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Social Media & HR - The DIY Professional Development Tool


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A short presentation I gave to a group of HR Professionals on why I use social media, the benefits, how to get over some stumbling blocks, and why I think everyone should just have a go!

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Social Media & HR - The DIY Professional Development Tool

  1. 1. Social Media & HR The DIY Professional Development Tool
  2. 2. What I do…
  3. 3. My story
  4. 4. What social media did for me Built subject matter confidence Connected me to incredible people Constant stream of inspiration & challenge And taught some huge attitude lessons…
  5. 5. Numbers aren’t everything!
  6. 6. What I think it can do for you Build your social media confidence Connect you to great people Shape informed opinions about social media in your organisation
  7. 7. There’s an answer Time 5 mins per day Confidentiality Cat memes Where to Start Comment
  8. 8. Formats for playing Blogs Forums Groups Instagram Youtube Slideshare Youtube Live Periscope Tweetchat Podcast Radio Playlist
  9. 9. Cringe moments will happen
  10. 10. But that’s why we have Failure Bows
  11. 11. Your biggest asset is generosity
  12. 12. What I keep on my desk…
  13. 13. Final thoughts
  14. 14. Great Reads
  15. 15. Find me at Twitter & Linkedin