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DMA Go integrated, wednesday 28 march 2012

  1. 1. Welcome from the chairPatrick Collister, owner, Creative Matters#DMAGO
  2. 2. Caught in the web or spinning yourstory?Melanie Howard, chair, Future Foundation #DMAGO
  3. 3. Caught in the web orspinning your story?Melanie Howard, Chair, Future FoundationGo Integrated, DMA 28th March 2012
  4. 4. 5A starting point: more media, channels and choices
  5. 5. 6The desired result: structure, relevance and beauty?
  6. 6. Unwrapping the nature of changeFrom Stewart Brand: Clock of the Long Now 
  7. 7. Sociology gives primacy to values 50% now agree that a single parent can bring up a child as well as a couple
  8. 8. Technologists drive a different vision
  9. 9. 10Commercially you must anticipate customer needs Photo © Getty Images
  10. 10. 11Five factors from the past of integration
  11. 11. 12The good old days of ‘above’ and ‘below’
  12. 12. 13Technology drives channel proliferation Nan June Paik: TV Buddha 1974, Techno-Buddha 1994
  13. 13. 14The Network Society rules
  14. 14. 155 billion connected people on the planet[Example text box to copy and resize]
  15. 15. 16Five facts of today’s integration challenges
  16. 16. 17 Agility and adaptability are more vital[Example text box to copy and resize]
  17. 17. 18Consumers multi-task to maximise self-fulfilment Photo © Mixtribe
  18. 18. 19Mobility disrupts: media, attention, life, everything
  19. 19. Social media have changed the picture32% of British women said they untagphotos of themselves that they don’tlike. And 16% ask others to untag photos of themselves that they don’t like. Source: P&G Beauty & Grooming/ Future Foundation Base: 1,479 women members of an online social network aged 15-64, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain
  20. 20. 21Content must engage networks of trust
  21. 21. 22Five forecasts for the future of integration
  22. 22. 23Interaction will bring negotiation into the everyday
  23. 23. 24Engaging people in all environments Yahoo Bus Stop Nissan Leaf Derby Game-like Eco-DrivingPlay for your local community ranking feature
  24. 24. The end of inefficiency: technology that filters andcommunicates for you
  25. 25. 26 57% 44% 37%A department store Demonstrations in a A clothes storewhich offered you a supermarket where which invited me tocomfortable lounge a chef shows me displays of the latest where you could how to prepare styles before they take a break/relax better meals/dishes are available in the while shopping shopsDemand for intensified experience Source: nVision Research. Base 1,000 online respondents aged 16+, 2010, GB
  26. 26. Many factors will raise the question of privacy
  27. 27. 28Insights about the future should inspire creativity
  28. 28. Thank you and good luck! 29
  29. 29. From integrated to orchestratedRichard Robinson, industry leader, Google #DMAGO
  30. 30. Orchestrated Marketing Richard Robinson Google
  31. 31. 34 Google confidential
  32. 32. The complexity of the buying processSource: Google/TechTarget How IT buyers Search Online During the Purchase Process
  33. 33. 36 Google confidential
  34. 34. 37 Google confidential
  35. 35. Placing the value where it should beSource: Google/TechTarget How IT buyers Search Online During the Purchase Process
  36. 36. Key actions• Break down the silo’s in your marketing  organisation• Build your marketing strategy around your  customers journey• Measure and attribute value • Orchestrate your marketing
  37. 37. Thank You
  38. 38. Integration- ‘More than a pretty set ofLouis Vuitton Suitcases’Joby Russell, head of marketing and communications, #DMAGO
  39. 39. Integrated marketing is morethan a set of Louis Vuittonluggage.Mar 2012
  40. 40. Consistency is Critical Business on topParty downbelow Inconsistency in communications is like having a mullet!!!!
  41. 41. An Example…
  42. 42. People Don’t Live in a Single Channel Separating comm’s strategy by channel isn’t cool, but endemic in big departments
  43. 43. Multiplier Effect is Proven to Exist Integrated CampaignResponse Brand A Rate !!!!! THIS IS A FAKE GRAPH !!!!! Channel by Channel Campaign - Brand B Time
  44. 44. The People to Follow for Guidance… TEENAGE BOYS
  45. 45. Comparing A Teenage Boys Approach to Getting a Girl andIntegrated Campaign Planning at VS
  46. 46. Market Segmentation A Teenage BoyRecognise that certain audiences Certain girls are more likely toare more likely to convert than convert than others.others.Focuses to attract this coreaudience. Certain girls are not worth the investment in time or money.Takes steps to reduce mediawastage on poor convertingaudiences. Prepared to accept a segment that is likely to convert, despite not delivering the best returns. Image of middle class family supplied by
  47. 47. Insight - A Deeper Market Understanding A Teenage BoyBranding beats emotional insights. Has quickly understood the needs, desires and motivators of his audience.
  48. 48. Brand Positioning – Owning a space in the mind A Teenage Boy Ownership of the key Routinely re-brand and re-position motivating factor for category. himself to establish himself as a desirable mate.
