Everybody's talkin': what consumers are saying about your mobile CRM and customer loyalty programmes


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The DMA Mobile and Connected Council Research Hub will present new insights into the role of mobile in customer loyalty and CRM programmes. Our expert panel will share their own experiences and best practices to ensure you leave with clear, actionable ideas to improve your brand-customer relationships.

Our industry speakers include:

Barclaycard - Using mobile in consumer relationships
Martin Miller, Head of Product and Innovation (Mobile)

Textlocal - Using mobile to develop B2B relationships
Jason Palgrave-Jones, Business Development & Client Services Director

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Everybody's talkin': what consumers are saying about your mobile CRM and customer loyalty programmes

  1. 1. Data protection 2013 Friday 8 February #dmadata Supported by Everybody's talkin': what consumers are saying about your mobile CRM and customer loyalty programmes Wednesday 31 July 2013, Karmarama #dmamobile Sponsored by
  2. 2. Agenda 8.30am Registration and breakfast 9.00am Welcome from the Chair Mark Brill, Chair, DMA Mobile & Connected Council, Lead Partner in Strategy and Innovation, Brand Emotivity 9.10am DMA Research & Insight - CRM & Loyalty Jo Garcia, Vice Chair, DMA Mobile & Connected Council, Business Development Director, ICLP 9.30am Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Jason Palgrave-Jones, Business Development & Client Services Director, Text Local 9.50am Building a mobile centric brand Martin Miller, Head of Product and Innovation (Mobile), Barclaycard 10.10am Mobile workshop 11.05am End Sponsored by
  3. 3. Welcome for the chair Mark Brill, Chair DMA mobile & connected council, Lead partner in strategy and innovation, Brand Emotivity @marktxt4ever mark.brill@brandemotivity.com Sponsored by
  4. 4. Hello! We are the DMA Mobile and Connected Marketing Council
  5. 5. During this presentation, out of respect for other members of the audience, please make sure your phones or tablets are switched ON and that you Tweet, Instragram or Vine to the following hashtag. #dmamobile
  6. 6. Your experience? An example of a brand experience on mobile? Was it good or bad?
  7. 7. Mobile connects
  8. 8. 80% of UK smartphone owners use the device in conjunction with other media http://services.google.com/fh/files/blogs/uk_infographic.pdf
  9. 9. 10% of media time is spent in mobile devices 7%of media time is spent in print
  10. 10. There are many options
  11. 11. But …
  12. 12. 63% of top 100 brands are not optimised for mobile http://www.iabuk.net/about/press/archive/nearly-40-of-top-100-brands-have-a-mobile-optimised-website
  13. 13. A problem?
  14. 14. How can we understand our users?
  15. 15. DMA research & insight – CRM & Loyalty Jo Garcia, Vice Chair, DMA mobile & connected council, Business Development Director, ICLP Sponsored by
  16. 16. Date : 31st July 2013 Everybody’s talkin’ What consumers are saying about your mobile CRM & customer loyalty programmes
  17. 17. Page: 19 DMA Mobile & Connected Council Research Findings • Methodology • Customer Service • Loyalty Offers ICLP Global Consumer Loyalty Research • Headline Findings Across the Globe • Loyalty Drivers • The Loyalty Chasm • Channels of Engagement • Headline Opportunities – UK Summary Agenda
  18. 18. Page: 20 • Two separate online surveys were put out to UK consumers on TolunaQuick’s representative consumer panel. One survey covered questions on customer service via mobile while the other covered customer loyalty offers via mobile • The surveys were live mid April 2013 -1,000 UK consumers answered each survey Demographic breakdown of consumers for each of the surveys is as follows: Customer service via mobile • 49% of the respondents were males whilst 51% were females • 31% were 18-34 years-olds, 35% were 35-54 year-olds and 34% were over 54 years old Customer loyalty via mobile • 39.5% of the respondents were males whilst 60.5% were females • 30% were 18-34 years-olds, 43% were 35-54 year-olds and 27% were over 54 years old Research Methodology
  19. 19. Customer Service Research
  20. 20. Page: 22 Customer Service - Convenience
  21. 21. Page: 23 Customer Service - Flexibility
  22. 22. Page: 24 Customer Service – Personalised
  23. 23. Page: 25 Customer Service - Convenience
  24. 24. Page: 26 Customer Service – Priority
  25. 25. Page: 27 • Key insights: Convenient, flexible, personalised, priority • Convenience is the key to brand and customer service • Brands can have meaningful relationships with their customers with regular welcomed communications • Choose contact channels appropriately according to customer preferences...consider time of day & day of week • Communicate via the channels of choice • Flexibility is essential – allow for changing customer preferences • Prioritise customer service – a happy customer is a loyal customer...they will be your advocates Customer Service – Insight & Actions
  26. 26. Loyalty Offers
  27. 27. Page: 29 Loyalty Offers – Mobile Delivery
  28. 28. Page: 30 Loyalty Offers – Increasing Acceptance
  29. 29. Page: 31 Loyalty – Mobile Channels – Flexibility & Choice
  30. 30. Page: 32 Loyalty Offers – Contact Frequency
