antioxidants that extracts keep skin youthful by reducing abnormal old age. Cleopatra bathed in Dead Sea mineral mud are now being added to cosmetics to improve skin youthfulness. cross linkages that contribute to wrinkles. Also helps to maintain healthy hair and asses’ milk, while the fashionista in Ancient Rome and nails. used lead salts to whiten their complexion. But beauty Red vine leaf: Contains antioxidants GETTING THE BEST FROM YOUR BEAUTY FOODS is more than just skin-deep: good nutrition is one of that strengthen small blood vessels • Buy products that are as fresh as possible and use within a day – don’t store for too long or their (circulation) in the skin so fluid can’t leak the biggest-kept beauty secrets for staving off wrinkles nutrient content decreases. • Organic fruit and vegetables tend to provide more concentrated into the tissues so easily. Helps to reduce and maintaining youthfulness. nutrients. • Eat at least two servings of fresh fruit per day . • Eat at least three servings of raw or swelling and heaviness associated with lightly steamed vegetables per day (not counting potatoes). • Eat a large salad per day, including varicose veins. as wide a variety of raw plants as possible, e.g. fennel, chicory, mixed baby lettuce leaves, Evening primrose oil: Provides watercress, spinach, grated carrot, peas, tomato, cucumber, sweetcorn, grated beetroot, grated GLA (gammalinolenic acid), an essential broccoli, nuts, seeds etc. • Aim for colour on your plate – mix dark green, orange, yellow and red fatty acid that moisturises skin, reducing vegetables as much as possible. • Eat vegetables or fruits raw or only lightly steamed (where dryness and itching. Also strengthens appropriate) to maximise their antioxidant content. • Use the water from steaming vegetables for nails and improves hair glossiness – you making soups and gravies. • Try making liquidised soups from raw vegetables and just warming will start to notice an improvement within through before serving (e.g. gazpacho). three months. n36 F R EE PO S T A G E A N D P A C K I N G w w w . h e a l t h s p an . c o . u k 37
  6. 6. vitality specialThe evidence forantioxidantsAntioxidants can seem a confusing topic. Here,Professor Carey takes an in-depth look at howthey work and why they are good for us...By Professor Adam Carey T he price that we pay for life is are broken down to be used by the drop as we age. In addition, that our bodies slowly die. This body for energy, growth and repair. environmental factors can increase isn’t some deep philosophical But oxidation also leads to oxidation, so speeding ageing. reflection but a simple biological degeneration and ageing. During Fortunately many foods contain fact – the very processes that keep oxidation, positively and negatively antioxidants and it is easy to take inProfessor Adam us alive also generate toxic charged particles are formed, more simply by improving our diet.Carey spent 19 chemicals that can damage and known as ‘free radicals’. Within cells, free radicals break down other The ACE vitamins...years in the NHS, eventually destroy the body’s cells. Perhaps the best knownspecialising in One of the most important of chemicals such as fats and proteins. antioxidants are vitamins andnutrition. these processes is a chemical reaction involving oxygen called Repairing the damage... minerals, in particular vitamin A, This damage doesn’t go unchecked. C, and E. A group of chemicals oxidation. This is common Chemicals which have an called carotenoids – found in red, throughout nature, causing iron antioxidant effect, prevent orange and yellow vegetables and to rust, for example, or butter to oxidation or ‘mop up’ free radicals. fruit - are especially important. go rancid. In humans, oxidation Although the body produces its Flavonoids are another important is an essential part of normal own supply of antioxidants, levels group of antioxidants. Red wine is metabolism, whereby nutrients March 2011 Healthspan 27
  7. 7. Dr Sarah Brewer MEMORY IQ data in a time capsule The discovery of lost IQ data from school children in the 1930s and 1940s has provided a unique insight into the relationship between lifestyle, ageing and cognitive decline. This research is especially significant as it offers a way of comparing the early mental ability of some of the original participants with their cognitive function today, more than sixty years on. The differences in performance across the in beautiful copperplate handwriting, lay The Scottish Mental Survey tested every 11- ages confirm that, as suspected, some of mouldering in a basement, wrapped in brown year-old in Scotland, obtaining data on 89,498 the age-related inability to think straight is paper and tied with string, until rediscovered children in 1932 and 70,805 children in 1947. self-inflicted. Some researchers even believe by Lawrence Whalley, Professor of Mental The motivation at the time was a concern that that following a healthy diet and lifestyle Health, University of Aberdeen; he was acting the IQ of the nation was declining. may prevent half of all cases of dementia. on a tip from Ian Deary, Professor of This extraordinary data now provides a way The original IQ data was collected by the Differential Psychology at the University of studying the effects of aging on thought Scottish Council for Research in Education of Edinburgh, who found a lucky reference processes and understanding – something in both 1932 and 1947. The ledgers, recorded to the forgotten study in an obscure book. psychologists refer to as cognitive ability. t28 freephone 0 8 0 0 73 12 3 7 7 w w w.he a lthspa 29