  49. 49. Advertising A Teenage BoyThe role of advertising is to ensure Understand the steps a brand is front of mind and go through to achieve “brandconsumers visit the site direct, not affinity” and produces a campaignby paying Google ever increasing accordingly.amounts of money! Girl doesn’t know me = Awareness Campaign Girl is a non-rejector = Preference Campaign Girl hates me and my friends for kicking a football at her in year 7 =Branding, branding and a sprinkle of Total brand reset and time for a new branding. agency!
  50. 50. PPC A Teenage Boy Reflecting campaign messaging Presence is key to conversion and in PPC provides recall of the being present when girls are in campaign and improves CTR. the market for a relationship can bring fruitful rewards (or drunk). Persistently testing and optimising new chat up lines.
  51. 51. CRM A Teenage BoyCRM plays a large part in delivering “I know you enjoyed our last date,the Nectar message to loyal users so how about we go to the cinemaand re-activating those we thought this time?”we’d lost. “Can I help you with your homework tonight?” And the most brazen ones….CRM is also a critical tool for “Remember to recommend me toconversion by being linked to your friends!”onsite behaviour.
  52. 52. PR / Content Creation & SEO A Teenage BoyAmplifying the campaign through Spreading stories of sporting success.interesting newsworthy stories/contentrelating to Nectar that encourage link Embellishing how many people turnedbuilding and press pick-up. up to their gig. Influencing playground conversations. Lobbying and schmoozing the girls group of friends to generate endorsement.
  53. 53. Social Media A Teenage Boy Focussing on quality not quantity. “Projected Self” is used as a strategy for governing Facebook policy: Never buying fans or followers. 700 Friends – ‘Wow he’s popular’ Giving things people want, making Well selected profile image, probably people smile and presenting black and white. content/games/images people would like to share with friends. Only check-in at places that seem cool. Post lots of photos to dominate friends wall’s in order to maintain awareness. Never accept friend requests from girls too soon. Seems too eager. Only link or like to cool content that supports the position of the personal brand.
  54. 54. Internal Communications National Express Group A Teenage Boy Brief your mates. The lads need to know that the target market is yours The need to mobilise 25,000 until you’re rejected. consumer facing staff Seed in key themes to your friendship group during conversations. These in turn will be fed back to your target audience with added endorsement.
  55. 55. Measurement A Teenage Boy Hold out regions for TV and Radio •The clothes? Econometrics •Her friends endorsement of me? Direct reporting from digital •My dancing? channels •My Vauxhall Corsa with alloy wheels? The holy grail of path to conversion No male can never really measure analysis across all channels is miles how the conversion was achieved! away, live with it!
  56. 56. Key Thought to leave you with.. A great TV ad or a brilliant piece of PR can create pandemonium across social networks – Harness it.
  57. 57. Thank You
  58. 58. Mobile- your flexible friend: Theflexible integration channel for allyour marketing needsJo Garcia, business development director, Traction #DMAGO
  59. 59. Mobile – Your flexible friend: The Flexible Integration Channel for all your marketing needsJo GarciaBusiness Development Director& Vice Chair DMA Mobile Marketing Council28th March 2012
  60. 60.
  61. 61. Section 1: Drivers behind the stellar rise of mobile usage
  62. 62. The stellar rise of mobile usage ‐ Influences Photograph: Alamy
  63. 63. The stellar rise of mobile usage – The outcomes 53% UK Smartphone Ownership* 24.6 million – Mobile Internet Audience* £203 million – UK Mobile Ad Spend**Tablets 72% growth in 7 months*  Mobile visits to e‐retail sites up to 8.2% £134.3 million Search = 66%** *comScore Mobilens Jan 2012 **IAB/PWC March 2012
  64. 64. March 2012 – Month of the Mobile! (nearly!) • 250 billionth App downloaded ‐ Apple • Google’s Android Market Renamed Google Play• GoMo Campaign• Facebook Mobile Ads
  65. 65. Section 2: How consumers are using their mobile devices
  66. 66. How consumers are using their mobile devices40% Smartphones & 42% Tablets Dual Screening* Tablet owners 4+ hours per week on retail sites**£2.4m ad revenue on tablet*** 24% take mobile shopping to compare prices**** 54% of display advertising is in App** *Neilsen ***IAB/PWC March 2012 **IAB MOJO Study Jan 2012 ****Google‐Our Mobile Planet
  67. 67. How consumers are using their mobile devices US adults spend daily 65 minutes with  mobile vs. just 44 minutes with print  magazines & newspapers combined  10% share of adults’ media time each  day ‐ but less than 1% of ad $ eMarketer Dec 2011
  68. 68. Section 3: Harness the opportunities for engagement via Mobile technology
  69. 69. The Technology
  70. 70. Harness engagement opportunities via mobile technologyTarget market: Astronauts & helicopter pilots Because everyone has a helicopter!
