Teaching to teach: A regional collaboration for library instruction training


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This session will describe a successful program that aims to fill the gap in pedagogical training that exists between library education and professional expectations. A model for a formal, grassroots instruction training program built upon a regional collaboration will be presented. Through facilitated discussion, participants will identify their own needs for library instruction training and the local strengths and talent that can contribute to a successful collaboration. They will leave this session with the confidence to initiate similar efforts at a scale that makes sense for their professional community.

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Teaching to teach: A regional collaboration for library instruction training

  1. 1. Teaching to teach A regional collaboration for library instruction training Lindsay Marlow University of South Dakota Lindsay.Marlow@usd.edu SarahYoung Cornell University sy493@cornell.edu
  2. 2. Scavenger Hunt! 1. A wooden pencil 2. An Apple device of any type 3. A reusable water bottle 4. A photo you have taken outside of the USA 5. Non-US currency 6. A non-fiction book 7. A new business card 8. The names of the final members of Nirvana
  3. 3. Today’s presentation Describing a model for a successful library instruction training program An opportunity to reflect on how this might look in your local environment
  4. 4. Library Instruction ACademy Leadership
  5. 5. Library Instruction ACademy Leadership
  6. 6. Chapter 1How LILAC came to be
  7. 7. Filling the training gap Julien, H. (2005). Education for information literacy instruction: A global perspective. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 46(3), 210-216.
  8. 8. Describes the role of information literacy in academia Designs effective assessments Presents instructional content in diverse ways Designs appropriate instruction Creates a learner- centered environment % who acquired it in library school % who feel it should be learned in library school 6.3 5.7 10.1 3.1 18.2 62.7 63.3 66 74.2 71.7 Source: Westbrock,T. and Fabian, S. 2010. College & Research Libraries, 71(6): 569-590 Attainment vs. Need
  9. 9. Kim Davies-Hoffman Coordinator of Instruction and Reference Services Milne Library, SUNY-Geneseo Michelle Costello Educational and Instructional Design Milne Library, SUNY-Geneseo
  10. 10. January 2009 June 2009 January-May 2010 January-May 2013 TeachingTips from the Trenches SUNY-LA Workshop Planning…..
  11. 11. Participants from a wide range of libraries and backgrounds
  12. 12. Drawing on the network of regional talent
  13. 13. Funding a library instruction program
  14. 14. Who are your stakeholders? What are the training gaps for the librarians in your region? What might the geographic scope be for a similar program in your region? Who are the potential collaborators in your region, both in libraries and outside of libraries? Think
  15. 15. Chapter 2 How LILAC works
  16. 16. Consider the timing of your training program
  17. 17. Workshops Observations PresentationsMoodle Assignments Implementing the curriculum
  18. 18. Assess- ment Teacher as Performer Classroom Management Technology Collaboration Understanding Users PedagogicalTheory
  19. 19. The role of classroom observations
  20. 20. Dealing with logistical challenges
  21. 21. Think Consider the logistics of a similar program in your region. Are your stakeholders near or far? Would distance learning work? Would the key components of your program be similar or different than LILAC? Would your program span all library types or focus on one? Consider timing. Would your program occur over a semester or would it be a three-day immersion?
  22. 22. Epilogue Back into the classroom
  23. 23. Thank you!
  24. 24. References Davies-Hoffman, K., et al. (2013). Keeping pace with information literacy instruction for the real world:When will MLS programs wake up and smell the LILACs? Communications in Information Literacy, 7(1), 9-23. Julien, H. (2005). Education for information literacy instruction: A global perspective. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 46(3), 210-216. Westbrock, T. and Fabian, S. 2010. Proficiencies for instruction librarians: Is there still a disconnect between professional education and professional responsibilities? College & Research Libraries 71(6), 569-590.
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