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2013 Connected Researcher 6 Introduction to Session Two


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One of two presentations from the second week of a social media for researchers workshop, delivered as part of Cardiff University Graduate College's workshop programme. The second presentation includes personal information from our case studies, so won't be uploaded online.

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2013 Connected Researcher 6 Introduction to Session Two

  1. 1. The Connected Researcher:Networking and collaboratingwith Social mediaSusan Smith and Sarah NicholasWith our panel: Janet Finlay, Joe Nicholls and Liz Walder ( and @bookworm_29)
  2. 2. Why use social media? Help to build your profile – ‘showcase’ yourself and your work (Cann et al 2011) Help you identify research opportunities (Cann et al 2011) May save time – use it to harvest the ‘wisdom of crowds’ and find resources through your network (Cann et al 2011). “Social media allow academics to support students and colleagues, network and explore new intellectual connections” (Brabazon 2010) Brabazon, T. 2010. A community of scholars. [Online] Available at et al. 2011. Social Media: a guide for researchers. Available at:
  3. 3. Why use social media? “Individuals who use social media have the potential to be more collaborative, more inter-disciplinary and more able to gather and respond to feedback than their peers” (Gillaspy & Hooley 2012)Gillaspy, E & Hooley, T. 2012. Digital Researcher: Using Social Media to Benefit your Research.
  4. 4. Why use social media? Enhances research - according to CIBER (2010) researchers found Web 2.0 tools to be very or extremely useful for:  Disseminating findings  Identifying Research Opportunities  Finding collaborators “Social media presents some opportunities for better, faster research and dissemination” (CIBER 2010) CIBER. 2010. Social media and research workflow? [Online] media-report.pdf
  5. 5. Why use social media? It can help with the isolation of doing research Engages you with a community that cares about what you care about (Gillaspy & Hooley 2012) See ‘Guides and Opinion’ section on Diigo list for more information
  6. 6. Why blog?reflect share network collate learn enhance blog as explore the reputation online ‘base process of camp’ research work
  7. 7. Why blog?reflect share network collate learnuse as a knowledge enhance blog as explores the notebook transfer reputation online ‘base process of 1 camp’ research work links to outreachrecord articles direct momentum to thoughts reduce people to explore other on events collect feelings of blog to save technologies 2 feedback isolation producing documents 2 criticalalternative generate increase appraisal focus discussion sense of (with a belonging follow events writing collaborate element)1. Richer, Suzi. 2009. Blogging your way to completion… [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 25 January 2011].2. Weller, M. 2007. The ed technie: is blogging a good use of time? [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 25 January 2011].
  8. 8. Why blog?
  9. 9. Why blog?