  71. 71. Engagement
  72. 72. Section 4: Put joined up marketing into practice
  73. 73. Mobile’s Role in Marketing & Advertising Mobile Mobile Customer Marketing Service & Advertising Mobile Commerce
  74. 74. Put joined up marketing into practice• Mobile can work in conjunction with all business  strategies: – Across Channels – Seamless experience – Consistent marketing• Aids single view of customer• Mobile becoming the connecting device for marketing  & consumers
  75. 75. Section 5: Case Studies
  76. 76. British Airways – Gold DMA Awards 2011 Outdoor Mobile used to  “start a  conversation in real  time with the  BEING London Caribbean”
  77. 77. V Festival – Silver DMA Awards 2011Social Media Bolser
  78. 78. Waitrose – Bronze DMA Awards 2011Cross Media Activity Incentivated
  79. 79. Tesco – Shrek Halloween DealsPress Advertising
  80. 80. Shazam – Super Bowl TakeoverTV Advertising
  81. 81. Heineken Star Player Dual Screening/ Triple Screening
  82. 82. TopshopIn‐ Store, Social Media & Email
  83. 83. Summary• Consider the breadth of the channel for your Mobile strategy• Use the technology which suits your business objectives• Stick with your DM principles, test, learn, apply, test, learn, apply….• Distinct business advantage for businesses who optimise their sites  for mobile, apps can follow, if appropriate• Clear benefit for retail & mCommerce ‐ but not just retail...• Increased activity on the mobile internet – higher levels of  browsing & search• Increased mobile advertising & more creative use of ad formats• Mobile is an “always on” companion• Consider Mobile opportunities in integrated cross channel  marketing activity
  84. 84. Thank you….Questions? Contact:  Jo Garcia Business Development Director – Traction
  85. 85. Questions for the panel #DMAGO
  86. 86. Refreshments and networkingPlease join us for tea & coffee in the lounge area #DMAGO
  87. 87. Emerging print-to-mobiletechnologies: Opportunities for DM &Door-to-DoorClaire Cardosi, dealer marketing manager, Citroen UKSimon Samuels, CEO Media, Digital Space #DMAGO
  88. 88. Emerging Print toMobile technologies:Opportunities for DMIntroduction : Simon Samuels - CEO, Media – Digital Space Publishing Ltd.Case Study : Claire Cardosi - Dealer Marketing Manager – Citroën UK Ltd.
  89. 89. Agenda• Introduction to Digital Space / Optima.• Interactive DM Case Study: “Citroën DS Line DM”• Brief• Print Execution• Customer Digital Journey• Content• Calls to Action• Link to CRM• Process workflow• SummaryDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  90. 90. Credentials Specialists in the marketing  Experts in building the  application of smartphone capability to capture, identify  technology and developing  and realise the value from  ‘point and scan’ solutions. multi‐channel customer data.  FOCUS FOCUS Developing and integrating mobile  Data strategy, management,  technology support measurement & reportingOur credentials blend strategic insight, technical experience and commercial know‐how to create a  unique combination of skills that bridge the physical and digital environments. DS Line DM Case Study Name of presentation goes here
  91. 91. New OpportunitiesBarcode QR Code Digital Watermark Audio Recognition Image Recognition Augmented Reality “A whole range of emerging technologies bridging traditional & physical media with Digital…” DS Line DM Case Study Name of presentation goes here
  92. 92. The Mobile Opportunity ENGAGE ON-THE-GO better USER CENTRIC push pull Interactive media QUICKER CONNECT customer PERSONALISED journey channels predict REAL TIME what consumers want SMARTERDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  93. 93. DM Print to Mobile (The Process Flow) The customer selects  smartphone app  The customer  Digital or physical fulfillment for  chooses to  customer. Can include;  engage with brochures, samples, products,  Print Media  coupons, web, email, call back,  (DM) SMS, e vouchers, video etc. A central data repository is created  The downloaded app on  with capability to maintain SCV with  the mobile phone reads  identified customer data.  Deliverables; encoded  images, the  Behavioural •Data warehouse business rules and content  database •Report by trigger code to be served Name of presentation goes here DS Line DM Case Study
  94. 94. Our Clients Brands & agencies are learning how to engage people offline using mobile triggers.DS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  95. 95. Citroën Brief• Project brief developed by Acuity on behalf of their client Citroën UK• Acuity and Digital Space worked together to integrate print to mobile  technology into this DM campaign.• Citroën DS Line DM invitation to be made interactive.• Sent out to 200,000 addresses from national bought data & local dealership  lists.• Showcase benefits & features of each model.• Include videos, photos & product overviews.• Explore all 3 models in the line.• Instantly connect with corresponding local dealership.• Register interest in a combination of calls to action.• Send directly to Citroën’s CRM system.• Follow up by Dealers. DS Line DM Case Study Name of presentation goes here
  96. 96. Print Execution• Managed by Citroën UK’s agency Acuity.• Design to include consumer education & signposting.• Each car model uniquely watermarked.• Print run separately coded across 190+ local dealerships.• Approx 600 watermarks across the campaign. DS Line DM Case Study Name of presentation goes here
  97. 97. Print ExecutionDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  98. 98. Print ExecutionMaking mobile marketing countName of presentation goes here
  99. 99. Print EducationMaking mobile marketing countName of presentation goes here
