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(un)Safe &(un)Sound: How Sprawl Impacts City Emergency Services and What We Can Do About It.


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Land Use Policies that have caused and/or contribute to the problem of urban sprawl and rural growth. Studies show that in the long run, sprawling developments are actually financially unsound for cities. Many studies have examined response times in relation to sprawl, distance from service stations, maneuvering through traffic congestion and every study shows that sprawl always == limitation of services, delayed response times, financially strained ESDs.

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(un)Safe &(un)Sound: How Sprawl Impacts City Emergency Services and What We Can Do About It.

  1. 1. April 21, 2017 | Sarah Pressler | POSI 4379 CPM Track 7
  2. 2. Public Policies Create Sprawl Sprawl Has Serious Consequences Public Policies Can Correct Sprawl
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