  8. 8. Nurture JULY 2011A D V A N C E D S K I N N U T R I T I O N A N T I - A G E I N G S K I N C A R E Banish blemishes for flawless summer skin £2 Off * protect Have you tried our NEW *when you spend £17 range? TMFOR INNER HEALTH & OUTER BEAUTY
  9. 9. nurture skincare Welcome to your complementary issue of The “Protect today ‘Nurture’, dedicated to bringing you the latest skincare news and advice from Healthspan. Editor’s for beautiful skin tomorrow” Letter If you haven’t discovered nurture skincare before, now is the time as we’ve recently gone through a ‘make-over’ with some stylish new packaging and exciting new products! In this magazine we’re delighted to launch our newest Did you know that 90% of skin range – nurture protect. All products in this range are free ageing is the result of UV exposure? from fragrances, colours and artificial preservatives, as well as being hypoallergenic so suitable for sensitive skin. Read all about them on page 6. Introducing our NEW skin protection I also want to take this opportunity to remind you about our unique award-winning nurture solutions and expert advice overleaf... replenish range. This is the only range in the UK which helps to feed back essential levels of oestrogen which decline during and after the menopause. I hope you enjoy reading this issue and join the thousands of women who have already discovered the ‘nurture’ difference. Take advantage of our introductory offer today - spend just £10 and we’ll give you our new protect day cream FREE. Jill Chadwick P.S. Don’t forget to check out our new website 5 This month’s experts Alice Hart Davis. An award-winning beauty journalist writing for The Times, Red and The Daily Mail. She has written a book FREE called ‘Be Beautiful: every girl’s guide to 4 Incidental sun damage hair, skin and make-up’. 5 Introducing nurture protect Dr David DjerAssi. Currently the Wellness and Nutricosmetic Director for LycoRed Corp. nurture protect day 6 Skin protection solutions He has a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and an MBA in Marketing. He has been awarded a number of patents in the cream - worth £9.95 8 Feed back what time takes away Health and Beauty field and published numerous scientific papers on vitamins, 10 Head to toe solutions 8 amino acids and antioxidants. 12 Free trial offer Dr Sarah Brewer. Qualified from Cambridge University. Having worked as a GP and hospital doctor, she now specialises in nutritional medicine and is a medical consultant to Healthspan. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, therefore this magazine has been printed on paper sourced from 10 well-managed forests. Nurture is a Every effort has been made to locate the copyright holders for Registered Trademark of Healthspan the images used within this publication. However, if we have Limited. All rights reserved. missed anyone, please email: 3
  10. 10. let the sunshine in skin exposure special “New clinical Introducing Incidental evidence for sun nurture protect supplements” An innovation in skincare to help defend against the many external influences that can accelerate the ageing process of skin. Following nurture’s sun damage A WORD TO THE WISE inner health and outer beauty philosophy, the Dr David Djerassi is from LycoRed Corp, an range comprises of both nutritional supplements innovative nutricosmetics company who have and moisturisers which not only help prevent made significant investments clinically trialling premature ageing, but also contain the latest in anti-ageing active ingredients to help reverse and proving the benefits of ingestible nutrients the existing signs of damage. for use in skin supplements. The entire range: It has been well established that sun • Contains clinically proven active We all know that UV rays are damaging to the health of our exposure, imbalanced nutrition and smoking ingredients such as biomimetic tetrapeptide skin. In fact, they are the No.1 cause of premature ageing. are responsible for 90% of skin ageing. ChroNolineTM to help reduce the appearance Carotenoid and polythenol antioxidants are of fine lines and wrinkles. In this special edition we have asked two skin and beauty among the key ingredients incorporated in • Also contains natural plant extracts such as beauty supplements to boost the skin’s own edelweiss extract to help protect against free experts to share their words of wisdom about how best defence system. Lycopene is a carotenoid radical damage. to protect your skin. whose photo-protective benefits have been • Is hypoallergenic so suitable for even the demonstrated thoroughly and proven in most sensitive of skin. numerous studies. In 2009 a study over a • Is FREE from fragrance, colours and 10 week period found that a daily intake artificial preservatives. FIRST WORD of natural lycopene showed a three-fold reduction in the formation of sun burn Alice Hart Davis is an award-winning desk. Their effects