  100. 100. Print Signposting & IconsDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  101. 101. Print Signposting & IconsDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  102. 102. Scanning The ArtworkDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  103. 103. Digital OverlaysDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  104. 104. Customer Digital JourneyDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  105. 105. Photo Gallery Slideshow (x8 per model)DS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  106. 106. Product / Event OverviewDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  107. 107. Consumer JourneyDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  108. 108. Videos (x3 per model)DS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  109. 109. VideoDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  110. 110. Calls to Action• Call local dealership immediately.• Arrange a call back.• Register interest in attending a DS Discovery Day. • Order a DS model specific brochure.• Book a test drive.• State expected exchange period.• Submit preferences to CRM   DS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  111. 111. Call NowDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  112. 112. “Get in Touch”DS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  113. 113. Preferred ModelDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  114. 114. Calls to ActionDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  115. 115. Book a Test DriveDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  116. 116. Data Entry FormDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  117. 117. Send to CRMDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  118. 118. Dealership Follow UpDS Line DM Case StudyName of presentation goes here
  119. 119. Summary•Customer can further discover & explore the DS Line.•Watch videos, view photos & learn more through their mobile.•Instantly connect to their local dealership.•Call now, register interest in events, request call backs, orderbrochures, book test drives.•Customer engagement data by sales zone, by dealer plugged directlyinto CRM.•Framework foundations which can be applied to future DM and otherprint media activities.•Whole range of new digital opportunities to engage with customersthrough DM. Name of presentation goes here
  120. 120. The power of brand activation: MillerBeer leads the wayRichard Dutton, business development director, Arc UK #DMAGO
  121. 121. The Power of Brand Activation Go Integrated, 28.03.12
  122. 122. What I would like to cover today• What is Brand Activation• How does it work• How to approach a campaign• What good looks like
  123. 123. Brand Activation?
  124. 124. ‘Creating consumer engagement along the path to purchase in orderto activate a sale – this could be in-store, on-line, direct or face toface
  125. 125. Brand Activation can therefore include any of these disciplines; shoppermarketing, digital, direct, experiential and sponsorship activation’
  126. 126. We believe….• Good brand activation drives sales. Great brand activation also builds brands. But the best kind of activation moves shoppers— emotionally and behaviorally. 3
  127. 127. Everything we do, begins and endswith shoppers in mind. 4
  128. 128. we move people
  129. 129. to experience
  130. 130. to purchase
  131. 131. to recommend
  132. 132. and to return
  133. 133. Shoppers have different need statesdepending on the category.
  134. 134. There are typical shopper archetypes Multichannel Shopper Archetypes* Bargain Hunting Exploratory Opportunistic Adventurer 15% / 113 Strategic Savvy Saver Passionista 29% / 135 14% / 98 Low Price Premium Dollar Quality Defaulter Devotee 13% / 84 16% / 74 Efficient Sprinter 13% / 93 List Driven Habitual Percent: Heavy Multichannel Shoppers Index: Heavy Multichannel Shoppers / Total Shoppers * Overall shopper archetypes are based on overall attitudes towards shopping
  135. 135. Need states often have overlapping motivations caring designer badge good service confidence be fashionable make a be the envy statement of others exclusivity make style popular affordable make style authenticity express your accessible best sales personal style for less good neighbor have the latest look not cheap well-known no limits stuff always thrill of reliability something new a deal familiarity best prices options solutions comfort no get what sacrifice predictable i expect no guiltnever know what choice thrill of want vs. hassle-free you might find a hunt need always there surprise exactly treat yourself feel what i need impulse basics smart easy to navigate sense of accomplishment everything i needstimulation routine effortless success purchase excitement & joy get shopping efficient done
  136. 136. Inside the store, communication must be tailored by zoneService Zone Destination Zone ServiceImpulse Zone Transition Zone
  137. 137. Understanding the shopper journey is criticalDURABLES
  138. 138. The important thing to remember is that none ofthis counts if we don’t deliver a memorable andpowerful brand experience to the shopper The Experience
  139. 139. on-linein-storeover their phones& via underground eventsone-to-one& with their entire social network
  140. 140. So what does this look like in practice?
  141. 141. Our brief from Miller• Miller Genuine Draft was loosing relevance with and needed to recruit 18-24 year olds in its key market, Scotland.• The brief was to re-connect Miller Genuine Draft with this audience and re-enforce its position as a genuinely different premium beer. In particular, to appeal to opinion leading young adults.
  142. 142. Solution• ‘The Mill’ was conceived to appeal to these image- builders and it worked on two levels: – 1: We created unique, weekly gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow, showcasing emerging Scottish bands. – 2. The Mill became the content for our communication• The events and music were seeded via multiple touchpoints - online, via Bluetooth, through QR codes on posters, underground takeovers, cinema ads and other media only available to those in the know.
  143. 143. Video
  144. 144. emotionally rationally measurablyTo sum it all up…We must move effectivelypeople…
  145. 145. Questions for the panel #DMAGO
  146. 146. WorkshopsBoth Debi Bester and Bob Moody did not use slides.Unfortunately Patrick Collister’s presentation was too big toinclude but please contact if you would likeit.Please see below for Tim Drye and Liz Curry’s presentation #DMAGO
  147. 147. Stimulating an  Infectious Brand Extending the reach of the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile 2012  Integrated Campaign
  148. 148. Outline• Already an Integrated Campaign:  – But the “Promise” needs to work smarter• Integrated Insight and Analysis: – Balances database, research, external and internal  information• Integrated Testing: – Small scale tests with maximum insight and rapid  turnaround.
