The good, the bad and the ugly of lead generation


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The good, the bad and the ugly of lead generation

  1. 1. The good, the bad and the ugly of lead generation08.30am Registration & refreshments09.00am Welcome from chair Rob Manning, Managing director, Jacob bailey09.05am The wild, wild west of old Peter Gowrie-Smith, Founder & Managing director, Magnetise Group09.35am Best practice lead generation Julian Barkes, Head of marketing and partnerships, Dianomi10.05am Challenges ahead Justin Thomas, Founder, TTH Media10.35am Panel discussion Richard Ayerst, Head of digital marketing, Dennis Publishing Rob Manning, Managing director, Jacob Bailey Peter Gowrie-Smith, Managing Director & founder, Magnetise Group Julian Barkes, Head of marketing & partnerships, Dianomi Justin Thomas, Founder, TTH Media11.00am Closing comments from chair #dmaleadgen
  2. 2. WelcomeRob Manning, Managing Director, Jacob Bailey #dmaleadgen
  3. 3. The wild, wild west of oldPeter Gowrie-Smith, Founder & Managing Director, MagnetiseGroup #dmaleadgen
  4. 4. Lead Generation is everywhere,just not how you remember it Peter Gowrie-Smith General Enquiries Managing Director email: post: 5-8 The Sanctuary, London SW1P 3JS T: 020 7078 8298 T: 020 7078 8298 F: 020 7504 8560
  5. 5. Who We Are Marketing technology company delivering solutions for the creation and management of advertising, marketing and lead generation campaigns. tbc Portfolio of bespoke, highly scalable performance Lead management and analytics consultancy advertising and engagement solutions. and technology for multi-channel campaigns.
  6. 6. The Pillars of Classical Lead Gen
  7. 7. The Old GenerationLead Generation has been held back because•A lack of channels meant it was…
  8. 8. The Old Generation
  9. 9. The Old GenerationLead Generation has been held back because•A lack of channels meant it was marginalised•And a lack of quality control meant people worriedabout…
  10. 10. The Old Generation
  11. 11. The Old GenerationA lack of channels meant it was marginalised.And a lack of quality control meant people worriedabout spam.But the times they are-a-changin…
  12. 12. Brave New World
  13. 13. Old goals Find ways to reach your audience Get them opt in to contact Collect consumer data Build relationships to convert to salesSo what’s changed?
  14. 14. Same Same, But Different….
  15. 15. OMG… it’s OLG!• Social Media for advertisers is lead generation gone large57% of small business owners think lead generation is the main benefit of social media (Ad-ology)• Facebook is the world’s biggest co-reg platform67% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Facebook (Hubspot)• A Twitter ‘follower’ is a next-gen lead 43% users said ‘exclusive offers’ are the main reason to follow a brand on Twitter (RazorFish)• Even Groupon customers are essentially prospects until they reconvert
  16. 16. Lead Gen Across Media ChannelsDisplay Search / Text links Video Social Editorial
  17. 17. Lead Gen in Display
  18. 18. Lead Gen in Search/Text Links
  19. 19. Lead Gen in Video
  20. 20. Lead Gen in Social
  21. 21. Lead Gen in Editorial
  22. 22. Lead Gen Is Everywhere
  23. 23. Questions You Might Be Asking• Is this right for me?• How do we roll it into our existing plan?• How can we find the budget for it?• Is it viable and scalable?
  24. 24. Digital Marketing Today
  25. 25. The Evolution of Price The Billion-Dollar Challenge: Monetizing the Digital Opportunity
  26. 26. Budgets for Lead Gen Affiliate Social Email Display DR Search
  27. 27. The Opportunity of DataMcKinsey: Five ways to leverage big data• Make it more accessible and timely• Experiment to improve performance• Segment populations to customise• Use algorithms to replace and support human decision making• Innovate with new business models, products and services
  28. 28. The Burden of Data• Capture• Validation• Segmentation• Pricing• Storage• Routing• Scoring• Activation
  29. 29. Slotting PRM into CRMSimilar goals yet very different practices•Golden rules of PRM • Only collect what you need • Staged conversion – NOT spam! • Incentivise where possible • Optimisation • Automate and consolidate • Timely nurturing • Testing • Customisation & relevance
  30. 30. Publisher OLG revenue is increasingEconsultancy Online Lead Generation (B2C) Report 2010
  31. 31. Some Lead Gen Publishers
  32. 32. Advertiser OLG budgets are increasing• 65% of companies said their OLG budgets have risen this year compared to 59% last year.• 33%+ are now spending £100,000+ p.a. on OLG up from 21%.• 86% expect OLG to become “more important” over the next 12 months. None say it will become “less important”. Econsultancy Online Lead Generation (B2C) Report 2010
  33. 33. Some Lead Gen Brands
  34. 34. The Lead Gen Opportunity• Is this right for me?• How do we roll it into our existing plan?• How can we find the budget for it?• Is it viable and scalable?
