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Impact of Technology in Education


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Published in: Education
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Impact of Technology in Education

  1. 1. Impact of Technology in Education Sarah Lacher Educator
  2. 2. Key Components1. Increased Student Engagement2. Improved Student Content Learning3. Improved Higher Level Thinking4. Workforce Preparation5. Teacher Training
  3. 3. Increased Student Engagement WWII video game case study ◦ Transitioned from teacher-center to student-centered classroom ◦ Discussed the activity at lunch 1:1 initiatives surveys report increased enjoyment Men
  4. 4. Increased Student Engagement Problem  Problem ◦ At-risk students ◦ Lower Minority academic achievements Solution  Solution ◦ After school program with video games ◦ Utilize technology Menu
  5. 5. Improved Student ContentLearningBrewster Academy New Hampshires 1120  English and 1100 social studies 1080 students completing aSAT-1 Scores 1060 multimedia 1040 project had 1020 higher 1000 “research skills, ability to 980 apply learning 960 to real- 940 world, organiz ation Year 1 Year 8 skills, and interest in the Without Technology With Technology content” Menu
  6. 6. Improved Higher Level Thinking Menu
  7. 7. HOTS Pull-Out ProgramResultsGrades 4-7 Honor Roll Without Technology With Technology Grades 4-7: Test Score Gains 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 Menu
  8. 8. Workforce PreparationFargo Park District Job Application Menu
  9. 9. Teacher Training Seir-Tech guide for technology implementation states “Teacher training is one of the most important elements in a successful technology effort. If teachers do not have the understanding or the skills to use technology, then technology integration will have little impact.” Administration, Teachers, Media Specialists and more need training Menu
  10. 10. Teacher Training Need to alignment of standards Need collaboration  District  School  Course Alike  Interdisciplinary by grades Menu