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Online Social Networking


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This was an office presentation that I gave on April 14th, 2009 to my colleagues regarding social networking and how to use it for business.

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Online Social Networking

  1. 1. Social Networking Online By Sarah Taylor
  2. 2. Today’s Tour The Basics of a Network and Profile  What To Do When You Get There  Suggested Networks To Join  Networking To Build Business 
  3. 3. Why Network Online? It’s the virtual online equivalent of • Paper advertising • Yard signs • Open Houses And it’s FREE and available 24/7
  4. 4. Social Friendly Relationships and Companionship Network Connection, Distribution, Cultivation, Assoc iation Online Managed, Operated, and Maintained on the Internet
  5. 5. What Are Your Intentions? Business Pleasure Learn how to be balanced
  6. 6. Disclaimer Social Networking takes Time and Experience In order to reap the full rewards you must stay Committed and Educated
  7. 7. The Basics of NETWORKS & PROFILES
  8. 8. Networks Profiles A website to join and interact with An online representation of other members. what you’re like in the “Real World” May have a specific theme or be open to anything. User Generated Content Avatar  Groups  Profile Data  Events  “About Me” Section  Q+A  Photos  Forums /  Status Updates  Discussions Other Networks  Polls 
  9. 9. Get Branded (Stay Branded) The ABC’s of Consistency: •Avatar •Blurb “About Me” •Content My Personal Avatar
  10. 10. Consistent Updates My Personal Avatar My Signatur e “Blurb”
  11. 11. USEFUL TIPS Don’t be a salesperson  ◦ Instead, be seen as a Resource ◦ Show Your Personality Set a time limit or specific day to network  ◦ Examples: Mondays  Linked In Mornings  Facebook Watch the pros to learn how they do it 
  12. 12. When You Get There WHAT TO DO?
  13. 13. JOIN A GROUP How to Interact Find Your Niche  ◦ Dog-Lovers ◦ Knitting ◦ Realtors Contribute  ◦ Ask + Answer Questions ◦ Join in on Discussions and Conversations
  14. 14. BLOGS / POSTS / ARTICLES How to Interact Show You’re The Expert  ◦ Blog or Post about  Commonly Asked Questions  Market Conditions  Success Stories of Clients Finding Good Deals Don’t Rant; keep your cool   Have fun – it doesn’t always have to be business
  15. 15. PICTURES How to Interact Show off the market  ◦ Community Events ◦ Property Listings Connect on a personal level  ◦ Pets, Hobbies, Vacations Tag your photos  ◦ The two concepts: Tagging People / Tagging Categories* *Helps with Search Engine Rankings
  17. 17. Facebook Personal and Business Stay in touch with friends, relatives, and business associate Utilize • Status Updates • Photo Albums • Event Calendar • Birthday Reminders • Notes • Groups • Other “Apps” for fun
  18. 18. Active Rain Real Estate Network • Read Blogs on EVERY topic • Learn from Professionals around the nation • Post your articles locally • Show off your listings • Connect with other Realtors
  19. 19. Linked In Professional Network Your online resume Show off your • Current employment • Education and Awards • Skills and Achievements • Testimonials Interact with Business Groups Make contacts with other professionals
  20. 20. Networking to BUILD BUSINESS
  21. 21. Networking For Business Call to action Sticky Easy to Factor Contact Your Website Follow Traffic Up
  22. 22. Do’s and Don’t for Business Don’t create a profile and Do maintain your profile   abandon it ◦ Keep track of where you Don’t be all business all the are online and keep it  updated time Do give your readers a way  Don’t friend request  back to your website someone you don’t know Do give useful business  without telling them why tips and updates on occasion
  23. 23. A Demonstration of the POSSIBILITIES
  24. 24. Networks • Blog Feeds • Creating • Status • Twitter Permanent Followers Updates Feeds • Articles RSS Subscription
  25. 25. Twitter-ing About My Day
  26. 26. Facebook Status Update from Twitter
  27. 27. Writing a New Blog Post
  28. 28. My “Feed” Distributed Online
  29. 29. Q+A