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The CRUX of the Matter: Amplifying Authentic Voices across the Institution


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Dartmouth is launching a shared content repository to serve as the bedrock of our 200+ institutional sites. With an emphasis on the content repository user experience (CRUX), we are separating content from form, building a digital commons that renders silos invisible on the surface, and empowering site editors to join the narrative wave.

This is the version that we presented at ConfabEdu in November 2015. In an earlier version, presented at Penn State Web in June 2015, we were still asking, "Will this actually work?" This version incorporates the work that happened over the summer, confirming that it will work, and gives a peek at the user interface we are building.

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The CRUX of the Matter: Amplifying Authentic Voices across the Institution

  1. 1. The CRUX of the matter Amplifying Authentic Voices Across the Institution
  2. 2. The Web Services Team
  3. 3. @choiceofpies Sarah Maxell Crosby @choiceofpies
  4. 4. @esses Susan Lee @esses
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Reduce Reuse Rebuild
  7. 7. Audacious & Inevitable
  8. 8. Audience Site Editors Site Builders
  9. 9. Hope
  10. 10. A Trinity of associations
  11. 11. The Octopus
  12. 12. The Candelabra
  13. 13. We’ve been here Deep in the machine
  14. 14. We are here Coming to the surface
  15. 15. Things will get broken