  149. 149. Sport Relief Introduction• Sport Relief Video Introduction
  151. 151. TV & Radio Build Up• Sport Relief TV Trailer
  152. 152. Press
  153. 153. Posters
  154. 154. Email – Mailing Pack Templates
  156. 156. The Comic Relief PromiseOperating Income and Expenditure statementIn order to run itself in a professional and effective way Comic Relief incurs necessary costs. Raising funds, making grants and organisational overheads cost real money.Despite these costs, Comic Relief is still able to promise that for every pound the charity gets directly from the public, a pound goes to help transform the lives of people living with poverty and social injustice. If Sport Relief raises £50 million, Comic Relief will spend at least £50 million doing just that.It can make this promise because its operating budget is covered in cash or in kind from all types of supporters like corporate sponsors and donors, suppliers, generous individuals and government (including Gift Aid) as well as from investment income and interest.
  157. 157. Merge insights from a database and researchINTEGRATED INSIGHT
  158. 158. “…Brands only exist in the mind  of the  consumer…” John Hegerty
  159. 159. Integrated Insight Historic Database Behaviour SegmentationCombined Grassroots UK Communication Directory
  160. 160. Current Communication Research:From the British Marketing Survey Monthly Tracking Study1. Acceptablility of charity communications form localised hotspots.2. Openness to health communications shows clustering too.3. Is Sport Relief characterised by an overlap of interest in charity and health?4. These groups over the last four years have shown an openness to context based and localised communications especially door‐drop.  Current BMS Tracking Study
  161. 161. From the Database:Historical Comic Relief Campaign Insights1. Campaign Participation consists of many small informal “groups” rather than individuals.2. A Committed supporter, a high value sponsored participant. generates nearly six times as much donor activity around them. ‐ nearly three times as many donors in their locality ‐ contributing nearly twice as much3. Registered teams typically live close together: ‐ over 60% live within 500m ‐ teams have a tendency to be stretched out along streets
  162. 162. • Youtube trailer of the  movie:‐ The Joneses• ( watch?v=5Nsiek4Rcz8) A Softer Side to the Jonses
  163. 163. UK wide Communication Segmentation:Channel Spectrum1.Characterises UK Consumer appetite for communications into 2 axes: I. Levels of digital engagement o From no digital access to fully immersed. II. Preferred communication medium o Context based (e.g. TV, Newspapers, Internet ….) o Location based (e.g. Door drop, posters ….) o Direct (e.g. Email, SMS, Mail, Telephone …. )2.  Team “Captains” demonstrate the ability to influence and have a tendency to be digitally immersed and open to all three media types.3.  Team “Members” are less commercially engaged online and have a tendency to be open to non‐direct channels, context based and especially location based mechanisms.4. Previous history of Comic Relief activity is a key stimulus to involvement.
  164. 164. 4. Generate a Comic Relief Grassroots Directory:Combine Channel Spectrum and Comic Relief database behaviour to focus localised activity1.Utilise a modelling method that preserves dispersed neighbourhood relationships. I. L1 Mimimisation.2.     Combine the framework sued to build Channel Spectrum with Comic Relief historic behaviour.3.Convince “digital advocates” that a mere “physical leaflet” might work.4.Select target locations for a Postcode Sector based test campaign.5.Implement a novel (for Comic Relief) leaflet campaign to “fertilise” team members participation around the Manchester Flagship mile Combined Grassroots Directory
  165. 165. Integrated Insight Current Research SegmentationCombined Grassroots UK Communication Directory
  166. 166. Convince “digital advocates” about “physical relevance” efficientlyAN INTEGRATED TEST CAMPAIGN
  167. 167. A Constrained Integrated Test• Constraints: – Minimise the initial volume of the test door drop  campaign – Minimise the size of the control cells eliminated  from conventional warm communications – Execute early in the campaign when responses  low to allow control cells to re‐enter comms.  – Deliver a rapid interpretation to facilitate a roll  out.
  168. 168. Initial Test Leaflet
  169. 169. Two outcomes to test• Increase the online sign‐up rate for  participation in the Manchester Sainsbury’s  Flagship Mile. – A mechanism to monitor offline communications  that drive online behaviour.• Post campaign identify increased levels of  donation, due to door drop inclusion. – A mechanism for socialising/normalising  participation in a local group activity.
  170. 170. Integrated Communications• Identify the combined effects of: – Warm email and mail – Location based posters and door drops.• To facilitate the activation driven by TV and Radio  exposure. – BT Challenges (David Walliams, Helen Skelton, John  Bishop, ….) – The Great British Sport Relief Bake Off – Let’s Dance for Sport Relief – Sport Relief does Glee – ….
  171. 171. Case Control Study• Prior to the campaign: – Characterise Postcode Sectors by Channel Spectrum  demographics, Sport Relief Previous Campaigns. – Generate pairs of similar Postcode Sectors in  Manchester, with a match in Birmingham. – Select one to receive Door Drop leaflets the other not,  up to a distribution of 100K. – Select eight Postcode sectors, in Birmingham and  Manchester to exclude from warm communications,  half of those in Manchester excluded from Door Drop.
