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Green Festival Expo Presentation


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The Relationship Between Nature, Happiness and Productivity

As urban dwellers who love nature how do we connect in our daily lives? Why is this type of “Green Living” so important? This presentation will dive into the science behind the relationship between nature and happiness.

The Green Festival | May 6th, 2016 | Washington D.C.

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Green Festival Expo Presentation

  1. 1. Natureproductivity + happiness
  2. 2. OutdoorFest Mappy Hour Outdoor enthusiast Writer Not a scientist
  3. 3. Overview 0 Why this is important Physical, emotional and mental health Applications Questions
  4. 4. Green Festival Expo 2016 How we impact nature How nature impacts us Long term relationship
  5. 5. Physical 1 What happens to our bodies when we interact with nature?
  6. 6. Lower heart rate Lower blood pressure Less stress/tension Boosted immune system How do our bodies react to being in nature? p
  7. 7. Emotional 2 How does nature influence our happiness?
  8. 8. Improved self-esteem Lower anxiety, depression Less hostility What is happening to our mood when we engage with the natural?
  9. 9. Mental 3 Can a hike make us more productive?
  10. 10. Improved creativity Improved memory Improved cognitive functions Improved attention spans How are our brains influenced by nature?
  11. 11. Applications in the professional space Walking meeting Office spaces with windows Micro break Green screensavers
  12. 12. Wilderness immersion Walk in park Looking at trees Looking at pictures of trees Smelling pine trees (indoors) Hearing nature noises
  13. 13. Questions? Contact: