Getting Great Consumer Hits


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Getting great consumer hits with media relations

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Getting Great Consumer Hits

  1. 1. Getting Great Hits: 10 Steps to More & Better Media Coverage for Consumer Clients 2011 Summer Retreat July 27, 2011
  2. 2. How can we opened the door to more consumer coverage?
  3. 3. #1: Address the Pain PointStart with a clear and convincing pain point...• Prior to the introduction or rapid testing, more than one- third of the 2.2 million Americans tested for HIV at public health clinics each year did not return to learn their test results.• 35 million Americans suffer from some kind of hearing loss, but less than one-fourth are doing anything about it.• CMS stopped covering “Never Events” such as sponges left behind after surgery & one in every 1,000 to 1,500 intra- abdominal surgeries results in a surgical sponge being left behind in the patient. Numbers and statistics build credibility & interest
  4. 4. #2: Tie to Breaking News & Events• Gulf oil spill creates need to move thousands of tons of equipment into region for detection and cleanup• Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issues national advisory for US financial institutions to pay closer attention to private banking accounts of political figures such as Libya’s Gaddafi• Magnitude of Super Bowl (or World Cup) causes spike in levels of fraud transactions• State Medicaid programs issue funding cuts for hearing aids for most adults• Sponge left inside Palm Beach County judge during surgery spurs him to seek reforms for better technology and no caps on medical lawsuits
  5. 5. #3: Use Catchy Subject LinesSubject line should be short, clever and easy-to-readon a PDA....• Are We All On Drugs? The Answer May be in the Water Supply• Talk to the Ying to Microsofts Yang in Enterprise Collaboration?• Is RFID Sponge-Worthy?• Are We Becoming Too Green?• Web 2.0 Expert Brings Sweetness to Hershey PA• HIV testing at the Dentists Office? Yes with Rapid Oral Fluid HIV Testing• New Ad Channel Turns Commercial Breaks Into Lucky Breaks
  6. 6. #4: Pitch the Seasonal Gift-Guides Christmas Valentines Day Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Back-to-School & Back-to-College ShoppingOffer product reviews, demos and high res photos... Pitch gift guides several months in advance...
  7. 7. #5: Target the National Days/Months Earth Day World AIDS Day Nat’l HIV Testing Day Nat’l Computer Security Day Better Hearing & Speech Month Nat’l Human Trafficking Prevention Month Consider packaging up the staggering statistics into an op ed...
  8. 8. #6: Create Expert Tips/Top 5 ListsOffer client as an expert in his/her space & work thetechnology angle into one of the tips...• Expert Tips to Shopping on the Secondary Market• Top Fraud Encounters that Business Travelers Face & Solutions for Each• Top Ways to Maximize Summer Value & Fun• Top 5 Places in <insert City> to Hear Sounds Better Offering customers provides third party validation... Use tips to help ensure that your pitch doesn’t come across too much like an advertisement!
  9. 9. #7: Build the RelationshipHave I identified my top reportersseveral months before the launch?Do I follow their blog, tweetsand recent coverage?Have I sent them an intro email?Do I know what topics and trendsthey are covering?Can I invite any key local reporters to tour myclient’s office and have lunch with their CEO?Have I sent my top contacts anyrelevant articles or reports/research lately? Building the relationship starts DAY ONE on the account...
  10. 10. The intro email...Dear <INSERT NAME>,I am reaching out today to introduce myself. I represent OraSureTechnologies, the maker of OraQuick ADVANCE, the only rapid oral fluidHIV test. OraSure is also currently developing the first-ever rapid oralfluid HCV (Hepatitis C) test.Given your beat and recent articles <PLACEHOLDER-CUSTOMIZE>, I wantto also take this opportunity to offer myself as an informational resourcein the event you are ever looking for information or sources on OraSure,HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C. I have contacts and relationships with doctorsand community-based organizations across the country who are fightingthese diseases on the front lines. I’m happy to share my resources withyou.As always, if you are not the appropriate contact, I do not want to botheryou with unnecessary email. As such, if you are not the right person, Iwould appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of anyassistance.
  11. 11. #8: Leverage Reporters Across AccountsNYT Freelancer !Pop Sci FreelancerWFMZ HostFox Business BookerCan I connect the Fox-Dallas Reporter from SD to Loffles?Can I connect the News ProNetProducer from Genco to Songbird?Can I connect the PBJ from EyeIC to Loffles?
  12. 12. #9: Master the List Leverage your media database to... Search across hundreds of beats Pull up reporters by entering keywords Pull similar outlets when searching tags of any outlet Answer any questions through its 1-800 customer support linePull up dozens of regional broadcast reporters in every city/regionPull titles that start with a keyword (i.e. health, product review, etc.)A strong list + an extraordinary pitch = reporters contacting YOU.
  13. 13. #10: Leverage the PhoneEmail is not enough when the top reporters aregetting 100+ pitches a day and juggling deadlines,breaking news and special requests from theireditors... BLOGPOSTIf you you’ve done your researchon the reporter, know yourtechnology inside and out,and you just don’t hear backby email, USE THE PHONE!Active PR trumps passive PR. Approximately 1 out of every 6 to 8 calls leads to a PR hit...
  14. 14. Summing Up:10 Steps to More & Better Media Coverage for Consumer Clients1. Address the Pain Point2. Tie to Breaking News & Events3. Use Catchy Subject Lines4. Pitch the Seasonal Gift Guides5. Target the National Days/Months6. Create Expert Tips/Top 5 Lists7. Build the Relationship8. Leverage Reporters Across Accounts9. Master the List10.Leverage the Phone
  16. 16. THANK YOU!