  172. 172. Initial Peak, with ongoing  enhancement
  173. 173. Initial Peek, on‐going  enhancement• During early campaigning: – Initial peak of nearly 400% index (397) over the  case controlled cells. – Ongoing growth in enhancement, a month later,  nearly 150% index (147) enhancing an overall  increase in registration of over 300% – Further leafleting rolled‐out:  • Belfast (solus) • Birmingham (newspaper)
  174. 174. Roll Out Campaigns Local Newspaper Distribution Solus Distribution RM Door Drop with Trinity Mirror (TNT Post) 
  175. 175. Roll‐out Results • Apply the Grassroots Directory to the  selection of locations• Identify how the mode of delivery might  impact on the effectiveness of the  communication• Assess how the timing of the delivery can  effect the impact of the communication
  176. 176. Solus distribution in BelfastSupported by Royal Mail Door Drop
  177. 177. Local Newspaper distribution with leafletsSupported by TNTpost and Trinity Mirror
  178. 178. Record breaking Night of TV Total
  179. 179. Still to come?• Activated Online Registration and  Participation. – First week plus Third week bounce. • Are donations infectious?,  – grown sponsorship and donation rates?.• Watch this space.
  180. 180. Outline• Already an Integrated Campaign:  – But the “Promise” needs to work smarter – Engaging with the Brand• Integrated Insight and Analysis: – Balances database analysis, research insight,  – external and internal information• Integrated Testing: – Case‐Control tests – Small scale with maximum insight and rapid turnaround.• Activated the “Infectiousness” of the Brand
  181. 181. Contact Information• British Marketing Survey: –• Channel Spectrum: –• Streetwise Analytics: – www.streetwise‐
  182. 182. LunchPlease join us for lunch in the lounge area #DMAGO
  183. 183. Welcome from the chairShaun Bailey, managing director, Jacob Bailey #DMAGO
  184. 184. TomTom break free: Working withsocial media across channelsdepartments and disciplinesRoger Warner, managing director, Content and MotionPlease follow this link to Roger’s presentation #DMAGO
  185. 185. Right channel touching: Howchannel choice impacts Orange’smarketing ROIJosephine Lung, senior decision manager, EverythingEverywhereTim Watson, owner, Zettasphere #DMAGO
  186. 186. The Global SaaS Leader in Relationship MarketingOrangeMulti-product, multi-channelpromotion28th March 2012Tim WatsonJo Lung
  187. 187. Acknowledgement :Zephyris at Wikipedia
  188. 188. Campaign objectives● Regular communication with the PAYM base (every 2-3 months)● Communicate multiple offers in one large scale communication, getting more messages to the customer without increasing campaigns● Achieve a positive ROI through x-sell and longer term impact on loyalty and survival.● Increase perception of value.● Drive awareness of products and services available● Focus on multimedia products
  189. 189. Many cross sell offers to promote Public Wifi access Photo bundle Roaming bundle Broadband
  190. 190. Diverse customer base Photo acknowledgement: tim166
  191. 191. Multiple Sales channels
  192. 192. Channel choice● Bill insert ● SMS● eBill ● Direct Mail● Email ● Telesales● MMS
  193. 193. Segmentation solar system Sociable Socialites Digital Tribe Chatty Spenders Youth Good Lifers Balancing Families TechTechCautious Savvy Maximisers PAYM Pragmatics PAYG Pragmatics Basic Communicators Bubble = Segment Size Introvert
  194. 194. Segment definition Socialites Maximisers Carefree & Gregarious Ambitious & Active •Spontaneous and carefree, often flitting between jobs for •Hard working and career focused, often struggling with example work/ life balance •Love their phones as a communication device and being •Internet central to their lives, both for entertainment but tempted to Smartphones by services such as social also juggling their busy lives networking and BBM •But also love a gadget for the ‘cool factor’ and relatively •Extrovert creatures who love to be in constant contact early adopters with their mates iPhone Pragmatics Overlapping solar segments Thorough & Methodical •Relatively affluent segment who are focused on quality and reliability •Specific segment targeted due to the large base and •Stick to traditional brands who they feel won’t let them specific Orange package offers down •Love the Internet as a reference / information resource and many now tempted by ‘useful’ mobile services e.g. navigation
  195. 195. Right touching
  196. 196. Cells used Bill insert iPhone Maximisers Pragmatics Socialites eBill iPhone Maximisers Pragmatics Socialites Email iPhone Maximisers Pragmatics Socialites MMS iPhone Maximisers
  197. 197. Bill insert - front Pragmatics Socialites
  198. 198. Bill insert - rear Pragmatics Socialites
  199. 199. eBill
  200. 200. MMS Pragmatics Socialites iPhone
  201. 201. Email - iPhone
  202. 202. Email - Socialites
  203. 203. Measuring success – the big picture Churn ARPU Average revenue uplift per user Customer service
  204. 204. Solution - holdout groups Multi-product campaign Campaign groups Campaign impact Holdout groups Holdout no multi- (for each segment) product campaigns 3 months 3 months
  205. 205. ROI per contact Revenue uplift – Customer service costs + Churn benefit Count of customers in campaign group
  206. 206. ROI by segment
  207. 207. ROI by Channel
  208. 208. Two simple lessons● Market using bill inserts● Don’t market to Maximisers
  209. 209. ROI drill down
  210. 210. Tests repeated following quarter October multi-product campaign
  211. 211. Another way to skin the cat Orange pay monthly Animal packages
  212. 212. Relative results by Animal
  213. 213. Takeaways Look deeper than Right touch the summary channel Sometimes say nothing? The difference True marketing between profit impact and loss
  214. 214. Questions Let’s Connect Tim Watson Twitter @tawatson LinkedIn Jo Lung LinkedIn lung/1/281/516
  215. 215. Some of our 3000 + clients
  216. 216.
