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An introduction for who I am and what I am doing at the Archives of American Art as Wikipedian In Residence, summer 2010.

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  • Who am I and what am I doing here? I left my career as a make-up artist after almost ten years to finish my undergrad, which I obtained at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis in Native American Studies and a minor in Museum Studies. Currently I am a 2nd year Museum Studies Masters student at George Washington University. I first started editing Wikipedia in 2004, only to stop, and then start editing again in 2006 after a car accident kept me on the couch for a while. I’m involved in a project called Wikiproject: Public Art, which aims to have an article about every work of public art in the world, and I also write about art in general; people, artworks and organizations, primarily.
  • It’s simple – we have similar missions and visions - Wikipedia is about empowering and engaging people worldwide to create and share open knowledge, inline with the Smithsonian mission and vision. As you can see here it’s obvious – if I doesn’t make sense to work together – then I wouldn’t be here!
  • You can see from the slide – it’s quite obvious what GLAM stands for: Galleries, Libraries, Archive and Museums. Which is why we are here! GLAM is a way for a cultural institution to work with Wikipedians to improve content about subjects related to them.
  • The cornerstone project for GLAM is the Wikipedian In Residence. This program seeks to bring Wikipedia in-house at institutions to build a proactive relationship of mutual benefit without undermining the principles of either organization. Liam was the first, at the British Museum and now there are Wikipedians In Residence around the world, most notably & active at…
  • Our ultimate goal is to bring better arts coverage, specifically that related to the Archives of American Art, to Wikipedia and related websites. I searched for 2000 subjects (i.e. people, organizations) related to AAA’s collections to see what is and what isn’t in Wikipedia. Out of 2000 subjects only 538 have coverage. I created my own charge to judge the importance level, as seen here. Out of all of the fully digitized collections you have only 78 are online and the majority are low quality articles. AAA’s lack of coverage reflects the entire art world’s representation on Wikipedia. You are the first institution to take on this role, and your work will be pertinent in outlining art organization’s roles within GLAMWIKI in the future.
  • A backstage pass is a must have for all residencies. While the Archives of American Art lacks the traditional museum and collections setting as previous institutions, it allows for a never before seen experience for Wikimedians. Backstage Passes allow Wikimedians to feel special; it is a carrot to the stick, showing them the exciting things they’ll be working on and allowing them to see or experience something that the public rarely experiences. This usually involves a tour of facilities and exhibits by staff and a showing of unique objects within the collection. A rewarding experience, it also brings together Wikimedians and staff for pertinent brainstorming sessions like LUNCH! Which allows both sides to come together in a casual environment and learn about where contribution interests lie and topics that can be examined. Afterwards, an edit-a-thon takes place, and the GLAM provides the sources (books, primary documents, web access) and knowledge to allow Wikipedians to create new articles.
  • In order to bring more coverage related to your content to Wikipedia we can edit! By providing Wikipedians with all of the tools they need – easy and friendly accessibility to resources (online and off), access to helpful staff who know about these topics – like you!, and the encouragement to produce – we can bring together a worldwide group of people to create and edit articles. Hoxne Challenge was held at the British Museum in 2010 and showcased the Hoxne Hoard – the largest collection of late Roman silver and gold ever discovered in Britain. It consists of over 14,000 coins and approx. 200 items of jewelry, silverware and high quality goods. While not every single object in this collection was notable, the entire collection as a whole is notable. Is there a collection here that is notable? We locked a group of Wikipedians in a room for a day with all the resources they need and access to knowledgeable staff & publications..and this is what they created (click).Featured Article contest encourages Wikipedians from around the world to focus on selected subjects. I’d like to use our fully digitized collections and offer a contest – the first five Wikipedians to get Featured Article status on ANY digitized collection on ANY LANGUAGE Wikipedia wins a prize – perhaps a print, a gift card – something special. Here is what was produced during the British Museum. (click) Other options include student collaborations – I think it’d be great to have art students write articles and the best one (reviewed by staff and/or wikipedia peer review) would be awarded a prize – the first collaborative GLAMWIKI Writing Prize – that’d be cool on a resume! There are lots of cool theme ideas – the Armory Show 2012
  • There are so many other options. This includes working with Wikimedians to transcribe written documents and translate documents and articles into other languages. WikiSource is just the website for that – it bring transcribers together and allows for a repository of primary sources for the world’s use. Here is an example of a letter I translated recently. Content Donation is a favorite and often pertinent part of the experience as well. This would allow you to release images into the world for educational use. Photographs, documents, artwork, all high res are then placed on articles around the world. (Show NARA & TCMI). I also know you have a collection of recipes – it’d be fun to have a local cook off featuring released recipes – this could get locals involved and staff, without having to edit.
