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  • As I have written in my blog, a wonderful childhood established my pedagogy for parenting and teaching. My parents were wonderful teachers and I have endless memories of growing up here, along with three brothers and three sisters. I’ll probably add a hotspot with photos of them, and share a couple stories about how my parents encouraged active learning. I’ll include a link to a site on active learning here.
  • I will add hotspots to each of the kids, highlighting a moment for each of them that resulted from hours of training. I was their teacher for eight years, so I get to share some of the glory!
  • My interest in communicating through art as well as writing, makes me intrigued by sites like “Cognitive Comics.” My artistic talents have been employed in every job I’ve ever had, from farm work as a teenager to waitressing, the Peace Corps, teaching, and now instructional design. I think it’s a huge opportunity for learners that has barely been tapped.
  • I have these slides lined up just right so that if you click on the top photo of my husband as a third grader and then move the transparency slide slowly from 0% to 100%, he morphs into my daughter as a third grader. I will probably discuss how each of these wonderful people has influenced me to be better at whatever I endeavor.
  • My husband, son and daughter (they have their backs to the viewer) are strolling through a Mexican market. I have done a fair amount of traveling – mostly before I had children, but obviously since then as well. The kids and I will be traveling to Lima, Peru this summer to work in an orphanage there. Gaining a firsthand understanding of other cultures has had an enormous impact on my life.
  • I am in my fifties and I plan to spend my life. All of it. Have nothing left over when I go. I want to spend it well.
  • Don’t give up.
  • My mom still knows how to slow us down and take time to reflect and dream.
  • Edtc6320 ssanchez project3

    1. 1. By Sarah Sanchez
    2. 2. My parents bought a farm to raise kids
    3. 3. My three children and Darcy
    4. 4. More art in everything!
    5. 7. Spend your life.
    6. 9. A Dreaming Place
    7. 10. <ul><li>All artwork used in this presentation was created by Sally Sanchez </li></ul>