  35. 35. Thank you.Any questions?Peter Gowrie-Smith General EnquiriesManaging Director email: post: 5-8 The Sanctuary, London SW1P T: 020 7078 8298T: 020 7078 8298 F: 020 7504 8560 5-8 The Sanctuary . London SW1P 3JS . T +44 (0)20 7078 8298 . F +44 (0)20 7504 8560 .
  36. 36. Best practice lead generationJulian Barkes, Head of marketing & partnerships, DianomiFor Julian’s presentation please follow this link #dmaleadgen
  37. 37. Challenges aheadJustin Thomas, Founder of TTH Media #dmaleadgen
  38. 38. Full service performance marketing
  39. 39. Hello! Founder and MD of TTH (Ten Thousand Hours) Full service performance marketing specialists One of fastest growing online agencies in the UK 100% organic growth – testimony to growth of channel Current Chair of the IAB Lead Generation Council Council has been in place for nearly 4 years Driving industry best practice and regulation Research (PWC Adspend) Events (Training)
  40. 40. OLG – A SnapshotLead : a piece of information about a consumer who has stated they are interested in a product or service and given theirexpress consent to be contacted about that product or service (without an associated sale value) One of fastest growing online channels: Growth of 20% according to PWC/IAB ad spend survey 2010-2011 Up to £51 million from £41 million Principle buying model is CPL Leads can be generated (and converted) through a variety of channels: Email Display Search Mobile Affiliate Increasingly diverse -used in different ways by advertisers across broad range of verticals
  41. 41. Voyage Prive • Vertical: Travel •Type: Subscriber generation • CTA: Save up to 70% • Conversion: Email subscription (2/week) • Measurement: •Short term – Engagement •Mid-term – ROI (bookings) • Channels: Email, affiliate, display • Member get member: Social posting (FB)
  42. 42. Oxfam • Vertical: Charity •Type: Content • CTA: Free dinner party kit • Conversion: Telemarketing • Measurement: •Short term – Cost per donor • Channels: Email, affiliate, social (viral)
  43. 43. Dennis Publishing • Vertical: Pubishing •Type: Sampling • CTA: Free issue • Conversion: Telemarketing • Measurement: CPA • Channels: Email, affiliate, display, social
  44. 44. Riverford Organic • Vertical: Groceries • Type: Incentive • CTA: Free cookbook • Conversion: Telemarketing • Measurement: CPA • Channels: Email, affiliate, display
  45. 45. OLG – The Challenges Ahead
  46. 46. Regulation - GovernmentThe government has a vision of a huge digital economy powering growthEC Cookie Directive – regulates the use of personal data stored on computersICO has provided guidance: Implied consent is acceptable Cannot be hidden in T’s and C’sIt’s all about transparency: Responders need to be aware of how their personal data will be used If landing page is part of an advertiser site then they should be made aware of use of cookies across the site at entry point
  47. 47. Regulation – Media and IndustryIncreasing focus of media on ‘big business’ practice Several recent articles on marketing practice Focus is often on most innovative channelsIndustry trade bodies like the DMA and IAB will play huge role in managing public perceptionFormation of IAB PR response framework groupIndustry self-regulation: Importance of best practice guidelines Encouraging innovation
  48. 48. Performance Vs Fixed Fee
  49. 49. Maximising CPLCPL relies on inventory being available on a performance basis or working back todesired publisher KPI: E-CPC (lead revenue/number of clicks) E- CPM (lead revenue/number of impressions)Advertisers often ignore basic marketing principles (‘the ice cream van effect’)
  50. 50. Maximising Opportunity Response variables Conversion variables (PRM) Creative Channels (email vs tm) Call to action Process Offer (sign-up) Contact speed Landing page Offer (up-sell) Response optimisation will maximise leads for publishers E-CPC E-CPM Good conversion will maximise ROI for advertisers ROI CPA
  51. 51. Batch Vs Livefeed •Same sources •Same lead volumes •Only variable is live feed!!
