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Mobile Messaging is key to every brand’s CRM activity

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Welcome to Mobile Customer Experience

  1. 1. Welcome to Mobile Customer Experience Mobile Messaging is key to every brand’s CRM activity Jason Palgrave-Jones Client Services & Business Development Director
  2. 2. In the next 20 minutes we’ll cover: Today’s agenda • A little bit about us • Who we work with • ‘The Mobile Customer Experience Report’ Insight from our new White Book • Applying CRM to messaging • Building your mobile engagement model ‘Messenger’ platform overview
  3. 3. UK's leading business SMS service provider. Deliver your news, alerts, confirmations & offers easily. Award-winning platform Messenger and expert support. About us All your mobile news, & discussions on LinkedIn Messenger and your marketing mix • Send & receive SMS • Connect CRM systems via our API • Short codes and keywords • Attachments – Video, image, PDF, PPT, xls • Mobile web pages & sites • Vouchers & ticketing • Surveys & Data capture forms Easily get started with our Wizard • Price promise = best value every time • Free account management • Round the clock support • No contracts and no software to download
  4. 4. Textlocal.comTextlocal.comTextlocal.com
  5. 5. The UK has spoken Using mobile effectively in today’s multi-channel marketing world. The first meaningful regionally representative report on Mobile CRM in the UK. Interviewed hundreds of businesses and thousands of consumers across the UK in March 2013 on their views about mobile marketing and mobile customer experience.
  6. 6. The Mobile Market By 2015, iPhone users will increase to 12.5 million, while the total number of Android users will leap to 37.9 million. That means almost 60% of the total UK smartphone market will be made up of these two operating systems. So 2015 represents another opportunity. But don’t neglect the 26 million Feature-phone market.
  7. 7. Opt-in universe 85 million active UK mobile subscriptions. There are near 28 million opt-in’s climbing to 35.3 million by 2015. SMS is best What better sure-fire way to reach them given type of handset. 99.9% of all messages read, with 95% read within 3 minutes.
  8. 8. Mobile device use Our consumer research of over 2,000 users cited SMS as primary use above anything else. Incredibly, that’s nearly twice that of Email, Apps and Social. SMS Messaging is the standout service for UK mobile users. • 98% of 18-24 year olds • 93% of 25-34 year olds • 96% of 35-44 year olds • Grey market tipped as improving trend
  9. 9. Trusted businesses The most trusted businesses to send mobile users communications are those based in the Health sector, such as doctors and dentists, attracting 29% of respondents. This was followed by a number of sectors all appealing to 14% of respondents: Restaurants, Bars & Clubs, Finance & Insurance, and Utilities. Then Travel and Retail.
  10. 10. Most useful messages from businesses 1. Appointment reminders 2. Order confirmations 3. Offers/Discounts/Promotions 4. Delivery/Service call confirmation ‘In-App’ offers, discounts, promotions and alerts are not well received and can be perceived as invasive.
  11. 11. What the businesses say
  12. 12. Effective Contribution Understand your customers’ preferences & mobile touch points. You’ll save money & improve effectiveness.
  13. 13. Frequency of sends for businesses Consumers will accept more communications but alarmingly 36% don’t send a thing. Only 16% of businesses have age, gender, location and preferences. Only 6% integrate with a CRM platform. Our platform Messenger can integrate all of your segments and/or classification groups.
  14. 14. 13 Sectors, Campaign tips and much, much more…
  15. 15. Text: DMA To: 66777
  16. 16. Thank you… Jason Palgrave-Jones Client Services & Business Development Director Email: Jason.Palgrave-Jones@Textlocal.com Office: 0845 009 3188 Mobile: 07919 884 807 uk.linkedin.com/in/jasonpalgravejones
  17. 17. This report uncovers the changing needs and uses of mobile marketing for SME's across various business sectors and regions. Text REPORT followed by your email address to 60777 Inside Mobile – The Basics Inside Mobile – The Numbers If you are unsure of where to begin, we have it covered here. Text BASIC followed by your email address to 60777 Really enter the world of mobile and discover who else is using mobile, our top tips and industry insight. Text INSIGHT followed by your email address to 60777 It's all about the numbers in mobile marketing. Prepare to be impressed with how they stack up. Text NUMBERS followed by your email address to 60777 Download our brochure to get a taster of what mobile marketing can do for your business. Text BROCHURE followed by your email address to 60777 The Textlocal Whitepaper Our White Paper disproves some of the common myths about mobile messaging. Text WHITEPAPER followed by your email address to 60777 Great British Mobile Marketing Report Inside Mobile – The Insight Textlocal Brochure