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Rapp - DMA Scotland Mobile Event


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Rapp - DMA Scotland Mobile Event

  1. 1. Russell MarshGroup Strategy Director at RAPPGlobal Head of
  2. 2. Smartphones are now the main computing platform 2x those of PCs in 2012Galaxy SIIIDisplay - 720x1280 pixelsMemory - 64 Giga BytesConnection - WiFi / 3G / 2G / Blue Tooth / NFC / USBProcessor - Quad Core 1.4 Ghz
  3. 3. Its a is a platform with multiple usesDevice Search Web Apps Display Video Emails Social VoicePCTabletMobilePhoneTV The device difference is context Understand the Context
  4. 4. A couple of things that makes something mobile1. Its small enough to carry with me anywhere2. It can connect to a networkThe ability to connect while with me is what makes “Mobile” specialIts all about immediacy
  5. 5. There are 5.9 billion active mobile subscriptions in the world (There are about 7 billion people)Source: ITU Informa WCIS December 2012
  6. 6. The Mobile Economy 2013-2017 is expected to contribute 10.5 Trillion to the global GDP
  7. 7. Naveed SultanGlobal Head of Treasury andTrade – Citi Bank “41 billion dollars have been moved through the CFO 2click app”. A device set up for CFOs to manage their business and do one click money transfers
  8. 8. Vittorio ColaoGlobal CEO - Vodafone “Mobile NFC will be launched in 5 markets before the summer 2013” The beginning of M-Commerce
  9. 9. Michael Menis “$40 million a month in mobileIHG head of mobile revenue 30% of our web activity is via mobile We are expecting mobile web revenue will overtake our traditional web in the next few years”
  10. 10. Rene ObermannCEO - Deutsche Telekom “Average mobile broadband usage 2012 1.7 gig per month per person An increase of 160x 70% year on year growth of mobile data traffic”
  11. 11. Steve Girsky “4G LTE networks will be built intoVice Chairman – General Motors millions of our cars starting 2013 across Europe and the USA”
  12. 12. There are 7 billion people in the worldSource - United Nations Data November 2012
  13. 13. Only 2 Billion Are connected to the internet at the moment!Source - United Nations Data November 2012
  14. 14. Michael MenisIHG head of mobile “Its taken 22 years for the first 2 billion people to get there The next 2 billion will bypass fixed lines and connect straight to 4G in the next 5 years”
  15. 15. There will be over 10 billion mobile-connected devices by 2017 generating 13 times more data We are hereSource – Cisco VNI Mobile Forecast 2013
  16. 16. PCTabletMobileIPTV
  17. 17. What are some of our clients doing?
  18. 18. • How do we support mum• Build a closer relationship to the brand• Justify our premium pricing
  19. 19. Mums can search by an address orpostcode, or click their current location.They can choose to search for areassuitable for: • Changing, • Playing or • Feeding
  20. 20. The results can be displayed in 3 different views:• Street view (augmented reality)• Map view• List view
  21. 21. When you click on a place itbrings up a detailed view, whichshows the name of the place,address and phone number.You can also select a place as a„favourite‟ by clicking on theheart in the top right handcorner. This means it willappear on your favourites page.
  22. 22. You also have the options to: • Add your own location • Share the location via Facebook, Twitter and SMS. • Add a personal review for other Mums to see.
  23. 23. Acton Library “Good childrens library, play room and free story-telling sessions.”Heaven Nutfield “Theres a playroom, coffee shop and pampering rooms. Great place to go with friends and children.“John Lewis “These facilities are fantastic! Great area for feeding, lots of spaces for baby change and very clean compared to other changing facilities in Bluewater: - ).”
  24. 24. Brand engagementProvides mums with the ability to look upsafe places to• Feed• Play• Change
  25. 25. Mobile DM Leaflet Window dispenser decal Website email
  26. 26. • Dynamic targeting algorithm selects content layouts and offers• Mobile location based offers based on individual profile Web Email Mobile Assets A connected user experience irrespective of channel Digital Print
  27. 27. • Posters Connecting objects and content to technology • Provides additional interaction moments• Direct Mail • Greater engagement• Physical Objects • Personalised information• Offers on products in-store • Ties together online and offline media• … • The ability to pay via your mobile phone
  28. 28. Launch of a new product - How do you encourage men to try a new drink they would not normally think to order?We have to get trial and people talking about it.Built on RAPP‟s proprietary Mobile platform - Not an APPLaunched via- Email- SMS- Geographically targeted Facebook messages- O2 Ring Fence around Revolution Bars in London Targeting - 150,000 18 – 24 year old males
  29. 29. Social and Brand Targeting Age Gate and CRM data Capture
  30. 30. The voucher was designed to encourage immediacy by activating a countdownmechanic.This showed the time left to redeem using gaming mechanics to encourage take up.
  31. 31. Location Based Look Up
  32. 32. • Real time proximity• Real time location look up• Geo-Targeted push and in-bar pull• Time based expiration on voucher – immediacy
  33. 33. Native Apps + Web Back End
  34. 34. Field Notes is a tool we use to do primary user research tounderstand consumer behaviour right where it happens.• Video Capture• Photographs• TextAll time and location stamped.RAPP have their own panel in the UK that we use to understandconsumer behavior
  35. 35. What does the future hold?
  36. 36.
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  39. 39. Try it Text This to This Link to You Tube RAPP Info 64546 Call Us or We Call YouLocation Detection Link in to Google Maps
  40. 40. 1. Mobile is uniquely “yours” so the experience should be about you2. Think about the connected journey not the channel3. Location is a key component to mobile so build in that value