  52. 52. Technology – Powering Response Essentials •Live reporting •Variable pricing •Data feeds KPI Data •Validation •Clicks •Triggered emails •Leads •De-duplication •CCR •Acquisition uploads •Acquisitions •Security •CPA •Revenue •ROI
  53. 53. The Social Lead ConundrumHuge growth - Facebook, Twitter, PinterestHow do these channels work in context of lead generation? Response drivers or response amplifiers? Is a ‘like’ a lead? Is a ‘follower’ a lead? Principle of a leadUser generated content Can create huge uplift Can reduce quality How do marketers manage impact of social media on campaigns?
  54. 54. The Road Ahead“You need to know where you have come from to know where you are going!” Direct marketing principles must be applied to lead generation Clear idea of objectives Measurement of KPIs Test and adjust! Holistic approach - ePRM Technology must play a role: Improving response Maximising conversion Real-time measurement
  55. 55. Dennis Publishing Case studyRichard Ayerst, Head of digital marketing, Dennis Publishing #dmaleadgen
  56. 56. Dennis and Online Lead GenerationAcquiring a new audience of potential subscribers
  57. 57. What does online lead generation mean for Dennis?• As with a lot of marketing terminology, “online lead generation” sounds grander than it actually is.• Put simply, online lead generation is about generating requests for free issues of our magazines. The aim is to up-sell these requests to paid subscriptions.• This is a tried and tested promotion in the ‘offline’ subs world. OLG takes this a stage further with added wizardry available to online marketers.
  58. 58. How are leads generated?
  59. 59. How does it all work?Step 1: Promote your free issue Consumer Consumer visits promotion Direct marketing efforts to push landing page/ad etc requests for free issues Free issue request page/ad
  60. 60. Consumer Free issue request page Step 2: Process and validate the data A free issue is requested by the Rejected leads are returned consumer. The company privacy notice is to the supplier accepted and the data now belongs to Dennis. Existing subs file Lead database Leads are checked against existing subscribers and any duplicates areLeads can be rejected for the following reasons: rejected•Existing customer•Duplicate lead (i.e. the same lead is provided by different suppliers)•Email address/phone number is badly formatted or bounces•The postal address (where provided) does not exist
  61. 61. The data is now validated. Next up…the selling Consumer Free issue request page Lead database Existing subs file Step 3: Contact the consumer Accepted leads are fed live into the call centre. This whole process takes only a couple of seconds. Telemarketing Email Campaign If the consumer can not be This means the consumer contacted by the call centre, an could be called within Consumer email is sent instead. seconds of their request• The sales team will attempt to up-sell the user to a trial subscription• Free issue recipients receive further up-sell efforts including emails and further telemarketing
  62. 62. Step 4: Record and analyse the results Consumer Free issue request page • Call and email outcomes are fed live back into the lead databaseExisting subs file Lead database • Results can then be analysed by source • This information is used to optimise campaigns Email Campaign Telemarketing Consumer
  63. 63. ResultsSo far in 2012:• 80,000 free issue requests• Generating 6,500 subscriptions on the first up-sell attempt• An estimated 2,000 more to come by nurturing the free issue recipients intosubscribers.And to put that into context:• That’s at least 25% of all online acquisitions for Dennis as a whole• For some brands, OLG is our biggest online acquisition method (50%+)• For The Week, 97% of subscriptions were from new contacts – we’re reaching anew audience
  64. 64. The futureIt’s so far so good for Dennis and OLG:PPA Customer Direct Awards 2010 – Best use of TelemarketingPPA Customer Direct Awards 2011 – Best use of DataNew Media Age Awards 2011 – Best Media CampaignBut we can do more:• We’re reliant on telemarketing to convert leads and that can get expensive• Can we better target our promotions to cut down on waste?• Can we better nurture our leads after they’ve taken a free issue?• Will this work for digital subscriptions – iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire etc?• We need to move beyond seeing OLG as a channel and think about how wecan integrate it into everything we do
  65. 65. A sneak preview…• A little glimpse into our next OLG related project…
  66. 66. Thank you!
  67. 67. Panel DiscussionRichard Ayerst, Head of digital marketing, Dennis publishingRob Manning, Managing director, Jacob BaileyPeter Gowrie-Smith, Managing director & founder, MagnetisegroupJulian Barkes, head of marketing & partnerships, DianomiJustin Thomas, Founder, TTH Media #dmaleadgen
  68. 68. Closing remarks #dmaleadgen