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What careerservicescandoforyou


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What careerservicescandoforyou

  1. 1. What Career Services can do for YOU! Sarah Loe & Lesley Farnham Online Career Services Globe Education Network© 2010 Globe Education NetworkUse of MaterialsThese training materials are provided by Globe Education Network (GEN) for use by its employees for internal training purposes only. These materials may not be disclosedoutside of GEN without prior written permission from the GEN training department. GEN authorizes you to view, copy, and reproduce any of the materials contained hereinfor employees’ own internal training purposes, reference or review.
  2. 2. What is Career Services?• Career Services provides employment assistance for students and graduates, a benefit available at any of our campus locations, as well as online.• Our staff members will help throughout every step of the job search process, from preparing and uploading a resume, to networking with local employers, to finding relevant job leads.
  3. 3. Career Services ResourcesCareer Services will…• Critique your career documents (i.e resume, cover letter)• Recommend ways to network• Provide interviewing advice and practice• Assist you with locating job leads
  4. 4. Career Services Resources Continued…Career Services will also…• Help you upload your resume to the school’s online job board• Assist you with locating career fairs, as well as hold career fairs on campus• Provide monthly online training sessions on virtually any career topic• Offer you lifetime career assistance!
  5. 5. Web Tour of Online Job Board• All MSB, Globe, and BVU students (both online and residential) have access to the school’s online job board• Job board is accessible only to students of MSB, GU, or BVU• Post your resume!• Search for job openings via the online job board
  6. 6. Web Tour of the Career Resource Center• Career Resource Center contains a wealth of tips, tricks, and resources to assist you with your career• Includes information on job searching, resumes, interviewing, networking, and more!• Available to students via CampusConnect under the “courses” tab
  7. 7. How to make the most of Career Services• Step 1: Communication is key!• Step 2: Keep us “in the loop”…• Step 3: Take advantage of all we have to offer• Step 4: Remember, we are always here to help!
  8. 8. All services are provided toCareer Services students free of charge Career Services will… • Critique your career documents • Recommend ways to network • Interview preparation and practice • Assist you in finding job leads • Get your resume on the job board • Host career fairs
  9. 9. Contact Information • Lesley Farnham- Director of Career Services • (612)455-4753• Christine Kleckner- Associate Director of Career Services • (612) 455-4758 • Sarah Loe- Career Services Coordinator • (612) 455-4780 • Aimee Fitzgerald- Career Services Coordinator • (612) 455-4749
  10. 10. Questions?Next online training session: “Utilizing Online Job Boards” Thursday, August 23rd 6:00 PM- 6:30 PM Central Time*Check your student e-mail about one week prior to the session for a link to this upcoming training