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Watson Health Closes Acquisition of Truven Health Analytics


Published on

April 8th, 2016

Published in: Healthcare
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Watson Health Closes Acquisition of Truven Health Analytics

  1. 1. Watson Health Closes Acquisition of Truven Health Analytics
  2. 2. “Watson Health Closes Acquisition of Truven Health Analytics, Extending Its Leadership in Value-Based Care Solutions” With this acquisition, IBM will have invested more than $4B to acquire and build an unparalleled array of cognitive healthcare capabilities intended to help professionals improve health outcomes, control costs, and advance value-based care solutions • Expands IBM Watson Health’s leadership as a high-value industry solutions provider of cognitive cloud-based healthcare data, analytics and insights • Expands market coverage by adding over 8,500 clients and expertise across government agencies, employers, health plans, hospitals, clinicians and life sciences • Enables new offerings for Value Based Care Solutions, Life Sciences, and Government service organizations in domestic and international markets 2 Truven Acquisition Press Release
  3. 3. Watson Health Data – Insights – Solutions Data Insights as a Service Solutions Standards based, extremely scalable, open repository of data on all dimensions of healthcare & research Knowledge and actionable information through advanced analytics and cognitive capabilities From IBM and an ecosystem of partners, helps improve the overall experience, and helps to increase the quality of outcomes Watson Health is bringing insights to the marketplace to help reduce costs, improve outcomes and help increase value 3
  4. 4. Providers EmployersPayersLife Sciences Government With the acquisition of Truven, Watson Health can deliver previously unavailable capabilities across the health continuum to help improve the customer experience Oncology Imaging Value Based Care & Reimbursement Models Population Health Management Life Sciences 4 Consumer / Patient Watson Health Data – Insights – Solutions
  5. 5. Truven Health Overview Employers Consumers Former Healthcare division of Thomson Reuters  Acquired by Veritas in 2012 and rebranded as Truven Health  Backed by independent data assets and 40+ years of industry expertise  Employs ~2,500, with headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI and offices in 13 US states and 20 countries.  Deep, long-term relationships and recurring revenue business model Provides healthcare analytics solutions and services for all constituents across healthcare  Over 8,500 customers across Payers and Employers, Providers, Governments and Life Science companies. 5 Life Sciences Providers Payers Government
  6. 6. Combination of Strengths Makes Truven Health Unique DEEP HEALTHCARE DOMAIN EXPERTISE EXTENSIVE DATA ASSETS SOPHISTICATED TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE 8,500 customers across all key healthcare stakeholders Algorithms, tools and methodologies enrich data and inform and shape solutions and services Large scale solutions integrate client data with our analytics and dynamic benchmarks through our secure, HIPAA-enabled cloud Customers value independence and objectivity, which differentiate Truven from competitors Value of data assets increases as each client refreshes data, creating a powerful network effect 200 researchers and experts and 700 consulting and other client- facing staff including clinicians, epidemiologists, statisticians and IT professionals with healthcare domain expertise 6  Analytics  Data  Solutions  Services INDEPENDENCE AND CUSTOMER LOYALTY ROBUST ANALYTICS CAPABILITIES BROAD FOOTPRINT
  7. 7. Truven Health Helps Enable Better Decision Making Across the Patient Lifecycle Engagement Treatment Measurement Management Aggregation  Plan comparison  Cost transparency  Benefit design  Provider education  Clinical decision support for diagnosis and treatment  Real-time surveillance  Quality Metrics  Trend Analysis  Benchmark Comparison  Payment Integrity  Population health  Performance Improvement  Regulatory reporting  Policy decisions  Health economics and outcomes research  Health system services research  Diagnoses  Procedures  Clinicians, staffing  Clinical data  Labor/supply costs  Financial performance  Quality measurement  Clinical outcomes  Provider care patterns  Care pathways  Performance measurement data  Population risk measurement and stratification  Quality reporting  State discharge data  All payer claims data  Patient-level longitudinal health records Help Enable Better Decision Making By Collecting and Analyzing Data in Every Step of the Patient Lifecycle  Eligibility  Payer/plan type  Demographics  Health Risk Appraisal Data Generated Analytic Needs 7
  8. 8. Truven Health Differentiated Value Proposition One of the most sophisticated analytics technology platforms, combining Truven Health data assets, analytic capabilities, proprietary methods and services Using data-driven enterprise transformation, Truven Health partners with clients across the healthcare ecosystem to help reduce costs and improve quality Data Analytics Services  Define path to improvement  Advisory, analytic consulting, research, and coaching services  Gold standard methodology for process improvement  6,000+ data sources securely managed  Proven ability to standardize healthcare data from multiple sources and formats  Market leading analytics capabilities  Deep expertise in  Longitudinal patient-level analysis  Payment reform  Benchmark comparisons  Predictive modeling  Cross continuum care 8
  9. 9. Truven Health Has Long-Standing Customer Relationships Across the Healthcare Industry • Broad and rich relationships across the entire healthcare industry • The average length of relationship with top 20 clients is 13 years • 2014 annual retention rate for top 1,000 clients was 98 percent Providers  Over 4,000 U.S. hospitals  Clinicians in 5,800 facilities across 80+ countries Employers  Over 60% of the Fortune 100 companies  Over 30% of the Fortune 500 Life Sciences  All of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies Government  37 states  Medicaid agencies covering ~50% US beneficiaries  Major federal agencies including CMS, AHRQ and VA 9 Payers  125+ health plans  9 out of top 10 health plans are clients
  10. 10. Truven Health Has High Impact in Improving Health and Cost  Affect Health Benefit Decisions for 1 in 3 Americans  $2B in Customer Cost Savings through Lean Since 2011  Operational and Financial Data on 750+ Hospitals  Operating Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIE) for four states, supporting around 30 million individuals  Published one-of-a-kind 100 Top Hospitals Study for more than 20 years 10