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Form N- 400, Application for Naturalization Process


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With the pleasure of inviting immigrants from various regions of the world, the United States value the inputs of these immigrants in augmenting and conserving the heritage and freedom of the land.

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Form N- 400, Application for Naturalization Process

  1. 1. Form N-400, Application for Naturalization Process U.S. Immigration Center Inc., 1623 Central Ave,Suite 145, Cheyenne,WY 82001 +1-888-943-4625
  2. 2. # 1. If you meet the requirements to apply for the U.S. citizenship, the next step would be to apply for the Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.
  3. 3. # 2. The application is to be submitted to the USCIS. Once received the USCIS will make an initial acknowledgement of the application.
  4. 4. # 3. At the Application Support Center (ASC), an interview of the applicant will be scheduled.
  5. 5. # 4. You are subjected to go through biometric services in the ASC. Thereafter you will be taking the fingerprints.
  6. 6. # 5. Then the test for citizenship and interview for the same is conducted consecutively. Through these steps they evaluate an individual’s understanding of the U.S. English and awareness of the U.S. government and history.
  7. 7. # 6. When passed through all these procedures, the individuals are invited to the oath taking ceremony. Here they are bound to take the Oath of allegiance. Once this process is over, an individual is a qualified American citizen.
  8. 8. Reach US Number : +1-888-943-4625 Mail id : Website:
  9. 9. Disclaimer U.S. Immigration Center is a private entity and is not affiliated or approved by any government agency. All the online forms that you will be filling with U.S. Immigration Center can be availed free of cost from the USCIS with written instructions. We are not a law firm and don't provide attorney's services. The service fee that you pay to us does not include any applicable government filing fees. We assist you in filling the forms accurately and ensure that it is ready to be filed with the USCIS by you