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Animal ppt sarah burress


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Animal ppt sarah burress

  1. 1. PIGS!!By Sarah BurressPeriod 3
  2. 2. Links Scientific Name Range Diet Physical Description Breeding Information Special Behavior and Unique Anatomy Fun Facts Conclusion
  3. 3. Scientific Name The pig’s scientific name is Sus scrofa domestica.
  4. 4. Range Some live in a barn with dirt and hay. Some live in forests or woodland.
  5. 5. Diet Pigs mainly eat: Leaves Flowers Grass Roots fruits
  6. 6. Physical Description Size: 50-120 cm Weight: 66-770 lbs Lifespan: 8-15 years All different colors (depending on the breed)
  7. 7. Breeding Information Typical litter: 6-12 piglets Need to be kept at 30 degrees Huddle together to keep warm
  8. 8. Special Behavior or UniqueAnatomy Unusual body part: the snout and curly tail Special behavior: digs to keep cool
  9. 9. Fun Facts Don’t have sweat glands Over 2 billion around the world Up to 100 lbs. called pigs 100+lbs they are called hogs