  217. 217. Menzies digital marketing: Mazdaclient multiplatform customercommunications case study fromRedwoodSarah Clegg, managing director, Menzies Digital MarketingJanine Goldblatt, senior account director, RedwoodNik Berg, global editor, Redwood #DMAGO
  219. 219. EXCLUSIVE UK PARTNER OF THE MARKETLEADING DIGITAL PUBLISHING PLATFORM Create award winning e‐zines and compelling  interactive  communications Incorporate personalization, tailored branding  and e‐commerce onto PC, tablet or mobile Fully supported with creative, production and  consultancy services
  222. 222. Questions for the panel #DMAGO
  223. 223. Refreshments and networkingPlease join us for tea & coffee in the lounge area #DMAGO
  224. 224. ‘How much response goes online?’Recent joint research by the insertsand door drop councilsCJ Court, managing director, All response mediaMark Davies, managing director, TNT Post (Doordrops) #DMAGO
  225. 225. 2011 Research Project CJ: Managing Director - All Response MediaMark Davies: Managing Director – TNT Post DoorDrop Media
  226. 226. Response rates decliningConsumers increasingly embracing theinternetMeasurement vital to understanding value(still) Feel print medium only partially judged
  227. 227. Previous research in 2009: variety of clientsusing just loose inserts◦ Toy retailers, cosmetic surgery, charity,% of measured response online = 52%Range was 24% to 76%Expected factors had an influence◦ Target audience, product advertised, media title
  228. 228. 2011- Insert Council collaborated with DoorDrop Council to include door dropsClients from wider range of sectors:◦ Charity, Finance & Retail
  229. 229. Timing: April - Jun 2011Volume: 3m items5 clients11 titles / distribution methods
  230. 230. Excluding the retail client the average %response to go online has risen….
  231. 231. 250,000 A4, 2pp leafletsDistributed via NewshareMosaic targeting (from existing customers)Overlaid on town catchments
  232. 232. Results:80% of sales in-store20% of sales online90% of online sales from new customers
  233. 233. Upmarket charity thatappeals to older, moremale donors800k inserts in bothnational press andlifestyle titles
  234. 234. Results:59% of donations onlineSimilar to average %across all activity
  235. 235. Cancer insurance product:New to UK market650k inserts in nationalpress and lifestyle titles300k door drop /Newshare
  236. 236. Results:83% of response was onlineAll of door drop response was online23% of all response was “Search Engine”
  237. 237. 250k via Royal Mail door drop, 250k viaNewshareUsed customer profiles to target relevantFinancial ACORN Types
  238. 238. Results:50% of leads were online50% leads offline27% of leads were converted to sale
  239. 239. Campaign similar to previous research500k inserts across national and lifestyletitles
  240. 240. Results:Online response was 32% (up from 27% inprevious research)◦ NB 3 response routes: Phone, coupon and webStill affected by type of title◦ Mass market TV title: 10%◦ Mid market Sun: 29%◦ Mid / upmarket Sat: 54%
  241. 241. Ave. %Response 20% 59% 83% 50% 32% 56% online
  242. 242. Online response is increasingOnline response range: 20-83%◦ “Personal” sectors are higher (as previous)◦ Retail still had 20% online – and new customers!Other factors affect % response online◦ Product being promoted◦ The number of response channels◦ The readership demographics◦ The online usage of that readership
  243. 243. Coupons are still a chosen channelImportance of phoneBut increasingly webWith added new technologies….Vital that response data is measured correctly
  244. 244. Online response is significantMeasurement is more vital than everNew technology can make measurementeasier and more accurateNew response channels can bring newcustomersThe Power of Print can work with the internet
  245. 245. A lot – so we had better measure it!