  • The opportunities are endless. I look forward to working with all of you, and I hope you’ll attend my brown bags throughout the summer, participate in brainstorming, and open your mind to the opportunities that lie between our two worlds. I’m happy to assist anyone if they do wish to register an account – and I am here at your beck and call!!
  • Wikipedian In Residence at Archives of American Art

    1. 1. Wikipedia:GLAM/AAA<br />Who am I and what am I doing here?<br />14 June 2011<br />@Sarah_Stierch /<br />
    2. 2. We share values<br />Wikimedia Vision:<br />Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment. <br />Smithsonian Mission:<br />The increase and diffusion of knowledge <br />Smithsonian Vision:<br />Shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with the world <br />
    3. 3. WHATIS?<br />GALLERIES<br />LIBRARIES<br />ARCHIVES<br />MUSEUMS<br />
    4. 4. WikipedianIn ResidenceWikipedia in what?<br />Liam Wyatt becomes the first<br />British Museum<br />The Children’s Museum<br />Derby Museum<br />Palace of Versailles<br />Picasso Museum <br />National Archives <br />ARCHIVES OF AMERICAN ART!!!<br />Lori, Alex, Sarah & DominicGLAMcamp NYC 2011<br />
    5. 5. THE NITTY GRITTY<br />Low: Only microfilm or small selection of images<br />Mid: Light bio info on collection page.<br />High: Oral history, partially digitized<br />Top: Fully digitized<br />78 out of 110<br />33% - 538 out of 2000 subjects. GOAL: move up & left, more arts coverage is needed overall! <br />
    6. 6. Backstage Pass<br />A must have!<br />Allow special view into the world of GLAM, guided by staff<br />Get Wikis excited about contributing & rewarding<br />Brings together staff & Wikimedians; allowing for ideas and conversation – lunch<br />Create articles afterwards<br />Wikimedians at the British Museum are shown a Durer print block made of pear wood by the assistant keeper of Dutch & Flemish prints, 2010<br />
    7. 7. Let’s edit! <br />Hoxne Challenge at BM<br />Is there a collection that is notable like Hoxne?<br />Featured article contest<br />Prizes for first 5 featured in any language<br />Showcase complete digitized collections<br />Student collaborations <br />Art students biography writing contest<br />You provide the resources, we write – Edit-a-thon<br />10 Wikipedians, free lunch + your knowledge = high quality articles in one day. <br />Emily Barto, 1937 Oct 6<br />Federal Art Project - PD<br />
    8. 8. So many options..<br />WikiSource<br />Translate<br />Transcribe<br />Peer Review<br />Contest perhaps<br />Content Donation<br />A favorite of Wikimedians – release images (often PD) into Wikimedia Commons<br />Photographs, documents, artwork; all high res<br />NARA<br />TCMI<br />Cookoff<br />Fun idea to have a cook off featuring recipes in the archives – local.<br />Charles Sheeler to William Macbeth, 1910 Sept. 26<br />
    9. 9. If you love something, set it free!(inspired by Sting by way of Liam)<br />