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Proposition 64 Revenue: Environmental Restoration and Protection Account - Mark Fenstermaker


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Conservation and Cannabis: A Complex and Timely Matter for Bay Area Lands

On 09/28/17, the Bay Area Open Space Council convened its Autumn Gathering on the impacts of recreational cannabis legalization on Bay Area conservation and agriculture. More about it at #OSCCannabis on Twitter, and

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Proposition 64 Revenue: Environmental Restoration and Protection Account - Mark Fenstermaker

  1. 1. Proposition 64 Revenue: Environmental Restoration and Protection Account
  2. 2. Revenue Projections: Multi-Variable Factors to Consider:  Amount of Legal Supply/Demand (pounds)  Retail Prices for Legal Cannabis (price sensitivity of consumers)  Federal Intervention (laissez-faire or direct action)  Local Land Use restrictions for cultivation  Municipal restrictions for retail sale
  3. 3. Presidential Election Results and P 64 Results by County (LA TIMES Graphics)
  4. 4. Funding Formula  Reimbursements, fixed costs and earmarks ($200M) comes from all revenue raised  Percentage Breakdown for Remainder:  60%: Health and Human Services funding for treatment and prevention  20%: Law Enforcement funding for safety and prevention programs  20%: Environmental Restoration and Protection Account Revenue Projections for Environmental Account (assuming $43 in tax revenue per ounce) Market Demand (million lbs.) 1.5 2.25 3 Revenue for Environmental Account $155 M $232 M $309 M
  5. 5. Environmental Account Breakdown Department of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Parks and Recreation:  Cleanup, remediation, and restoration of environmental damage in watersheds affected by marijuana cultivation and related activities  The Departments may distribute a portion of the funds they receive from the Environmental Restoration and Protection Account through grants for purposes specified in this subparagraph.  Stewardship and operation of state-owned wildlife habitat areas and state park units in a manner that discourages and prevents the illegal cultivation, production, sale and use of marijuana and marijuana products on public lands  Provides for enforcement dollars as well Watershed Enforcement Program and Multi-Agency Taskforce  Program established in FGC 12029 for investigation, enforcement and prosecution of illegal activities adversely impacting fish and wildlife habitats in the state. CA Natural Resources Agency Secretary determines the allocation of revenue between the departments.
  6. 6. Mark Fenstermaker  Contact Information: Email: Phone: (916) 558-1516