  246. 246. Award winning integrationVanessa Preece, head of customer recruitment, Rogers, consumer engagement manger, Tourism IrelandIan Bates, creative director, Indicia #DMAGO
  247. 247. Go Integrated The customer challenge and the integrated solution© Indicia 2012
  248. 248. © Indicia 2012
  249. 249. We launched storiesinto the market toactivate the brands© Indicia 2012
  250. 250. Nick and Sam’s Ireland Roadtrip story
  251. 251. Business challenge Pics of Ireland© Indicia 2012
  252. 252. Strategy© Indicia 2012
  253. 253. MeasurementEngagementIntent to travelEffectiveness: Cost per response© Indicia 2012
  254. 254. Experience thereal Ireland© Indicia 2012
  255. 255. Concept© Indicia 2012
  256. 256. Media strategy© Indicia 2012
  257. 257. Media strategy Launch email© Indicia 2012
  258. 258. Media strategy Post trip email© Indicia 2012
  259. 259. Media strategyBanners© Indicia 2012
  260. 260. Media strategy “A couple from Bath touring Ireland for a week. Where should they go? #irelandroadtrip” “Absolutely loving Nick and Sam on #irelandroadtrip. Superb banter” “Wow! Just found your site. Sooo jealous. Always wanted to visit Ireland. Too many ideas!”© Indicia 2012
  261. 261. Media strategy “This looks like fun. I will be keeping up with your progress. Enjoy it!” “Loving the videos. Brings it all to life. More please!” “I have always wanted to visit Ireland. You have made the idea come to life”© Indicia 2012
  262. 262. Media strategy “Visit Killorglin in County Kerry where they crown a goat as king in August and have a fantastic fair”© Indicia 2012
  263. 263. Media strategy© Indicia 2012
  264. 264. © Indicia 2012
  265. 265. Campaign story© Indicia 2012
  266. 266. ResultsEngagement:50,919 visitors to the campaign page48,652 movie viewers11,497 Facebookers and Tweeters interacted19,531 competition entrants© Indicia 2012
  267. 267. ResultsIntent to travel:5,342 brochures downloaded or requested4,951 TripPlanner actionsCost-effectiveness:£1.24 average cost per response275% uplift from inserts (compared to 2009-10)© Indicia 2012
  268. 268. Judges comments“A 21st-century solution to a direct marketingproblem that’s been with us for decades –a truly interactive and evolving campaign.”© Indicia 2012
  269. 269. The Work it Baby story
  270. 270. Business challenge© Indicia 2012
  271. 271. Strategy© Indicia 2012
  272. 272. MeasurementEngagementDriving to datacaptureInteractionRewarded with relevant dynamic contentSalesProve this was a viable market for the brand© Indicia 2012
  273. 273. The affordable wayto be a fashionablemother and baby© Indicia 2012
  274. 274. Work it baby
  275. 275. Pre launch engagement
  276. 276. Media strategy “Who’s up for a coochy cool fashion show? #workitbaby”© Indicia 2012
  277. 277. Media strategy “Sneak preview of new babyworld comp to launch on 13 October – Very’s new range Work it Baby!”© Indicia 2012
  278. 278. Media strategy “Online fashion retailer Very are launching a super-stylish mum, baby and toddler campaign on October 13 entitled Work It Baby. The centrepiece is a fun-filled film showcasing an array of fabulous fashion for mums-to-be, new mums, babies and toddlers from Very’s huge online store. You can get a sneak preview as the teaser film goes live today at”© Indicia 2012
  279. 279. Media strategy – Microsite© Indicia 2012
  280. 280. Media strategy: teaser movie© Indicia 2012
  281. 281. October 13 – Showtime© Indicia 2012
  282. 282. Media strategy© Indicia 2012
  283. 283. Media strategyEmail: core media© Indicia 2012
  284. 284. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  285. 285. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  286. 286. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  287. 287. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  288. 288. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  289. 289. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  290. 290. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  291. 291. Relevant interaction© Indicia 2012
  292. 292. Media strategyDirect mail:Core media© Indicia 2012
  293. 293. Media strategy© Indicia 2012
  294. 294. Media strategy© Indicia 2012
  295. 295. Campaign story© Indicia 2012
  296. 296. ResultsEngagement and interaction:121,319 microsite visits52,743 clicks to product pages49,358 customer leads25,915 video views© Indicia 2012
  297. 297. ResultsSales:4,795 customers (92% credit customers)Almost 11,000 products sold£3.4m predicted lifetime value to the brandEffectiveness:£154 AOV from email© Indicia 2012
  298. 298. Judges comments“A truly rounded direct marketing campaign.A worthy Grand Prix winner, and a greatexemplar of how direct marketing is asrelevant today as in any other decade.”© Indicia 2012
  299. 299. The way ahead
  300. 300. Future campaignsHow we plan campaigns has changed foreverYou might not sell everythingCreative and data unitedDon’t forget the media you createThe impact of the emotional story© Indicia 2012
  301. 301. One’s to ponderThe role content plays in a direct campaignsThe inbox challenge and awarenessMaking mail work cost-effectivelyOrganisational change© Indicia 2012
  302. 302. Finally“… we know how to construct the body, butthe real trick is knowing how to run bloodthrough the veins.”Bill Bernbach© Indicia 2012
  303. 303. Thanks Let’s go and be brilliant© Indicia 2012
  304. 304. New breed of directCustomer intelligenceThe way ahead© Indicia 2012
  305. 305. Introductions AllBackground context NNM© Indicia 2012
  306. 306. Questions for the panel #DMAGO
  307. 307. Closing comments from the chairShaun Bailey, managing director, Jacob Bailey #DMAGO
  308. 308. Thank you for attendingWe look forward to seeing you at future DMA events!Please visit for more information onupcoming events