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My accomplishments1

  1. 1. MyAccomplishments By Sarah Sell October 11, 2010
  2. 2. IntroductionThroughout the semester, students in BED308, Direct Study and Instructional Media &Technologies, have been assigned three distinctassignment problems with the goal of familiarizingstudents with vital computer programs such asMicrosoft Office XP and Internet Explorer. Formthere, students were to apply their knowledge oftheses systems through the creation of power pointpresentations, letters, word documents, and more.Students also learned how to utilize wizard todesign professional and finished documents andemail for more effective communication.
  3. 3. Assignment Problem Number 1  The goal of assignment problem number one was to familiarize ourselves with internet explorer, e-mail, and Microsoft Office XP.  We utilized these tools to compile a list of internet resources on the topics of our choice (middle school curriculum), compose a letter, and create a detailed report of the weeks weather.
  4. 4. Middle School Curriculum ResourcesIn this exercise, students were to choose amongst a list of topics a subject they wereinterested in. Form there, students were to compile a list of web resources on theirselected topic which was required to include the web address/ URL and a brief summaryof the web site. The national Middle school Association is an organization of educators devoted to educational and developmental needs of adolescents. The group supplies several ideas, thoughts, and examples of new and innovative curriculum for the middle grades. Some articles listed on the page concerning new concepts of middle school curriculum include interdisciplinary curriculum, Multidisciplinary curriculum, and curriculum integration. Middle is a website created by teachers for teachers to enhance their middle school classrooms curriculum. Categorized by subject, the site lists curriculum resource centers that link to other websites on the World Wide Web. Subjects include standard math, reading, and social studies, but there are also some unique subjects listed on which you can find curriculum resources for including virtual field trip, internet and wed design and web camera’s. If home schooling, running an afterschool or summer camp or just want more knowledge of writing and following curriculum in the classroom, then Time to Learn is the perfect resource. Time to learn offers a curriculum over view of each grade level in easy to read terms and language. The organization also supplies worksheets, objectives, reading lists and more to teachers, parents or other child care takers right through the site. Discovery education is an excellent resource to read about and write curriculum for grades six through eight. The site lists various topics including ancient history, life science, fine arts, mathematics, etc and corresponding lesson plans with each subtopic that is chosen.
  5. 5. Middle School Curriculum Resources (Continued) The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards are the ultimate resource to go to when writing, reading or learning more about one’s subjects or grade levels curriculum. Categorized by content area and then grade level, the njcccs supplies educators with special curriculums, research based on curriculum/ special projects, assessments, and much more. The common core state standards initiative is another leading resource next to njcccs in becoming more knowledgeable with ones curriculum contents and the standards of. The core standards initiative is a great resource to view what new curriculum is being instated, created and practiced. The site is designed so that curriculums posted are easy to read and understand and offers curriculum integration ideas and applications Soar study skills is a unique organization devoted to the curriculum of study skills for young adults. They will help educators to teach their students to be organized, manage their school work, and learn more efficiently. Assessment options, a research basis, and curriculum guarantee are supplied by the site and prove to be helpful in the installation of this curriculum in middle schools The association for curriculum development is the premier site to writing curriculum. Curriculum is to be written of the NJCCC standards but adapted to school to better meet student’s needs and achievement levels. The ASCD supplied educators with the tools to design curriculum so that it best suits their student needs. TRISMS is a unique site that offers curriculum that helps students to make an easy transition from grade level to grade level. Supplied with educational tools, TRISMS is a leader in home schooling resources but they can also be applied to the classroom. Curriculum guides are incorporated into every lesson again to easy transition and the stresses on learning. Second step in an interesting organization that has designed and practiced personal safety curriculum for all school aged children including middle school student. Through the program, students are taught how to prevent risky behavior and rather foster successful skills within themselves. Researched based studies are accessible through a link on their website along with many other ways middle schools can stay out of destructive situations and on the right path to learning.