  31. 31. Page: 33 • Utilise mobile as a valuable communications channel for loyalty offers, it is instant and can be contextually relevant • Add value and offer location based offers • Keep communications appropriate and relevant to add value • Give customers choice & consider frequency – acknowledge that preferences change • Be relevant, personal & engaging - segment offers accordingly • Consider the communications options within mobile and ensure each touch point offers a good mobile experience • Integrate all communications touch points with a unified complementary approach – do not ignore less digitally savvy customers Loyalty Offers – Insights & Actions
  32. 32. ICLP global loyalty research in association with Forrester 2012
  33. 33. Page: 35 Copyright © 2013 ICLP. All rights reserved www.iclployalty.com Global Consumer Loyalty Research in association with Forrester Consulting Headline findings across the globe For Indian consumers, more than any market, loyalty is an act of brand affiliation. 00 46 00 63% % % % Price sensitivity supersedes brand loyalty Emerging markets are heralding the change - have greater opportunity Impact of brand loyalty by joining programmes Instant gratification from their rewards, greater flexibility and control Brands are falling short in choice, customisation, personalisation and digital engagement Mobile and social important for emerging markets and younger demographics
  34. 34. Page: 36 Loyalty Drivers
  35. 35. Page: 37 The Loyalty Chasm Hypothesis: There is a growing gap between what consumers expect from the brands they are loyal to, and what they receive when it comes to rewards, recognition, engagement, and relevance.
  36. 36. Page: 38 Channels of engagement In-store 79% Web 65% Email 36% Kiosk 8% Phone 14% DM 17% SMS 7% Social 11% IM chat 5% Mobile Web 14 % App 17 % Forum 10%
  37. 37. Page: 39 Copyright © 2013 ICLP. All rights reserved www.iclployalty.com Headline opportunities – UK • Brands missing expectations when it comes to instant and customisable rewards • Personalisation: Similar to the US brands not delivering when it comes to communication and messaging preferences • Very low expectations for recognition in the UK but still brands not delivering particularly around special events, access to online content and personalised one-to-one service • Again similar to the US, in terms of engagement brands failing to deliver some basics – available when you need them and reward status and loyalty status available in real-time Discount is a bribe, creating customer value drives ROI
  38. 38. Page: 40 Tomorrow’s key customer wants more, but will offer more 1. Increased demand for a two way brand relationship 2. Increasing importance of the customer experience 3. Exponential growth in multi-channel engagement 4. At this rate of change… ….‘listen to your customers & plan ahead’ Planning for the future
  39. 39. Thank You Contact: Jo Garcia, Business Development Director E: Jo.garcia@iclployalty.com T: 0207 422 6024
  40. 40. Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Jason Palgrave-Jones, business development & client services director, Textlocal Follow this link to view Jason’s presentation http://www.slideshare.net/SarahWright/jason-palgrave- jones Sponsored by
  41. 41. Building a mobile centric brand Martin Miller, Head of Product and Innovation (Mobile), Barclaycard Sponsored by
  42. 42. bespoke offers building a mobile offers brand from Barclays v1.1 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL
  44. 44. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Key facts about the market  Most competitors operate in EITHER the free voucher OR the paid voucher market  Revenues & margins are significantly higher in the paid voucher sector where Groupon (#1) and Living Social (#2) currently dominate  Both markets are heavily dependant on the email channel and are currently volume- oriented but smart phones are changing this  Offers are generally fairly untargeted  The offers market has developed quickly and new entrants come to the market
  45. 45. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Why Barclays? Merchant 1/3 of all payment card transactions (450m a month) Consumer 21m debit and credit card holders (profiled over 24 months)
  46. 46. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL We entered the market with several competitive advantages Advantages for merchantsOur assets ▪ Offer targeting (based on consumer demographic and actual purchase behaviour*) ▪ Ability to analyse long-term impact and provide detailed reporting ▪ Self service portal enables short lead times ▪ Offer a combination of free and paid vouchers ▪ Service quality leveraging Barclaycard’s assets ▪ Consumer reach c. 21MM customers; >4MM with email addresses and >4MM mobile #s at launch ▪ Existing merchant relationships and sales force c. 100K merchants in the U.K. ▪ Proprietary customer purchase behaviour data ▪ Strong analytical capabilities ▪ Experience, industry credibility and customer recognition in loyalty marketplace due to Freedom 1.0 ▪ High profile initiative within Barclaycard with senior sponsorship ▪ Trusted brand Advantages for consumers ▪ Ability to ensure that offers are relevant (using spending behaviour, stated preferences, offer value and prior interaction with offers) ▪ Geo-targeting ensures offers are also timely ▪ Control over the frequency and channel of communications ▪ No quibble refund policy ▪ Wider range of offers thanks to our relationships with large merchants * Provides ability to run acquisition or customer campaigns.
