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The future of video journalism


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Slides used in my talk for the BBC Global Video department on the future of video

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The future of video journalism

  1. 1. Sarah MarshallTechnology correspondent,
  2. 2. How istechnologychangingaudiencebehaviour?BBC: Global Video
  3. 3. What willaudiences bewatching?
  4. 4. DocumentaryI will never be cut: Kenyan girls fight back against genital mutilation - video
  5. 5. StorytellingBlood doping
  6. 6. StorytellingEconomist
  7. 7. Filmed on Kodaks and iPhonesSyria: Songs of defiance
  8. 8. Filmed on Kodaks and iPhones
  9. 9. Web video including real-timetweets, Google Street MapsHistory inthese StreetsOpen Images,Open DataMaux de PressePopcorn Maker
  10. 10. How will audiences be findingand sharing content?
  11. 11. Mark Boas,Knight-Mozilla and Al JazeeraThe fight for Amazonia
  12. 12. How will audiences be watchingvideo on?