  6. 6. Letter to a classmate In Microsoft word, students were instructed to compose a leader to another student in the classroom describing the assignments they had completed thus far in the course.108 Van Dyke Ct.Hillsborough, NJ 08844September 15, 2010Jen Narducci2392 Madison Ave.Ewing, NJ 08638Dear Jen, I hope that this letter finds you having had a restful summer and have successful begun the school year at Rider! I am currently taking five classes one of which is BED 308-Direct Study and Instruction with Dr. Curran. It’s proving to be an invaluable class as an education major and challenging but in a relaxed environment with some great people. On the first day of class we introduced ourselves to the class and explained to one another why we were taking this class. It was very interesting to hear all of the different responses and meet new people. We also composed letters about our computer skills and abilities. My letter was less than half a page, that’s how horrible I am with computers! At our next class we went on a scavenger hunt using the internet and Microsoft Word. We had topics to research and from there were to write short summaries about each. Topics included web sites about the NJEA, newspapers, health and fitness, site of interest, and much more. It was certainly a great way to become better acquainted with the World Wide Web and gain new knowledge in the scanning of the web pages. I hope that you are enjoying all of your other classes as much as I am enjoying this one. I will see you soon but until then have a splendid day! Sincerely, Sarah Sell
  7. 7. Weather ReportIn the weather report assignments, students were instructed to describe the weeksweather using the data collected from Elements to be included werethe Highs and low temperatures, weather the days appearance was cloudy windy orrainy, the humidity, and the average high temperatures and low temperatures overa five day period. Weather Report for 08648, September 15, 2010 thru September 19, 2010We are looking at beautiful weather today, Wednesday, with a high of 75 degrees and a low of 54degrees. Abundant sunshine will flood the day but not cause much humidity with the humidity indexonly 36% during the day and 60% at night. The average highs and lows for today are 77 degrees and54 degrees.Thursday will be a high of 81 and a low of 62 with possible thunderstorms in the afternoon andevening. The average high for the day will be 76 degrees and the low a chilly 54 degrees. Humiditywill accumulate to about 56% during the day and 76% in the evening.Another gorgeous day is expected on Friday with temperatures as high as 71 degrees and as low as53 degrees over night. The average high expected is a cool 76 degrees while the average low will beanother cold 54 degrees. The scene is to be partly cloudy accompanied by a light wind and humidityfrom 62% to 70%.Saturday’s weather will be the warmest with a high of 77 and an average high of 76. Temperaturewill drop in the evening to as low as 57 degrees and an average low of 53 degrees. Abundantsunshine is expected causing 62% of humidity during the day and 77% humidity overnight.Weather predictions for Sunday include sunshine with 58 degrees as the high and 54 degrees as thelow overnight. Average high and low will be a calm cool 75 degrees and a frigid 53 degrees. Humiditywill be around 60% all day and evening temperatures in the
  8. 8. Assignment Problem Number 2  In assignment problem 2, students received the opportunity to create finished documents through wizards on Microsoft Office XP.  The purpose of this assignment was to familiarize ourselves with different wizards so that in the future we may prepare various documents professionally and efficiently  In this assignment we focused on the production of two different resume styles.
  9. 9. Resume Students were to use templates from Microsoft Office to compose their individual resumes.Professional Profile Determined to convey the concepts of Algebra and Geometry to middle school students using educational practices and methods while fostering social skills and worldly applications of information. Hold a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Mathematics in the State of New Jersey. Obtains Middle School Certification in the State of New Jersey. Devoted to the teaching profession so as to create a safe and healthy environment where future leaders may prosper and develop socially and educationally.Education, Honors, and Certifications Bachelor of Arts- Education and Mathematics Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ. 2012 Certification in Middle School Education Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ. 2012 Alpha Lambda Delta Society Member Kappa Delta Phi Society MemberKey Qualifications Certified in Elementary and Middle school (K-8) and Mathematics Incorporate technological approaches to lessons and classroom activities using smart boards, the Internet, and Mathematical Software Programs. Create a comfortable and friendly environment so that students may better develop mathematical thinking skills. Utilize classroom tools to better convey information to students. Work through problems and equation regularly and uniquely. Motivate students and always serve as a support system. Offer individualized attention for all students, and specially design plans for those that may need more or less assistance. Strategically plan lessons that are meaningful and applicable to everyday occurrences.