  48. 48. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL The customer journey today has changed 50
  49. 49. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL The Forrester Spaghetti Online Customer Journey 51 The traditional customer journey The Spaghetti
  50. 50. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL The Spaghetti model and the need for disruption 52 Disrupt the funnel. Offers are so good that purchase needs no consideration Experience drives social interaction, repeat purchases and comms engagements Build • Credibility • Awareness • Desire for offers Convert Ease of purchase Purchasing opportunities relevancy Optimise value Drive repeat purchases Drive engagement Drive advocacy Build Interest Secure the Sale Repeat
  51. 51. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Pillars to build engagement 53 1. Tap in to passions 2. Personalise the experience 3. Sharing the experience 4. Be trusted and add value Drive customers back again and again
  53. 53. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL What is Mobile? “Consumers are not only using their mobile devises when they are out or on-the- move, more consumers are beginning to use it from home, whilst watching TV, at the dinner table or in bed when they wake up. 1 in 7 households are now mobile only.” (Ofcom, July 2012) Or Mobile use: Home On-the-move Tablet Minis Phones iOS Feature “Two fifths of UK adults now own a smartphone, with the same proportion saying their phone is the most important device for accessing the internet.” (Ofcom, July 2012) BlackberryWindowsAndroidKindle FireGoogle nexus 7iPad MiniMicrosoft SurfaceAndroidiPad
  54. 54. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL We decided to define two experiences Tablet Minis Phones iOS FeatureBlackberryWindowsAndroidKindle FireGoogle nexus 7iPad MiniMicrosoft SurfaceAndroidiPad Desktop site Designed, built and tested to work on a range operating systems, browsers and devices 7” and above Mobile optimised site and hybrid app Designed, built and tested to work on a range smartphones
  55. 55. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL What do you think is the split of traffic we’ve had since launch? Tablet Minis Phones iOS FeatureBlackberryWindowsAndroidKindle FireGoogle nexus 7iPad MiniMicrosoft SurfaceAndroidiPad Desktop site Designed, built and tested to work on a range operating systems, browsers and devices 7” and above Mobile optimised site and hybrid app Designed, built and tested to work on a range smartphonesX% Y%
  56. 56. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL What do you think is the split of traffic we’ve had since launch? Tablet Minis Phones iOS FeatureBlackberryWindowsAndroidKindle FireGoogle nexus 7iPad MiniMicrosoft SurfaceAndroidiPad Desktop site Designed, built and tested to work on a range operating systems, browsers and devices 7” and above Mobile optimised site and hybrid app Designed, built and tested to work on a range smartphones57% 43%
  57. 57. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL In the offers business, smartphone is the single biggest device 43% - Traffic from smartphone app and m-site 57% - Traffic from desktop site accessed using PC or tablet
  58. 58. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Looking at the pages hits, we see users have similar needs on both mobile and desktop Feature list for mobile Feature list for desktop Home page Explore offers Free offers login registration payment Home page Explore offers Free offers login registration payment Note data had been anonymized
  59. 59. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Mobile has to be a rich experience Mobile 2013 Now with 3G / 4G / WiFi together with large screens and fast processors consumers will demand a rich experience As it used to be…. Previously with 2G and small colour screens a mean that a WAP site was optimal
  60. 60. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL It’s not just iPhone…… UK Smartphone Market March – June 2013 Android (56%) Apple (31%) Windows (9%) BlackBerry (4%) Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s smartphone OS market share data March – June 2013 (UK)
  61. 61. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL But it’s only touch Support - iOS - Android - Windows Phone - Blackberry 10 Not Supported - Blackberry 7.x - Symbian - Feature phones - Bada
  62. 62. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Apple iPhone Appeal - Most active user base, who use their device the most*(Ofcom) - Users proactively update their OS - Really only need to support current and last previous version of OS - Only two screen sizes Challenges - Apple app approval process is difficult for brands as you can’t control or predict it - Most users iOS users (pre iOS7) won’t necessarily update you app which leads to crashes - UI guidelines mean it’s hard to design something differentiated
