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Utilizing your personal network


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Utilizing your personal network

  1. 1. Utilizing your Personal Network Christine Kleckner & Sarah Loe Online Career Services Globe Education Network© 2010 Globe Education NetworkUse of MaterialsThese training materials are provided by Globe Education Network (GEN) for use by its employees for internal training purposes only. These materials may not be disclosedoutside of GEN without prior written permission from the GEN training department. GEN authorizes you to view, copy, and reproduce any of the materials contained hereinfor employees’ own internal training purposes, reference or review.
  2. 2. Different Ways to Network• Networking Events• Job Fairs• Job Clubs• Join Professional Organizations• Utilize the People You Know
  3. 3. Networking Events• How to locate them ▫ Chamber of Commerce ▫ Online ▫ Local Workforce Center• What to expect• How to prepare ▫ Dress for Success ▫ Prepare your “pitch” ▫ Bring your business card ▫ Take notes!
  4. 4. Job Fairs• How to locate them ▫ Local newspaper ▫ Online  ▫ Local Workforce Center• What to expect ▫ Multiple employers from a wide variety of companies• How to prepare ▫ Dress for Success ▫ Bring your resume ▫ Research the companies attending ▫ Develop your “60 second commercial”
  5. 5. Utilize the People You Know• Think about your current “Network” ▫ Friends ▫ Family ▫ Professional Acquaintances  Current or previous supervisors or coworkers  Individuals with whom you have volunteered and/or interned  Educational acquaintances (professors, advisors, etc.)
  6. 6. Following Up• Remember that follow up is a MUST!• Ways to follow up with people in your network: ▫ Make the phone call or send an e-mail ▫ Schedule a follow up meeting ▫ Connect via social media ▫ Continue to “check-in”• Always continue to build your network!
  7. 7. Recommended Reading: “Networking for People WhoHate Networking”By Devora Zack• Serves as a guide to teach people how to network• Provides “tips and tricks” on the best networking strategies• Enforces the idea that anyone can learn how to network and can even enjoy it!
  8. 8. All services are provided toCareer Services students free of charge Career Services will… • Critique your career documents • Recommend ways to network • Interview preparation and practice • Assist you in finding job leads • Get your resume on the job board • Host career fairs
  9. 9. Questions?• Lesley Farnham- Director of Career Services (612)455-4753• Christine Kleckner- Associate Director of Career Services (612) 455-4758• Sarah Loe- Career Services Coordinator (612) 455-4780• Svea Straus- Career Services Coordinator (612) 455-4749