  10. 10. Resume (Continued)Computer Skills Software (PC/Dell and MAC environments): Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Working knowledge of the Internet Emailing FilamentalityEmployment Professional Development in Education Substitute Teacher, K thru High School, April 2011 to present Student Teacher, September to December 2011 Office Assistantships Office Assistant, Dean of Education’s Office, January 2010 to present Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ Office Assistant, Center for Reading and Writing June 2010 to September 2010 Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJProfessional Affiliations Student New Jersey Education Association Student Education Association of Rider University
  11. 11. Digital Portfolio (outline of presentation)OBJECTIVE To instruct Middle School students in Mathematics, particularly Algebra. Incorporate technological approaches to lessons and classroom activities using smart boards, the Internet, and Mathematical Software Programs. Create a comfortable and friendly environment so that students may better develop mathematical thinking skills. Utilize classroom tools to better convey information to students. Work through problems and equation regularly and uniquely. Motivate students and always serve as a support system. Offer individualized attention for all students, and specially design plans for those that may need more or less assistance. Strategically plan lessons that are meaningful and applicable to everyday occurrences.QUALIFICATIONS Qualified to instruct Elementary Education (K-5) and mathematics in Middle Schools (6-8) Certified in the State in New Jersey EDUCATION Hold a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Mathematics by Rider University Obtains Middle School Certification by Rider University HONORS Alpha Lambda Delta - Honorary co-ed fraternally for high achieving college freshmen Dean’s list - Fall 2009 and Spring 2010
  12. 12. Digital portfolio (continued)EMPLOYMENT 2010-2012 Office Assistant, School of Education Deans Office, Rider University - Create and organize all undergraduates students information and files - Photocopy necessary paperwork to be distributed to advisors, teachers, or other office officials - Distribute paperwork and records amongst colleges - Assist students with questions and concerns considering the School of education - Work on specialty projects including Praxis reports and NCATE research. - Organize office space June 2010- September 2010, Office Assistant, Center for Reading and Writing, Rider University - Create and organize Childrens information and files. - Photocopy teachers materials and students work for study - Organize office space - Assist students in their travels to their classrooms - Organize and file payments, release forms, and registrationsCOMPUTER SKILLS Computer Skills Software (PC/Dell and MAC environments): Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Working knowledge of the Internet Emailing FilamentalityLEADERSHIP POSSITIONS 2010-2011,Student Education Association, President Elect, Rider University 2011-2012, Student Education Association, President, Rider University 2010-2012, Leadership and Development Program, Liaison for the School of Education, Rider University 2010-2011, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Big Sister, Trenton
  13. 13. Assignment Problem Number 3  Project number three consisted of two parts.  The first part had students exploring Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations.  Through step by step instructions students were directed of how to access power point templates through wizard as well as learn the skills to add, remove and record pictures and information on slides.  The second part of the assignment was to develop a report about the internet including its definition, the process of logging on and off and to other internet sites
  14. 14. Internet reportInternet Report A Special Report by Sarah Sell, Rider UniversityReport Overview Introduction Development Application Review EvaluationIntroductionWhat is the Internet? The internet is an interconnected global network of computer systems “Network of Networks” Also known as the World Wide Web (WWW) Serves billions of people Utilizes the Standard Internet ProtocolDevelopment Logging onto the Internet To begin, left click on the Firefox or Internet Explorer icon on the desk top If there is neither Icon on the desk top, go to start in the bottom left of your screen, find it in the menu, and click on it when highlighted The internet should appear with a home page. If accessing from Rider University, the homepage will be Rider University’s Web Site Logging off of the Internet To log out of the internet, simply left click on the X button in the top right hand corner of the screen. If there are any tabs open, you must close out of them individually before closing out of the internet system entirely
  15. 15. Internet report (continued)ApplicationLog on these SitesGoogle: At the very top of the screen there will be a URL bar where you will type in Google’s web site address (listed above.) You may also highlight this address, right click and select copy and then return to the internet page where you will then right click on the same URL bar and select paste.Filamentality: To create, edit, or view Filamentality pages, simply type in the address into the URL bar at the very top of the internet page. You may also access this site by copying and pasting the web address in the URL bar (instructions above).ReviewTwo more sitesRider University: Just in case you navigated away from Rider’s home page and must return or whatever reason, simply follow the instructions of how to log onto sites from the previous slide (Application). Once you have returned to Rider’s homepage, print out a copy by left clicking on file in the upper left hand corner and selecting print or by left clicking on the printer icon in the top right hand cornerNJEA: Repeat the process from the previous slide (Application) to access this site. To print, follow the same procedure as stated above for Rider University’s Web SiteEvaluationWhat did we learn Internet Definition Logging on and off of the internet Locating an Internet Site
  16. 16. Conclusion Overall, the students in BED 308 have learned a vast array of knowledge that will assist them in the professionalism of their teaching careers. They clearly have accomplished much but are still eager to keep learning.