  63. 63. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Google Android Appeal - Biggest selling OS* (mobile news) - Virtually no approval process for app store - Typically large screen and fast processor Challenges - Legacy base of older Android phones (including still a lot of 2.x) - App / m-site testing typically requires circa 30 different handsets - Customisation of browser or keyboard can lead to crashes
  64. 64. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Microsoft Windows Phone Appeal - Active user base who ‘support’ those brands that make apps for them - Very closed ecosystem with consistent, fast and large screen devices - Metro tiles - Integration of social Challenges - Still very much third place - Metro interface is unique and needs to be followed to work well - Few developers have proven experience
  65. 65. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Apps vs mobile optimised website…. Actually its really about ensuring a brilliant experience on a small screen device Apps - Slightly more permanent than bookmarks - Remember that 50% are only ever opened once - Need to offer something (functionality / performance) that the m-site doesn’t in order to justify the complexity / cost - Offers content when away from coverage / connectivity M-Site - Not an option, you need one - Use smart redirect from .co.uk - Always up to date with fresh content - Requires brand recognition to ensure customer goes to them - Bookmarks aren’t quite as good - Give consumer the option to view desktop site
  66. 66. Please now warm up your ‘device’ be that a smartphone, tablet or laptop Then go to bespokeoffers.co.uk or search ‘bespoke offers’ or download the ‘bespoke offers’ app from iTunes or Google Play
  67. 67. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Very similar experience, look & feel and functionality bespoke offers app bespoke offers site
  68. 68. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Landing on an offer from email, search or social
  69. 69. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Purchase page for non registered users still quick and easy
  70. 70. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Offer page optimised to maximise sales, yet ensuring the customer still understand what they are about to buy
  71. 71. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Purchase Confirmation is an opportunity to share with friends within your social network
  72. 72. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Integration of Barclaycards new bPay service
  73. 73. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Stand Alone Registration
  74. 74. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL My Account/My interests web
  75. 75. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL My Account/My interests mobile App
  76. 76. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL My Account/My interests mobile web
  77. 77. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Stored vouchers sync across devices
  78. 78. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Vouchers redemption is limited by each merchants POS system
  80. 80. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Moving forward Location PushNFC - GPS kills battery life - Geo fencing is a great technology but has to be handled sensitively - Transaction data - Use push for service first, then sales - Email is dead* - Grow in new messaging platforms - NFC = Not For Consumers - Payment + offer voucher - Merchant POS
  81. 81. Thanks for you time, now lets have some questions and get the debate started
  82. 82. Mobile Workshop Sponsored by A better brand service on mobile
  83. 83. A few brands do it well … (but most don’t)
  84. 84. An Example National Rail Mobile Alerts
  85. 85. Results? Mobile experience: poor Recommendations - Alerts clearly flagged on mobile site - Free text alerts - Mobile friendly registration - Registration with Twitter account
  86. 86. Over to you Travel – British Airways Leisure – Sherwood Retail – Debenhams Automotive – Ford Finance – Insurance – Direct Line
  87. 87. #1 Rate the service experience on mobile • Can I access the core service through mobile? • Can I find the information if I search? • Channels: SMS, mobile optimised emails mobile web, apps (which platforms)? • Are they using mobile features – Click to call, call back, text to call etc? • What are the barriers – user registration (can I use social accounts etc)?
  88. 88. #2 What are your ideas to make it better on mobile?
  89. 89. #3 The Results? (in 90 seconds)
  90. 90. To conclude …
  91. 91. Thank you to our sponsor And our hosts
  92. 92. DMA Awards 2013 Find out more at www.dmaawards.org.uk Entries open: 04.07.13 Entry deadline: 06.09.13#dmaawards
  93. 93. Thank You! • dma.org.uk • www.dmamobileblog.org.uk • http://dma.org.uk/toolkit/infographic-mobile-and- customer-service • http://dma.org.uk/toolkit/infographic-mobile-and- customer-loyalty (or contact me: mark.brill@brandemotivity.com)