The who, what, where, when and why of social media


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A presentation and interactive session for CLIC (Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation ) event "Social media for beginners" on 24 May 2013]

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The who, what, where, when and why of social media

  1. 1. The who, what, where,when and why of social mediaSarah NicholasSubject Librarian for Architecture, Cardiff University
  2. 2. Who
  3. 3. * take an interest card* get up, walk about and find otherpeople with your interest* arrange chairs, so you may sit in yourinterest groups* talk about your interest
  4. 4. interest cards
  5. 5. * in your groups, talk about theclassification scheme used in thelibrary where you work
  6. 6. WhoYou were doing exactly whatpeople use social media for...Social media can useful foranyone
  7. 7. Who* was there a sense of community?* how did you feel when someone left yourgroup?* how did you feel when someone joinedyour group?* if I’d asked you to talk only aboutclassification schemes, would theconversations have been any different?
  8. 8. What
  9. 9. social media is aboutgetting to knowpeople, about staying intouch with people, aboutcreating and sharinginformation and images andvideos. It’s just...
  10. 10. ...this all happens online
  11. 11. What
  12. 12. Where
  13. 13. task not tool
  14. 14. * in your groups, look at thesocial media tools cards* make a pile of those at least oneof you has used* make a pile of those at least oneof you has heard of
  15. 15. * I’ll name a task* your group finds a tool in your used orknown piles which matches this task* one person stands up, holding the cardfor that tool* the first group to do this each time getsone point
  16. 16. sharing photos with yourfamily of your baby daughter
  17. 17. telling people what youthink about a bookyou’ve just read
  18. 18. finding other people whoenjoy watching videos ofcats sitting in boxes
  19. 19. promoting an event inyour library to as manypeople as possible
  20. 20. sharing a list of yourfavourite websitesabout making chocolate
  21. 21. Where* do any of the social media tools mentionedsound at all interesting?
  22. 22. When
  23. 23. know when social mediais appropriate andwhen it’s better tophone, use aposter, send an email orspeak face to face
  24. 24. When* would you use social media to...* let someone know they’re bannedfrom your library?* tell a colleague about where youput a policy document theyshould read?* provide directions for getting toyour library for distance learningstudents?
  25. 25. Why
  26. 26. social media is democratising,giving everyone a voicesocial media leads to friendshipsand extends professional relationshipssocial media provides free marketing
  27. 27. what motivatesyou
  28. 28. Why* is social mediamundane, irrelevant, little used and full ofcreepy people?... no moreso than in thereal world. But if youdon’t try it, you could bemissing out onsomething great
  29. 29. notthis
  30. 30. The Who, What, Where,When and Why of Social MediaSarah NicholasSubject Librarian for Architecture, Cardiff University