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The Revolutions


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The Revolutions

  1. 1. The By Sarah McGibbonDefinition: A forced over throw of a government or monarch
  2. 2. Magna CartaWhat country was it written for? EnglandWhen was it written? 1215What did it do to the power of Monarchs? Limitedtheir powerHow was is a form of “Rule of Law”? It took power fromkings and gave more power to the people because thekings could no longer collect taxes
  3. 3. Glorious RevolutionWhere did it take place? EnglandWho took over as King of thiscountry? William of Orange andMary, his wifeWhat document changed thepower of Kings forever and was aresult of this Revolution? EnglishBill of rights
  4. 4. The English Bill of RightsWhen was it written? 1689In two sentences, explain what it did: It limited a Kingspower and made it so that they can’t randomly levy taxeswithout permission. It also made most countries over-turn the power of monarchs and give more power to thepeople.
  5. 5. The EnlightenmentIn two sentences, explain what The Enlightenment was.It was in the 18th century, when they decided to startchallenging the way everyone was thinking. As far aspolitics, religion, culture, etc.
  6. 6. Charles-Louis MontesquieuWhere is he from? Near Bordeaux, FranceWhat is he most famous for? He wrote the theory ofseparation of power
  7. 7. John LockeWhere was he from? Wrington, EnglandLifespan? 1632-1704 72 yearsWhat are natural rights? Naturalrights are rights of anything thatexist outside of artificial legalcontrivances.
  8. 8. Jean Jacques RousseauWhere was he born? GenevaLifespan: (1712-1778)What is Social Contract? An intellectual device intended to explain the appropriaterelationship between individuals and their governments. Social contract argumentsassert that individuals unite into political societies by a process of mutual consent,agreeing to abide by common rules and accept corresponding duties to protectthemselves and one another from violence and other kinds of harm.
  9. 9. Thomas JeffersonWhere was he from? Albemarle County, VirginiaWhat is he most famous for writing? He was famous forwriting the first draft of the Declaration of Independence.Why did he switch the words from "property" to "thepursuit of happiness"? He thought that that was themore appropriate