might seem slight, cells compared to a placebo. beauty journalist. She tells us how it’s not but they add up over the years. just the sun worshippers that need to worry At LycoRed we have taken this one step There are no handy statistics to show further, taking our unique high strength TM about UV exposure... the effects of incidental, everyday I lycopene and combining with lutein and exposure, but if you ask a skincare rosemary extract. The results created t’s the sun-damage that you professional, they’ll tell you that it is the synergy; the formation of sunburn cells don’t even know is happening, biggest contributing factor in the was further reduced as compared to the slow, stealthy assault on your skin-ageing equation. After all, what combining science and nature using Lycopene alone. This is amongst the NEW skin that adds up over the years proportion of your time do you spend only combination of ingestible nutrients for effective anti-ageing and results in rough skin texture, basking by a pool, or playing golf in full which are proven to offer skin protective wrinkles and age spots. “Incidental” sun? It’s during the rest of your life that properties from within.” exposure to ultra-violet light is part of the damage is done. everyday life. It’s the rays that you pick But knowledge is power. Choose a up on a day-to-day basis, walking the skincare product with both UVA and dog or going to the shops. UVB protection and wear it every day, When the weather is cool or dull, the whatever the weather. For backup, ‘burning’ UVB rays aren’t a worry, but protect your skin from the inside, by the ‘ageing’ UVA rays still are. These eating colourful, antioxidant-rich foods are present in daylight all year round, and taking a high-strength antioxidant and pass through glass, so still reach beauty supplement. That way you’re you in the car, or at a window-side covered. And talking of cover, you could always add a hat...” See overleaf for details.4 5
  11. 11. this Christmas let skin sparkle 4 steps to thoroughly cleansed skin In order for your skin to sparkle this Christmas you must first cleanse and tone to remove all the debris that your skin may have picked up during the day. Here are four steps on how to achieve thoroughly cleansed skin. 1 Splash your face with warm water. This will help to open pores. 3 Remove the cleanser with warm water, a muslin cloth or cotton wool pads, 2 Place a small amount of cleanser onto your finger tips and massage gently into your face and neck in circular motions. Do making sure all traces have been removed. Splash your face with cold water. This will help to close your pores. this for around one minute. 4 Use a toner. This will help to restore replenish facial wash your skin’s normal pH level as well This luxuriously creamy foaming facial wash as refreshing the skin and help skin contains nourishing borage oil, one of nature’s to maintain elasticity. richest known sources of the essential fatty acid GLA and natural moisturising oils. It helps skin to protect gentle toner retain moisture, therefore reducing the prominence of fine lines which appear due to a lack of moisture. A gentle facial tonic with a specially formulated blend of active ingredients to help tone, refresh £6.45 75ml tube and remove the last traces of make-up. It helps to A sensitive ensure skin is not stripped of its moisture balance protect soothing cream cleanser and pro-vitamin B5 helps maintain skin elasticity. This mild tonic is especially gentle on irritable skin. A fragrance-free calming cream cleanser to remove dirt and make-up gently and thoroughly without £4.45 200ml bottle causing irritation or drying the skin. Leaves skin soul clean, soft and hydrated with pro-vitamin B5. Can be Or SAVE £1 by buying cleanser rinsed off with water or using a dry cotton wool pad. and toner together £7.90 £4.45 200ml bottle There are many different factors that women take into account when choosing a skincare product. This could, for example be the price, what the benefits are or what age range it is aimed at. F or women with sensitive skin, the the difference between an irritant and an an itch, is characteristic of an irritant effect. most important factor would be allergic reaction, so that you know what to This clears up rapidly after ceasing to use finding a product which suits their look out for once you have conducted a the product that is causing the problem. skin. This is a widespread issue, patch test. Allergic reactions are more excessive with 53% of women believing that they have ‘Irritant reactions are the most common reactions by our bodies to substances in sensitive skin. adverse reaction and should not be confused our environment that are harmless to the If you apply a skin product and you feel with allergic reactions. An irritant type of majority. A person who is allergic to a that you have had a reaction, there is no reaction occurs rapidly following the use of substance may be sensitised to it for the initial cause for alarm. The CTPA (Cosmetic, a product and does not involve the immune rest of their life yet most people would never Toiletry and Perfumery Association) explain system. Redness of the skin, sometimes with become allergic to that same substance.’2 freephone orderline 0800 072 9510 3